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Synopsis: Five years after the defeat of the Shendu and Drago, the Chan clan finds themselves embroiled in another globetrotting adventure… beginning with a deadly disaster in Mexico.

The Adventure Begins Again
By: Known Unknown

To most people, flying to another country on a private jet might seem fascinating, and doing so for the express purpose of exploring a centuries old lost temple might hit extraordinary, but that sort of thing is pretty commonplace for archaeologist Jackie Chan. Well, all of it except the private jet bit, but sometimes when duty calls, it calls with incentive. It was a little odd actually: an ancient Mayan temple is discovered in the depths of Mexico, and the first he hears of it isn't from a museum looking to investigate or even some greedy collector looking to enhance his own hoard of antiques, but a private corporation who was apparently interested for the sake of charity. Granted, in the years following his, in his own words, "modest involvement" in saving the world from demons his name had become an even bigger name in the archaeology world than he already was, but he was used to be being approached by stuffy curators or mild mannered researchers, not men in black business suits with suitcases full of cash.

Jackie couldn't wrap his head around that one, but at the moment he didn't really care: one thing he had come to love about planes over the years was how relaxing flying so far above the ground was - at least when he wasn't holding onto the plane by a thread or walking on the outside. With nothing but his seat, the hum of the engines, and the wide expanse outside his window there was only peace, quiet and tranquility…

"Uncle Jackieee!"

Well, almost.

"Yes, Jade?" he asked his restless niece, who was now busy fidgeting irritably in her seat. Jackie tried not to laugh: five years hadn't changed her much, and it was times like this that she looked just like rambunctious, high-spirited girl who showed up on his Uncle's doorstep all that time ago.

"When are we going to get there? This trip has been going on forever, and these seats are murder! I don't know how you can stand it!"

Jackie smiled serenely and laid back in his seat. "Patience, Jade."

"Patience? Tch. Back when we were hunting talismans we snagged local flights that were faster than this – not to mention more comfortable! And stop smirking at me like that, it's not funny."

He did not, as it turns out, stop smirking. "You didn't have to come along," he said with a chuckle. Jade crossed her arms and pouted. "You could always have stayed home with Uncle, Tohru, and Jimmy."

She rolled her eyes. "Yeah, and be the guinea pig for their 'forays into the latent depths of chi,'" she said, waving her hands like a mock-wizard, "no thanks!" Jackie seemed to remember that most of her mishaps with chi magic were due to her own reckless experiments, but chose not to comment. "Plus, there's no way I was going to leave you in the lurch while you explore some mystic Aztec ruin. Haven't you ever seen the movies? There's always some deadly curse just waiting to strike." She gnashed her teeth and hissed like a snake for added effect.

"Mayan, not Aztec," he corrected. "And you watch too much tv. Real life isn't like adventure movies." Jade raised an eyebrow. "Well, maybe ours is… sometimes… but usually it's not-" Her facial expression didn't change. She had a point – even after Shendu and Drago's defeat the Chan's still ran into strange and mystical occurrences on a constant basis, and Jade had been there for all of them. Jackie frowned, he had hoped to show Jade his work didn't make him into some kind of action hero, and yet… "Anyways," he backpedaled, "Mr. Gao assured me this is just a new find: no tricks, barely any traps. It should be simple. You don't always have to back me up."

"Tch, yeah right. What would you do without me?" Jade smiled – a real smile, no sarcasm behind it. Jackie returned it: over the years the Chan family had become an amazing team, that's for sure. She lowered her voice for the next part so as to not be overheard by the crew, "Plus, something seems very off about this. Call it a hunch, but why isn't the team Gao sent to find the temple going in to explore it? No way, he's not telling us something," her whispered turned slightly angry, "the least he could do is give us the full picture, since he's not paying us."

Jackie blanched. He had neglected to tell Jade that Mr. Gao had, in fact, initially offered him an obscene sum of money for his help, which he naturally refused: he wasn't in this for the money. "Heh heh… yeah…" he replied weakly.

Jade's eyes narrowed. "Uncle Jackie…" she said warningly. Luckily, Jackie was saved by one of the flight crew finally coming into the cabin from the cockpit.

"Mr. Chan," he said tonelessly, "we have reached Pichacualo. Thank you for your patience. We are landing shortly."

"No, thank you," Jackie said graciously as Jade picked up everything she had lying around.

He crewmember nodded his head and drifted out of the cabin. "All this trouble for little old me," Jackie said to himself with a chuckle. He looked out the window, seeing a beautiful countryside bordered on one side by plains and the other by dense forested jungle – or perhaps with a jungle-like forest? Ecosystems had never been his strong suit. Unlike this serene sight, however, the flight started to get shaky: it was a small town without an airport, but apparently Mr. Gao had told the crew to land wherever they could find relatively even ground. Jackie held onto his armrests as the plane made a very bumpy landing, while Jade scowled as a particularly bad jump made her spill all her freshly packed knick-knacks on the floor. But after several minutes of near whiplash, finally it was over. The Chans shakily collected their things (Jade from all over the cabin floor) and exited the plane – Jackie made sure to thank the crew again for their assistance, while Jade gave them and their smug faces a very dirty look.

"Well Jade, here we are in Mexico!" Jackie said cheerily, spreading out his arms as if embracing the sweltering environment. Jade grunted in response – the jostling flight hadn't exactly been easy on her senses. Under the red afternoon sun, the two made their way through the streets of the town greeting the townsfolk and taking in the colorful sights of the marketplace, while on their way to an inn that looked surprisingly nice for a town so small.

"We'll drop off our things at the hotel first," he continued as they walked up the hotel, "they we can see the sights for a while before I go to the r-" He was suddenly interrupted by a rough hand grabbing him on the shoulder from behind.

"I don't think so, Mr. Chan," said a low voice. "Hold it right there…"

Author's Note: And so begins my first published fic and what hopes to be a looooong series. To those whose interest I've piqued, hope I manage to keep it.

Addendum: Was shorter than I realized. Worry not, it'll get better.