Author's Notes: A companion piece to Andromeda Rising (despite the fact that in that story Andromeda left first, and in this one Sirius leaves first. But that's not important). Like that, there will be three chapters, as well as a prologue and an epilogue. Warnings: mild language, shades of Blackcest.

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"This is the last time!" Orion Black thundered. He backhanded his eldest son, and sent him stumbling backwards.

"The last time!" he repeated, advancing. "I have given you more leeway than you deserved! I have let you decorate your bedroom as you chose, however inappropriate! I have not pried into your affairs at school, much though I believe them to be a series of scandals! I did not even complain when you invited those… people to our home for your last birthday! But this – this is the last straw! I will not tolerate this behaviour!"

Sirius glared at his father, willing himself not to cry. I will not cry, I will not cry, I hate him, I don't care, I will not cry.

"Apologize!" bellowed Orion. "Apologize now, or, so help me God, you will never come back here while I live and breathe!" He pointed his wand at Sirius, and his eyes were wild with anger.

"No," Sirius said simply, fighting to keep his voice steady.

Orion's eyes bulged. "Cruci–"

"Uncle, NO!" Bellatrix screamed. She was up against the far wall, being forcibly restrained by her own father.

"Shut up, you little slag, you're next!" Orion thundered. "And as for you, boy, either apologize or get out NOW!"

Sirius clenched his jaw. I will not apologize, I will not cry, I am not sorry.

"Fine, then," he said. He straightened, brushed off his robes, and started for the door.


"You said you wanted me out," Sirius said. "I'm leaving."

Orion Black looked fit to explode. "Ungrateful wretch! Standing there, with Black clothes on your back–"

Sirius wrenched his robes off, and threw them on the ground. Beneath, he wore a white t-shirt and blue jeans.

"There," he said. "I'll leave you your damn clothes. Are you happy?"

And without waiting for the answer, he stormed out.