Zuerst Todesfälle


I'm late! Why am I late again?

I ran down the street carrying my bag by my thumb and a piece of toast in the rest. I had take a bite out of it, but couldn't keep it there like so many girls in a shojo anime. Luckily there wasn't any white Kämpfers around to give me a distraction from getting to school, and I felt pretty good about-

I turned the corner into an elementary school girl and landed on top of her. I got up as quickly as I could and started apologizing, when I noticed that she was a white Kämpfer. I backed away, calling out my kris and readied myself for engaging this evil youngster. She looked up and saw me and drew her kusarigami and I lunged for her.

She threw her scythe at me so I deflected it, only to sidestep for the spiked ball. She jumped back and recalled her scythe to parry my blow, and I pressed into it and overpowered her, the kris sliding off the scythe's blade and slashing her shoulder.

The dropped bag and toast forgotten, I struck out again and scored another hit before retreating from her counter. She wasn't going to last much longer, from the looks of it. I smiled at my assured victory and ran towards her for the finishing blow. I struck down and she tried to rake me, but I swiftly dodged and stabbed her shoulder. I pressed into it and the kris opened up a cavity, which I pulled downward and severed her arm.

She began to cry and tried to crawl away, but I followed her and finished her off. One white Kämpfer down, plenty more to go. I despawned my kris and went to pick my stuff back up, when I saw one of the western KämpFr, one of the adults with white hair.

She turned toward me and gave me a smile, the dark rings in her eyes giving me a feeling of fear. I tossed that fear away and respawned my kris and stood to fight her.

"Rosanna Grant, Emili Yukida," she said, doing both of our introductions. She waved her hands and the was a long sword, and it was pretty to look at, with a silvery purple blade and ornamental blue steel handle and guard. "Schwert – Kris v. Khanda," she said as if this was a contest of knowledge.

I gripped my kris tightly, before charging. She held the sword like a bat, and it looked heavy, so I could very easily dodge. I somersaulted and she sidestepped to dodge, but I made a quick tuning in my roll and thrust at her, only to see that she had reached out and taken the dagger into her hand. I hesitated for a moment, trying to figure out what happened, when her hand lit up with a fire ball and blasted me with it.

She read my confusion by pulling up her sleeve to show me that she did have a bracelet, before hacking me with the khanda. She.. she wasn't the moderator, so how…?

Melted Bat

I flapped my wings anxiously, hoping that Emili got to school on time. I watched as her mother drove up to the house and got out. I hurried to unlock the door as she approached it, hoping to help, when suddenly the ground came up to meet me. Emili's mother unlocked the door and spotted me on the way in and picked me up.

"Hello there, Melty," she greeted. Then paused for a moment before shaking me. "Hello? You awake?" she asked, then set me aside. She picked up the phone and dialed for Emili. The phone spoke up and said that the number that she dialed is no longer available. She tried the school, and the operator said that Emili hadn't come to school yet.

Emili's mother put the phone down and shook her head before getting her phone that she had left behind. Just as she was leaving, she walked over to me and tried to get me to speak, but my soul had left the cottony confines already. She put me down onto the table with that understanding and turned and left for work, just wishing my loss wasn't because of her daughter.


I fell to the ground with my attackers above me, staring me down. Reita had pulled out her weapon, a combat shotgun, and fired, and my 'better' ears rang deafeningly.

"That is enough out of you two! Quit attacking her for christ's sakes and listen!" Reita shouted at my attackers.

"What's it to you?" the knife nut, a tall feminine white hair devil, retorted.

"Isn't she the enemy?" her partner, a similarly white haired but human girl, added.

"No! She is our friend that is working outside of the white Kämpfer!" Reita scolded them, but they didn't seem fazed by her. Instead, they looked over to see that I had left.

"A friend? As if I could work with her," the humanoid retorted, transforming back, the horns, wings and tail disappearing. "As far as I'm concerned, I only need Def."

"And I only need Kyte," Def said, despawning her weapons. "Let's go."

"Yeah," Kyte agreed, turning away.

"Don't you dare touch her," Reita warned, but gave up and walked off, her group following.

I ran on, getting myself lost. Eventually I would come across something that looked vaguely familiar and I would follow my mental map to whoever's place is nearby…

Or so I thought. I ran until dark through, when I came across the port. I had gone somewhere that was unfamiliar to me, nor do I think this was in the anime at all. In the distance I saw the cloud heading my way and they were filled with a strange spectrum of light. The clouds blotted out the sun and made me remember when it rained the last time. Losing all of my emotions was troubling, and I most definitely didn't want to run into that problem again, so I walked back.

I came across a road somewhere and followed it, finding myself once more in familiar, if only vaguely, part of town. I walked around and noted that it was midday, and the clouds were fast approaching. I could go to the school, but I would have to go and get Mikoto's stuff back, which meant going through the portal, and that's not going to go well.

Even so, I did end up passing the school. I looked into the school yard to find that there were police officers questioning Sakura. I leaned against the school border away from the school, so she couldn't see me or vice versa. They put her in handcuffs and walked her past me, when I took out my bat and knocked them unconscious. Sakura took this opportunity and shot them with her sub-machine gun.

I broke the handcuffs and we hurried away, stopping at her house and took a break to greet each other.

"Haven't seen you around," she said, smiling.

"Been busy. You seem that way too," I replied.

"I have, dealing with the new Kämpfer," she answered.

"Really? Me too," I said exaggerated. We shared a look of humor and laughed, and she opened the door.

"Can I come with you?" I heard Mikoto ask behind me. I turned around to see her still in Kämpfer form, but her sword wasn't drawn. I looked over at Sakura, who looked toward the door and gestured her sullenly to enter. I looked back at Mikoto and she gave me a look of personal grievance. I shrugged and motioned that I didn't know what she was getting at, so she nodded toward Sakura. I shrugged again.

"You can come in if you'd like," Sakura repeated, and I turned away from the sign language guru and entered, with Mikoto following. Sakura led us to the living room and went into the kitchen to make some tea, while me and Mikoto took to a couch.

When Sakura returned, she gave us our cups and Mikoto waited for me to drink some before making me hand my cup over to her. She poured some of her drink into mine, and made me drink it. I felt lightheaded, and indicated it by swaying my body. Mikoto took this as a sign of war and summoned her sword and I reactively caught her and dragged her back onto the couch.

"I was only playing around," I told her, and she looked away undignified, before returning my smile. Sakura, however, stayed quiet, calmly drinking her tea.

She set it down and turned toward us for a moment, before looking at her then to me then let her eyes wander the room. She then closed them and fell over off the couch and hit her head on the table. Me and Mikoto came to the swift realization that she had indeed drugged one of the cups, but she was the victim. I slid off the couch and helped the dazed Sakura back onto the couch, and she started to say something.

However, it was distorted by her buzzed and now dazed self. Nonetheless, Mikoto and I stayed by her side and tried to bring her back to stability. When it became apparent that she had fainted, I took her to her room and went back to converse with Mikoto.

"Why are you here? Aren't you supposed to be at school?" I asked.

"You are too! But what have you been doing around here? Nothing but letting the enemy walk all over you!" she said.

"If I didn't know any better, I believe that Sakura gave me this cursed power to fight you! But letting the enemy walk all over me? They were just showing me around! Nothing more!" I retorted.

"They nearly killed you!" she pointed out.

"Then why didn't you help?" I yelled. "If you were right there and truly wanted me to be on your side then why didn't you save me? Huh?"

"Because… I didn't know if you were… just… doing a skit!" she said, trying to make an excuse.

"You suck," I told her, calming down.

"Well then, whose god damn side are you on? The red and blue Kämpfers or the whites?" Mikoto asked me.

"From what I can see, there are three sides. Me, you red and blues, and the whites. I'm just trying to survive," I told her. She snarled at me, before I felt a hand touch my shoulder and someone's body trying to hang of me. I turned around to find that it was Sakura, dizzily trying to get my attention and caught her as she fell.

"Hey," I said, dragging her to the couch, and Mikoto helped, ending our debate.

"I've stopped," Sakura started, and paused to rub her head. "I'm done with this moderator thing, but I can't give the power to anyone right now. I don't want to fight you anymore. I… just want the western Kämpfers to go."

Mikoto looked at her intrigued, as did I.

"Did you know that their base operi is next door? They like to play old orchestra pieces loudly, but the melody makes me sleepy just thinking of it. Currently there are ten of them, but they say that there are two more. I don't doubt that," she continued in a sleepy tone, similar to a tired 8 year old, which she basically is right now. She rested and then shifted her body until she was resting on me, looking tired but happy.

"We don't either," I told Sakura, patting her shoulder. Mikoto waited patiently for us to stop so that she could excuse herself. "Tell the other what she told us. She's out of the competition, so we can focus on the western bunch," I reminded her, and she nonchalantly walked out.

Waiting a moment after the door closed, I found that Sakura was asleep, and I carried her to her room once more. But before I left her reach, she grabbed my wrist and pulled me into bed.

"Stay with me," she asked, and I nodded. I took off my jacket and hat and put them on the floor before getting into bed. She hugged me, and something hit me. I jumped out of bed and ran to the front door as it was kicked open by Yandere.

"Terry!" she yelled, and she then saw me standing there before her. "Did you just-"

"Just calm down… we're just hanging out," I said, putting up my hands up. "Don't worry, it's nothing."

She sighed. "If it's nothing, then I'm okay with it, but don't get too friendly!" Yandere threatened. She began to turn when Sakura appeared at my side, covered only by a blanket.

"She's scary," Sakura said, and Yandere paused, then I saw the gears turning for the worse.

"T-t-terry, tell me why she's nude…" she said, her anger building up.

"I don't know! Ask her!" I said, trying to get some of the pressure off of me, but…

"I'll see you in the bed," Sakura teased, heading down the hallway. I felt betrayed, and I saw that Yandere had her knife out and walked over to me. I backed up, putting my hands up to defend myself. I backed into the couch, and found that I was pinned by coincidental furniture that blocked me from going either direction. Yandere effortlessly grabbed my neck and pushed me down, bending me over the top of the couch. She stood on my toes and I could feel the pain in my back breaking, when she pulled me back up and kissed me on the lips.

"I know that there's nothing going on between the two of you, right?" she said, giving me a smile. I nodded, still unnerved. "Besides, I have your soul, right? There's no way that you could betray me."

I felt a lapse of somber emotions drift over me before clearing for better ones. "Right," I agreed. We're connected at the heart and soul, and we need the other to live.

"Well, I hope I can still crash next door, Wes, but keep your cell on in case I get kicked out," Yandere told me.

"Yeah," I nodded, and she left, closing the door behind her. You know not to call me by that name, but you do it anyways. Ah, the fond memories of the yester, only given sometime with my family and gone the morrow. How quickly things change.

Zuerst Todesfälle means first deaths, not counting the namelesses near the beginning of the story. Alt + 0228 for ä, if anyone's wondering. For XP, anyway.