I was playing Frisbee with my brothers as I saw my mom's car pull up to the house. Our new house guest was here. It had been about six years since I had seen Megan Meade, and was curious as to how she had grown up. She should be about sixteen now. Last time I had seen her she was nine and I was thirteen.

I watched as she stared at us McGowan boys. I knew what she was thinking. I knew she was probably wondering where the icky Popsicle goo boys were and where we came from. I knew she was probably trying to figure out which of us were her enemies back then and trying to figure out if she needed to look out for any attacks from us at all.

When my mom and Megan finally got out of the car, I had to do a double take. Megan had really grown up! She had curves where she should, and she obviously knew who she was and didn't want anyone else to tell her otherwise. I felt bad for her that Evan and Finn were the first ones to introduce themselves to her, as Evan is a player and does not know when to stop flirting with people. Especially when he is going to live with the person he is flirting with.

I found myself wishing that I could ask her out. As it was, I knew that there would be a fight between my brothers to see who, if any of us, could date Megan. I also knew that my mom and dad probably would put their foot down and say 'no' to any dating between one of us and Megan. However, when I looked at all of my brothers, I only saw issues with them, except with Ian and Caleb, who would have no business even thinking about it with Megan, as they are too young. Miller had his Asperger's Syndrome, Doug was too much of an ass, Evan was too much of a flirt, and Finn had no clue about girls at all. I even saw issues with myself. I was too quiet, kept to myself too much, and was probably too old for her anyway. I mean, who wants to date a 20 year old when they are 16? Well, there was always the argument about the age difference formula for dating, where technically according to it I could date a 16 or 17 year old if I wished, but I don't think my parents would go for it.

Well maybe they would, but they would probably call in her parents as well into any decision regarding her, including who she dates. And there would also most likely be severe restrictions on what can and can't be done in the house, and how they must do things. However, it is way too soon to be thinking about any of that, and probably too out of line as well. I don't even really know her, other than as the girl that Evan and I tortured when she was here last. She probably thinks that I'm a recluse, which really isn't far off from the truth. I am not a social butterfly, unlike Evan the perpetual flirt who I bet right now is trying to think of ways to get Megan to fall for him. Poor, poor Megan for getting stuck around Evan.

Maybe I should talk to Megan and give her the run-down on who here will be after her to sabotage her room, to date her, and who to be careful around for whatever reasons. She seems like an awesome person, with her bike and everything. Well, I should wrangle the two little ones so that Megan can go get settled.