Okay. Here I am. Trying to think of a way to ask her. Should I be straightforward? Or should I try and be subtle? Oh who am I kidding? I can't do subtle at all. I am more of the person to tell them straight to their face the truth. I need to do that with Megan. Just tell her to her face that I like her and I would like to kiss her. To date her. Why does this have to be so hard? Why can't she be some girl that isn't underage or living with my family? Why not the girl from down the street? It can't be because I have been hung up on this girl since I was 13, the last time I saw her.

Oh. She is home from school. Looks like she had a hard time with Evan, from the looks he is shooting her. Finn looks like he needs a good kick in the ass to get away from her, but they don't even know I like her, let alone that I have the permission from her parents to ask her out and date her if she so wishes. Here goes nothing…

"Megan? Can I talk to you for a minute in the garage?" I asked. She looked over at me confused, seemingly wondering what I could possibly have to say to her. "I just want to ask you something, Megan."

"Sure. Be there in a minute."

"Okay. See you in a minute." I walked to the garage and sat down on a chair by the workbench. My workbench, as I am the one that is always in here. I sit there, staring at the door until she comes in, confused as to what I want to ask.

"You wanted to ask me something, Sean? What is it?" she asked, curious.

"Okay. Megan, I have basically known you your whole life, since you are younger than me. You have only been here a couple days, but I must honestly say that I really like you. I have actually liked you since I was around 13. You were only 9 then, but you had a spirit that I, as a 13 year old, really liked in a girl. I guess that I have never been able to forget about you. What I would like to ask you is if you would consent to go on a date with me?"

"Seriously? I am four years younger than you. Why would you be interested in dating me? What could I have that could possibly interest a guy who is 20 years old?"

"I don't expect you to take me seriously, but I am serious. I do like you, Megan. I would like to date you, if you would allow me the chance. I know that Evan and Finn are closer to your age than I, but, honestly, I don't care. I have already asked my parents on their thoughts, and they don't mind."

"But… What about my parents? Why would they allow you to date me, a girl four years younger than you?"

"I called them last night. They gave me their permission. I didn't even have to explain a lot. I was expecting to have to explain a lot more to them. All I had to tell them was that my parents were okay with this, and that I wouldn't hurt you or be inappropriate with you at all."

She started to laugh. She didn't seem upset by my asking and telling her this stuff, so I don't know why she is laughing. Does she not want to date me? "Megan? Are you okay?"

"Yeah, I'm fine," she said between laughs. "Just what you said about my parents," more laughing "as soon as you said something I knew that was coming. They already knew how I felt about you, and that was why they gave you permission right away, without a fight. They did that because I already told them that I like you when I first came to live here."

"So… Is that a yes?" I asked… I didn't want to walk away thinking the wrong thing.

"Yeah… it's a yes, Sean," she said. I got up, picked her up, and swung her around, with her laughing.

"Well… I guess we better head back inside to tell them what is going on…" I said… she nodded her head and we started heading in…