Summary: Bridget flees to Sunnydale to assume Buffy's life, only she finds it isn't as easy as she thought.

Warning: I don't know; maybe language and innuendo somewhere along the way.

Timeline: season 7 BtVS, AU for Ringer. Well, since the show hasn't started yet, that's fairly obvious.

Challenge: a chat with AerynSpeedleCaine prompted this insanity.

A/N: I made up a name for Bridget since I couldn't find one on wiki. And I have no clue about her father.

Thanks to my betas: only myself to blame.

Disclaimer: BtVS characters belong to Joss Whedon / Mutant Enemy. Ringer character belongs to Eric Charmelo, Nicole Snyder and CW. I claim no rights to any copyrighted material. Please do not copy or take this story without my permission.

Summers living room

When she heard a rumor that her twin sister – who she only found out about recently – had gone missing…sort of…the previous year, Bridget O'Hara thought the opportunity to head to that town and assume Buffy's life was the perfect way to escape her hellish life. What was weird was that there were sporadic reports about Buffy from her father's network of spies, but they had some conflicting comments.

It sounded good in theory, but right now she wished she had tried another option instead.

She wasn't sure what bothered her more, the fact there were more people crammed into this house than legally safe by fire code standards, or that those people were all holding medieval weapons pointed in her direction. Then there were the questions they were asking.

A redhead demanded to know, "Are you a vampire from another reality?"

What the hell? Was that a serious question? "No," she managed to answer.

"Some kind of body snatcher?" a sultry-looking brunette asked.

"No," Bridget said with a shake of her head.

A brunette guy was the next one to ask, "A double caused by a magical staff blast?"

Another freakish question, but at least this time Bridget wasn't so surprised when she replied, "No."

From the shadows, a blonde guy in a trenchcoat asked with a strange expression on his face, "A robot?"

Bridget didn't know what kind of life her sister had going here, but apparently she was surrounded by people who belonged in a mental hospital. "No."

At that point, an older gentleman stepped forward, almost reaching out to touch her, but when she shied back from him, he inquired, "Are you a non-corporeal representation of Buffy?"

"No, and where the hell do you come up with these questions?" she demanded.

She jumped when a voice from behind her answered, "They're all things that have happened to us over the past several years."

Turning around to face the person, Bridget saw somebody who might have looked like her…if she didn't look so run down and emaciated. Then Buffy's words sunk into her brain. If they were telling the truth, suddenly her own life didn't look so bad.

A/N: I may regret writing this when the show comes out, but Musie insisted.