It was dieing,

After the eons of imprisonment, with freedom so close, all seemed for nought.

It shuddered in defiance and desperation, and resumed the attack.

It will not be denied, even as the opposition was reinforced, with new opponents replacing the destroyed ones,It would not lose, not now, a way must exist, a oportunity to… yes, yes, this method will weaken it greatly, leave its forces all but ruined, but such daring , unpreceedent move to break to boundries will allow freedom ,and the old enemy ,their destroyers and captors, is no longer threat, no longer a power to be reckoned with, they saw to it long ego.

It gathered its power, and while summoning much of it for an attack that distract the opposition, stave them off and hide the ritual from their sanses, it worked on focusing it will, like nothing ever in existence worked for something, and directed the power for the last chance to escape,a desperate longshot, so ridiculous even the others didn't think of, wouldn't imagine of consieving.

Just as the procedure reached it final, it felt the strike to bring an end ,and the power that was sent to bring the change of salvetion was released, seemingly unnoticed, along with the death of its physical form.

Somewhere far away, a woman awoke in the cold night in fright