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Rise Of The Wolbat
By Known Unknown

Prologue 1:

Deep inside the furthest dungeon of the Fire Nation capital's most prestigious asylum for the dangerously insane lay the nation's most dangerous, most infamous, most high profile prisoner. Disheveled, dirty, and ferally unkempt, this prisoner was nevertheless never, under any circumstances, to be underestimated. Suitably for her position, her actions were closely monitored, and her guards armed to the teeth with weapons both physical and intangible: posted outside her door at every minute of the day, they stood determined vigil to be ready for an outburst or catastrophe at any given moment.

But so far the constant observation seemed unnecessary: from near the moment she arrived ex-Fire Lady Azula remained completely unresponsive. At every encouragement, from the prodding of her psychologists, to the awkward moments when her brother, now the Fire-Lord in her place, would arrive, to even the tentative visits of her once-friends, she remained in her catatonic state, doing nothing but sitting with her knees to her chest staring blankly at the walls. Visitors expected her to rave, to declare vengeance, maybe even to attack them… but in it's own way her silence was more unnerving.

The best psychiatrists in the nation doted on her night and day – the Fire Lord sought out only the best for his sister's… condition – but none of them, even the most skilled and experienced of them, couldn't do a thing to bring her out of her state. Treatments both medical and spiritual failed time and time again: it looked as though the princess' spirit was fully unreachable All they could do was leave it to her shattered mind, which only she could deal with.

And that mind was far too cracked to even make sense of things, let alone fix itself…

Alone. Alone again. Always alone. I could have been… but no. There is no one. Perhaps their never was.

As always, the former princess' face did nothing to betray the thoughts that tore her apart from within. Only a mild twitching of her hateful eyes.

Friends? I had no friends. Simpering fools waiting to turn on me at the first opportunity. They didn't care… did they? Perhaps… perhaps I gave them no choice. I destroyed everything in my path – including my friendships – leaving nothing but fear behind. That is the true Fire Nation way.

But no. That is foolishness. They cared nothing for me: why else would they walk free, enjoying the luxuries that should be mine – accursed Mai – while I remain imprisoned in this hell hole. TRAITORS… traitors… all traitors… every last one.

A guard walking past the room might have heard a sniff come from inside, but if he had he didn't think it worth investigating.

There is no one left who hasn't betrayed me. The Fire Nation army now serves my weakling of a brother. My so-called friends now fawn over our enemies and run to join them like useless puppies. The Avatar who presumed to bring balance to the nations. Feh! There is no true balance but that under our glorious rule, which he as so unceremoniously destroyed. My brother, oh my dear brother, has betrayed the natural balance and dared to take my destined place… he will pay.

And myself… yes, I have betrayed myself most of all. In destroying everything, I destroyed myself, made myself into… nothing. I am not here for no reason.

But now is the time to start anew, isn't it? Maybe… maybe I could make my own life now. There is nothing for me here but hatred, and… I so wish to be free. All I want to be fr-NO! No… that is weakling talk. It must be. There is no freedom while my vengeance is unfulfilled. While our vengeance is unfulfilled.

Father… he is the only one who hasn't betrayed me, I know it. He is the only one I can trust now – I cannot trust my own thoughts. If he was not imprisoned like me at the very moment he would come to save me – his loving daughter. I know he would… he must… he will come to save me, yes… and then I will show him my devotion to the real Fire Lord…

He must come to save me… otherwise… I cannot… I do not have anything… there is nothing for and that… is unthinkable. No… He will come. He does care… he must… and then we will have our revenge… please, we must have our revenge… and all will suffer, and I will have my destiny… hehehe… hehahaha…. hahahhahahahahaha!

The cold, loathing laughed rose in pitch just as powerfully as it was absent – it echoed noiselessly against the walls, filled every crevice with silent maniacal mirth, hanging inescapably over the room like a crushing weight pressing down on it's ever-motionless inhabitant… who for reasons no one can explain, not even herself, shed Reduced to this: simultaneously cursing her existence and desiring nothing but freedom, dominated by inner conflict in contrast to her coldly confident past, she seemed completely and utterly defeated, but coldly, frighteningly hopeful… the kind of hope that may or may not be a good thing. One that, if her doctors knew of it, they would dream of nothing but keeping it contained.

But little did she or anyone else in the building know, her position, her containment, was about to change…

- On The Other Side Of The City -

Across the capital, in an even more heavily guarded dungeon reserved for naught but the most dangerous enemies of the Fire Nation, the occupant of the deepest darkest cell was the complete opposite of his addled daughter. Sure, he was just as straggly and gauntly unnerving, but in his mind there was nothing but determination. Dark, grim determination. And the machinations that only such determination can bring.

There was no musing, no despair, no conflicted anxiety. He too merely sat in his cell staring at he wall most days, not because he was out of reality but because he didn't deign to look upon those lesser than him… so when the guards saw him keeping his constant gaze, they assumed the same was the case and ignored his sneers. But today was not merely sneering for the sake of it. No, today he was waiting: listening closely to the oddly still air of his prison for reasons unknown.

And suddenly, just as planned, there came a scream and an explosion from the hallway outside, just out of sight. The Pheonix Lord smirked.

Author's Note: Allow me explain a bit: this is a semi-AU based off of the Wolfbatman universe (best source of stuff: .com/), which I thought was a pretty interesting idea and was disappointed that there wasn't an attempt to story it even a little. I say semi-AU because unlike the regular Wolfbatman stuff, which is fully alternate universe with the characters in completely new roles, this one takes place in the main storyline, continuing off on a dark tangent after the war is finally won. And there will thus be differences between my use of the universe and the original stuffs, mostly with decisions on how to use characters. Obviously AU with the advent of Korra, but hopefully that doesn't stop you from enjoying it.

If anyone asks why this isn't labelled a crossover, it's because it isn't one. It's not a cross between Batman and Avatar as much as an Avatar story that affectionately implements Batman elements.

This chapter was a slight hassle, however short it is - I had actually written the whole thing with Azula having a split personality before I realized I really didn't like the idea for her.