Notes: So a week late, my tribute for Awakening. One of like, three.

Summary: "Nikola." "Yes?" She pulled his head down to meet hers. Spoilers for Awakening.

Disclaimer: you think I own Sanctuary?

After the explosion had stopped ringing in her ears, after they had stopped chuckling about the past event, it finally occurred to her.

They were alive. Alive, breathing smoky air, and laughing. The thought rushed into her like a breath of fresh air.

His eyes met hers, wondering why she had stopped laughing so abruptly.

He was alive. For a while, she had been certain he would not – should not – have survived, but he had. The only reason she could think of was he was Nikola.


She became aware of a giddy smile that was taking over her face.



She pulled his head down to meet hers. Their lips touched gently, as if unsure of their purpose. Helen shivered as she felt a telltale spark of electricity run down her neck. He was back, even more completely than before.

After what could only have been a second, they broke apart.



"I think I died and went to heaven."

She grabbed his hand. "No you didn't. We're alive, that's all."

He smiled. "Remind me to be in more life or death situations with you then."

Helen sighed. "Must you turn everything into a joke?"

Nikola kissed her forehead. "Yes."

"We should go." She said finally.

Nikola sat up abruptly. "I'm starving."

"There's food in the Jeep." She said placidly. "Can you hold on until we get back to the Sanctuary?"

He nodded, but his eyes were unfocused. Was he staring at her neck?


His eyes had turned black already.

"Nikola. Focus!" she considered slapping him, but anything aggressive could set him off.

"You smell wonderful." In a flash, he was pinning her against the rock. How had this happened so quickly?

Tenderly, he nuzzled her neck. She could feel the warmth of his body pressed against hers. Helen was so distracted, she didn't even register she had been bitten at first.

It didn't feel like anything. The only thing Helen could actually feel was his breath against her neck, his tongue lapping up what must have been blood.

After what seemed like half a minute he pulled away, with a horrified look on his face.

"Helen, I'm so sorry, you should have-"

"It's alright Nikola." Helen felt perfectly fine. Just a little cold. Maybe she was going into shock. "Better you than her."


"Never mind. Let's go." She stood up, pointedly ignoring his protests. She began walking, not waiting for him to catch up.

He did so, and thankfully had stopped talking. As they reached the Jeep (finally) he stopped her again.

"Helen, I'm so sorry, I didn't mean to-"

"Nikola." She touched his cheek, the one sure way to get him to shut up (besides kissing him). "I'm fine. I can't even feel it. Okay? And I'm not mad."

And she's not, not really. Because, as she and Nikola get into the Jeep, she would have preferred him, her Nikola, to feed on her, instead of some queen.