I cheered as finally was able to defeat my enemy and seal to my true heritage. I looked over to the one I loved and smiled, before noticing that neither of us transferred out of battle form. That's when I realized that there was still one more obstacle in the way.

And that was the decision between my heritage and my love.

Chapter one: Terror Knight

I closed my school bag for the day and started out of the class. "Hey! Terry!" I looked to see as Yandere pushed through the students leaving to get to me.

"Wait for me Yan!" I called, and she backed out of the way. The irritated students walked past her, giving her mean looks. It wasn't her fault for her rash personality, that was mine. In fact, had I not given her a yandere personality and settled for a tsundere or kuudere instead, things like this wouldn't happen. Of course, neither would she be as interesting.

"Come on," I said when I left the room. Yandere started to walk normally beside me, then grabbed my arms and half-dragged me away from any girls we passed in the halls.

To explain my terms, yandere is the word for aggressive affectionate types that try to keep any relationships they have by any means necessary. Tsundere is a person who acts rude around the one they like, but at times when they aren't they tend to be too shy for my tastes. Kuudere is the reclusive person, the kind of person that requires a specific other to open up. Do you see why I like yanderes better?

I looked at Yandere, noticing her slight growth. She was almost as tall as I was now. She looked at me, and we gave each other smiles. "I found a new show that we could watch," she said.

"Oh? And which show is that?"

"It's called Kämpfer, which is German for fighter, and I found it's something worthwhile to watch."

"Worthwhile to watch," I repeated. "What's it about?"

"You'll see," she said cheery. We stepped outside and walked home.

Yandere is a construct of mine, built by me with help from my father. My family, the Knights, had an odd mixture of reality warping and dimension hopping powers. Thus, the family had held the inside joke of naming their kids with stuff like Death and Skeleton, therefore giving them full names of Death Knight and Frost Knight respectively. However, to keep it from attracting too much fuss, we are given second names to hide our actual, empty humor names.

My name is Terror, or Terry, Knight, and Yandere's could be interpreted as Blood Knight. But since most people assume that 'yandere' is just a name…

I opened the lid of my laptop once we got home and looked up the anime that Yan had mentioned. It was twelve episodes long and was pretty good, so I watched about half of it before closing my laptop and played games with Yandere until my parents got home.

I slipped into bed before Yandere, just to make sure she didn't surprise attack me like she normally does. She entered the room and moaned about it, putting the knife down on my desk and slipped into bed. She snuggled up to me and we fell asleep.

Comparatively, there was little going on the next day, so I watched the rest of Kämpfer and felt like I wanted one of the messenger dolls. I asked Yandere if she would like one, and she said she wanted Suffocated Stray Dog. So I grabbed my wallet and a baseball bat and put my wallet in my pocket and the bat in my hammerspace.

"Do you want to come with me?" I asked Yan.

"You're only going to the store, right? So no, I don't think I need to come with you," she said. She turned toward me and pulled out her own wallet. "How much are the dolls do you think?"

"Probably as much as other dolls, since they don't seem overly popular," I told her, taking the money she handed me. As a construct, she was given my knowledge and therefore didn't have to go to school, so to waste the hours away from me she worked at a local store. As for me, I took weekend and infrequent odd-ended jobs to earn something for myself.

"Tell mom and dad if they get back before I do not to worry. I'll be back," I said, opening my spell book and making the corridor of interdimensional travel. "See ya."

I felt somewhat annoyed that not only did someone already buy a doll I might of wanted, but they bought all the dolls except for the Suffocated Dog Yandere asked for, which by default meant that there were no more dolls for me. I sighed in resignation and bought her doll anyway and walked out of the store glad that I could at least make Yan happy.

Not feeling pressed for time, I took my time walking back to where I had marked up the sigil to reopen the corridor. There were a few people out walking, but none taking notice of any other party that walked by. I found another store and slipped in to see if I could find more of the Entrails Animals dolls, but like the last store, everyone of them had already been bought.

Exiting the store, I bumped into a familiar face, and she looked me over, and before I could walk off, asked me a simple question: "Could you help me with something?"

Kaede Sakura

I couldn't handle it. The longer it takes for me and the useless white Kämpfer to defeat the blue and red Kämpfers, the stronger they were getting. Even Natsuru, who couldn't even use her Zauber at first, was getting the hang of it. We were becoming training rivals, not the superior Kämpfer we were meant to be.

I gave out several of the Entrails Animal dolls and made many white Kämpfer to fight them, but as the combined Blue-Red team's skills grew, my fighters became more and more inefficient.

I kept the initial four running around keeping tabs on the Blue-Red team, but I told them specifically to not engage.

And soon enough, once again they were all I had.

I was also running out of dolls to hand out. I visited the normal place where they sold the dolls, but there were less and less dolls every restock to be sold. I was dangerously low on resources, but the penultimate straw was when I visited the second store on my rounds and found that all the dolls were sold out.

I couldn't handle the stress being on the losing end anymore. I was about to give up at the next store when I ran into someone carrying one of the dolls. They were male, but the doll was a Suffocated Stray, so I broke from under the stress and called out to him. he turned toward me, his brown hair and blue eyes swaying causally to me.

This was the last chance I had to defeat the Blue and Red Kämpfer and claim Senou-chan, and I hoped this person could accomplish this.


"Sure," I said, turning around. She sounded nervous, almost scared.

"Umm, I don't know how to explain this exactly, but," she looked down, and tried to coolly twiddle her fingers. "You're a fan of the Entrails Animals, right?"

"Yeah, me and my… sister found out about them and I went out to get one for both of us, but there was only this Suffocated Stray Dog. Why do you ask?" I played along.

She reached into her bag and pulled out one I haven't seen. "This is a new one. Its called 'Vivisected Spider'. It will explain everything," she said vaguely, handing the spider to me. She backed away, then turned and ran away, not striding or jogging.

I turned and started home, trying to keep the Vivisected Spider's internal organs on my hand, ignoring passersby's looks.

I reentered my house through the corridor and Vivisected Spider (whom I shall call Vivi) began twitching, coming to life. "Calm down," I told it. I entered the house proper and greeted Yandere who was shouting at the game. She paused the game and looked at me, becoming very cheery.

"Yay!" she said, glomping me. "You got the dolls! …What's this one?" she asked when she saw Vivi.

"Vivisected Spider, or Vivi for short," I told her, and she became very scared.

"S-spider?" she yelped, jumping off of me and backed away. Did I mention I gave her arachnophobia? "Why, Terror? Why?"

"It was the only one left," I said, holding out Suffocating Stray. She slowly walked up to me, then took the stray and hastily retreated. "Well, I have to head back. Take care of the house for me, okay?"

"Wait, you didn't…" she started, striding up to me and grabbed my arm and uncovered it. The bracelet wasn't there. "Okay. 'Bout to say," she said, letting go of my arm. "Don't be messing around with anyone on the other side, you got that?" And with that I turned and walked back to the corridor and she continued with her game.

Back on the other side, in the Kämpfer world, I walked until I found the school Sakura, Natsuru, and the rest went to and was about to enter the boy's side when Vivi twitched back to life.

"So, you're actually going to do this. What a fool," Vivi said. It sounded like a gruff version of Kaai Yuki. "To think that this world needs more women." It coughed, then sucked its organs back into itself, then stood and jumped onto my shoulder.

"The plan is to stop their treaty of peace and end the war in the heavens above, right? Then someone has to be the ace and trump their royal flush," I said metaphorically. "They have four cards and we have the remaining ace. Or rather, they-"

"Oh, shut up," Vivi interrupted. "You already know about the two powers in the other galaxy, represented by red and blue, clashing and down here the Kämpfer are fighting the proxy battle, right? Anything else that needs clarification?"

"No, that's all needed to know," I said, standing at the gate, watching the sun slowly fall from the sky.

"Then I guess you're ready. Anyways, if I were you, I'd find somewhere to stay and find a temporary job," Vivi told me.

At that moment, I saw Sakura musing past me. "Sakura," I called out. She jumped and turned quickly, relaxing when she saw me.

"Oh, hey," she said nervously. "I don't think I introduced myself yet. Who are you?"

"Terror Knight, from the convenience store," I told her.

"The one you gave me," Vivi said roughly. "Vivisected Spider."

"Oh, right. But I never introduced myself…" she trailed.

"You don't have to. This jerk is from somewhere else," Vivi told her.

"Somewhere else? Hawaii? Canada? England?" Sakura guessed.

"No you twit. Another dimension," Vivi retorted. "I didn't catch the name of the place, but he has a girl back there named Yandere. What kind of dimension calls their people 'Psychotically Obsessed'?"

Sakura looked more and more confused as the conversation escalated, so I ignored Vivi for the moment and asked her if she was okay.

"Oh, yeah. I'm fine," Sakura answered, faking a happy expression.

"Shall we get going?" I asked her.


"I feel ignored for some reason," Vivi said, ending her ignored spiel.

"Umm, do you have the…" she started, pointing to her wrist. I lifted my arm and pulled my sleeve back to reveal not a red or blue nor white bracelet but a yellow one. The two of us were surprised, and I hid it out of sight and we hurried to Sakura's place.

Once there, we looked at it again. It was indeed a yellow one. "Has Vivisected Spider told you the back story of the Kämpfers yet?" Sakura asked.

"Yeah." I raised my arm and focused on the bracelet, but there was no response, so I down played it by saying, "I thought the war was only between red and blue, and the whites were the moderators, so where did this yellow come from?"

"Probably an outside force like yourself," Vivi brashly said. "After all, you're not from here."

"So, if you know so much, would you help me transform?" I snarked at her.

"That would be great for you and all, but," she said, dropping down to the floor, "I feel the urge to go somewhere. So I'll see you later." She crawled to the window hatch and opened the window, and without so much as a good bye, she leaped through the window.

"That's what I gave you? I guess I can say I'm lucky," Sakura put up.

I shot her a look then focused on the bracelet again. Nothing. "So, for the first transformation, does it have to be involuntary?" I asked. Sakura looked at me, then assumed the thinking pose.

"Probably, if you're trying already. Do you have anything on you that might hinder it?" she asked. I looked down at my clothes and found next to everything could be a possibility, excluding my coat and pants.

"Can I use the restroom?" I asked, and she pointed me in the right direction. Like in the sleepover episode, there was no lock to the restroom door, so I had to hope she didn't just barge in. I took off everything but the coat and underwear to keep me covered. That way even if I transformed, I would at least have something to cover my self up.

"Okay," I said to myself, pumping myself up. I turned toward the mirror so I could see myself when I transformed, and closed my eyes. I concentrated on the bracelet, and suddenly felt lighter. Wind blew across my face and I felt my body lift into the air. My jacket ruffled in the sudden breeze and the zipper came loose and I could feel it open. I felt a bit embarrassed if Sakura was watching but the embarrassment turned into something similar to joyous happiness. I felt the transformation take place without watching it, but I could feel like I could visualize it.

A bit sooner than I expected, I lowered onto the ground and the wind stopped. I opened my eyes to find that my visualization of the girl that I was going to turn into, someone around my age with dark tresses and a smaller than average chest that wouldn't attract too much attention, was swiftly shattered.

Of course, I had lost a foot in height, and like Natsuru, acquired a larger not smaller than average chest, long blond hair that was bundled into a ponytail only on my right side, both my ears and my green eyes were replaced with a neko's honey amber eyes and crisp brown ears, and I did not want to turn into this… being for fighting. Hopefully only for fighting, but there was one small problem. I looked at my surroundings and found in the mirror that Sakura had snuck in and was now staring at me with the eyes of a fan girl.

I zipped and buttoned my jacket up and turned around, finding that my jacket still retained its size and shape during my transformation unlike my undergarments, which had turned from boxers into panties.

"Like what you see?" I asked her, and she nodded, before tackling me. You've got to be kidding me. I pushed her off of me and crawled out from under her. She came to her senses soon enough and stood back up, dusting herself off then helping me up. Dusting myself off, something batted my legs and I reached back and found that I could add that I now had a cat tail to add to my collection.

"You're so adorable!" she shrieked. Better but worse hearing: check. "I want you to stay like that for the next-"

I transformed as she was saying that, cutting her off. "Oh, timer must've been depleted," I said flatly. I walked over and put on my pants before taking off my jacket to put on my shirt. "Before anymore of your ideas get me hurt before even fighting, I have something to talk to you about."

She silently nodded with a dreary frown before leading me back to the living room. We sat on the couches, separate but adjacent, and began our second hand discussion.

"As you learned earlier, I am not from this dimension, therefore do not have a place to stay on this one. I do not believe that going back would be an issue, however, I would like to have a place on this plane to call home base in case there is a discrepancy that keeps me from my home plane. So would you mind if I stayed here?" I asked.

She nodded, then had a thought, and followed by looking at me with a slasher smile that unnerved me. "Of course, on the condition that you stay in your Kämpfer form during the night. You also have to find a line of work with it as well. Also, before you are prevented from returning to your world, I would like to meet this psychotic Yandere chick. You can do all of that, right?" she said, the smile seeming to grow with a creepy stalker feel rather than the evil like persona she held during the anime.

This was certainly the most rugged mountain path I've ever hiked across.