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Chapter 4: Only Jest, Never Complain

A peace offering. That was how it happened. The two pretty boys had come over to his house (how did they get their hands on his address?) one afternoon with wine coolers and an action movie. He had invited them in immediately, if only to spare himself the embarrassment of being seen with two obviously gay boys by his neighbors.

To his dismay, Kurt and Blaine had made themselves comfortable immediately. Within seconds, Kurt was messing with the DVD player and Blaine was in the kitchen rifling through the cupboards.

That was really how the friendship started.

And Dave could not bring himself to regret it.

And now, what seemed like an eternity later, they were, all three, so much more than friends, more than sex buddies, even. They were three pieces of one whole. Soul mates. Dave did not like to admit it, but he was the most romantic of the three. He was also the most watchful. He noticed small things that no one else did.

Take Kurt, for example: near the beginning of their friendship, Kurt was head over heels for Blaine. In fact, Dave was certain that he only agreed to the peace offering because Blaine spent a lot of time convincing him. However, as they became friends, and the friendship morphed into something more (spurred on by Blaine, of course, crafty little devil), Kurt's affection for Blaine turned into equal love for both Blaine and Dave.

Blaine had tried to get the whole "more than friends" thing moving from the beginning, as Dave noticed. He was flirty, very touchy, and very into both the boys. He believed wholly in what he did, and, although his lectures became annoying after a while, it was nice to have someone around who could not be swayed by any opinion but his own.

Dave, ever the diligent watcher, noticed these things. And he noticed all the small quirks. How Kurt would smile as a defense mechanism when he was being verbally attacked. How Blaine would watch people's lips instead of making eye contact. How Kurt would blink less when he was flustered. How Blaine would always fold his hands. All the little things that made up their personalities. Every single thing brought joy to Dave; every little thing he fell in love with.

Because of this, Dave was never worried about favoritism. Somehow, they all worked together perfectly. In some way, they were all equal in each other's eyes. Somewhere along the line, they had become soul mates.

Blaine and Kurt always affectionately poked fun at Dave when he was middle. He liked sex neither rough like Kurt, nor dirty and weird like Blaine; his preference was sweet and slow and loving. It was…not exactly what was expected of someone like him, a dumb jock in rough sports who (previously) lashed out at others. It was a surprise to all three of them.

They made fun of him, but Dave knew they enjoyed it just as much as he did. In a world of threesomes and kinky toys and weird fetishes, sometimes it was nice to have a bit of normalcy. Blaine and Kurt knew this. It was for this reason that they only jested, never complained.

"Hey, Cupid, what do you have planned for today?" Kurt's smile was wide at his oh-so-clever nickname.

"Planned?" Oh, right, he was middling today.

"Lovebird forgot," Blaine commented. "He was too busy having daydreams of the three of us getting married."

Kurt laughed. "I hate to break it to you, Romeo, but gay marriage isn't legal yet, and multiple marriage isn't even on the map."

"Haha, very funny, Clones," Dave deadpanned. "You know my plans change very little each time, so set up for the usual."

Kurt and Blaine exchanged a glance, before moving from their places on the couch and making their way upstairs.

Fifteen minutes later Dave climbed the staircase and opened the door to his room. The sight astounded him.

The bed had been set with dark silken sheets. Rose petals of every color littered the bed and floor. Lit candles were on every surface. An acoustic version of "Carry On Wayward Son" played in the background.

"Wh-what's all this?" he asked quietly of the two boys on either side of the bed, in robes to match the sheets.

"You're the romantic," Blaine explained, taking one of Dave's hands.

Kurt took the other. "So we thought we'd do something extra special for you."

"But…why?" He felt weak, joy and love coursing through him at the thought they would do something like this. He sank slowly onto the bed.

"Don't tell us you've forgotten?" Kurt asked, as he climbed to one side of Dave and began to peel his shirt off.

"It's your birthday." Blaine worked at unbuttoning Dave's jeans.

Dave mentally counted the days. They were right. Of all the details to forget. He was eighteen. That should have been a big deal. How had it slipped his mind? And now his best friends were kissing and caressing his bare body, and he thanked God for bringing them into his life; and making him gay; and giving him the strength to change his attitude.

Dave lubricated Blaine, who was lucky enough to get the silk sheets against his back. Kurt lubricated Dave, while Blaine put a condom on for him. Kurt put his own condom on as Dave pushed into Blaine. Moments later, Kurt pushed into Dave from his position behind the jock.

Dave was the only one required to move, and that was exactly how he wanted it. Move forward, and he was inside Blaine. Pull back, and Kurt would fill him. It was like the world's most beautiful see-saw. And Dave took advantage of it. He moved slowly, body getting twice the amount of attention as Blaine or Kurt. Every move he made was an attack on his senses, heightening the intensity of everything he did.

He reached a hand back to rub against Kurt's leg, Kurt who shivered in pleasure, and then reached forward to run along Blaine's torso, Blaine who let out a soft moan. Dave loved feeling his boys. Kurt had the softest skin, and Blaine's abs were hard and unrelenting. It was amazing and wonderful and beautiful.

He started to move faster as the pressure began to build within him, and Blaine pushed himself onto Dave with every thrust, moving them both closer to climax. Kurt did not need help in that department; he was very sensitive and could climax on demand. Even so, he gripped Dave's shoulders hard.

All of that combined—the constant movement, the pain on his shoulders, the sounds of his lovers—sent Dave over the edge, and he came fully with a soft little sigh. He clamped down on Kurt, who climaxed at precisely the same moment as Blaine. They did not realize it, but Dave felt it in the reactions of their bodies. Clones indeed.

Blaine disposed of the used condoms while Kurt cleaned them all up, one at a time. They crawled into bed on either side of Dave, ignoring the rose petals.

Dave broke the unwritten "silence after sex" rule after no more than five minutes.

"Thank you both. It means so much to me. I love you."

Kurt and Blaine answered simultaneously.

Kurt, "We love you, too."

And Blaine, "Happy birthday, Davie."

"Don't call me that."