Season 7 - How I think It should start.

Disclaimer: I have no claims to the show Supernatural, the characters or themes. I also mean no insult to any and all Indian tribes, people etc. I just like to play with the characters, tease, torture, caress and the rest!

Note: Am Working on the last chapter of Winchester West but it is hard going. Saw the last episode of season 6 and figured this was how season seven should start.

We open the scene showing a motel room where a girl is sleeping in her bed dreaming sweet dreams of torture and domination and Hell. Then we see a figure approach the bed and try to shake her awake.

Girl, "Just five more minutes kids."

The figure stands straight and shakes his head. Snapping his fingers, the girl wakes immediately up to the sound of trumpets, sounding loud enough to announce the end of the world.

Girl, "God in Heaven. Why the Hell did you do that."

Figure, "I am glad you recognise me. It's been a long time."

Girl, sqints her eyes and glares at the figure. "Go away, I was happily dreaming."

The figure sighed. "Happily? I need you to do something for me."

Girl, "Your Joking, Right"

Figure, "No, I am quite serious. The situation has changed."

Girl, laughs. "You mean your little monkeys and angel did not stop Purgatory opening. I could have told you that. So which one got the power up."

Figure smiles, "You didn't get my e-mail."

Girl, smugly replies, "Of course I got the e-mail. I just didn't read it."

Figure, "Castiel. You have to help stop him."

The girl raises from the bed and starts dressing. "Why me. You have other angels and people you can call. Heck, step in yourself."

The Figure shakes his head. "You have to stop him."

The Girl now dressed, puts her hands on her hips and says. "And just how am I supposed to do that. Heck, how am I supposed to introduce myself to them. Do I just knock on the door, and say. Hi, I'm here to help you take out the New God. Oh, by the way. The Old one sent me. Or better yet. I knock on the door and say. Hi, I'm Lucifer's eldest daughter. Here to help you stop Castiel because God told me to do it. Somehow, I don't think that will work."

The Figure, "I'm sure you'll figure it out." Then he vanishes, leaving our new herine standing alone in a motel room, wondering exactly what she has got herself into, and why she did not read the small print of the deal God offered her, when he offered it.