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It took Derek precisely twenty-two minutes and thirty-seven seconds to apologize, politely excuse himself from the gathering, and break every speed limit before he was pulling haphazardly into a parking spot at Spencer's apartment complex. From there, it was roughly fifty-six seconds before he was standing at the genius's door knocking insistently at the wood and metal barrier. When the lock disengaged and it cracked open, He was greeted by a shirtless, lithe, young body, still sporting the indecently, tight jeans. His breath caught in his throat and his own pants suddenly seemed too snug.

"Can I help you agent Morgan?" Spencer asked coyly.

"I'm, uh, actually here to help you." Derek claimed, unable to take his eyes off the expanse of flawless, porcelain skin before him.

"Oh, really? And what is it you think you can help me with?"

"Your circulation. You don't really think you could get those things off safely by yourself do you?"

"Ah. So you're just a good friend concerned for my…well being?"

"Something like that."

"And you have my best interests at heart…you're not just trying to get into my pants?"

"Don't be ridiculous. I could never fit in those pants."

Spencer cocked his head and breathed a small laugh.

"So once you extract me from the offending material, you're going to leave?"

"That would be negligent. I would have to stick around to make sure the blood flow is restored to the effected extremities. Could take some time." Derek said moving closer.

"Well, poor blood circulation is known to increase the risk of heart attacks, but I'm doubtful the mortality rate of Levi skinny jean consumers has caused enough concern as to have been factored into such studies." Spencer argued, backing away from the door.

"Shouldn't take any chances." Derek admonished taking another step forward.

"Tell me agent, do you have the proper qualifications…in case I should find myself in need of life saving efforts?" Spencer inquired, back hitting the entryway wall.

"Absolutely. I'm very proficient in mouth to mouth." Derek assured him, closing the distance and capturing the soft, supple lips with his own.

The kiss turned from sweet and apprehensive to one of animalistic need in ten seconds flat. They were down the hall with Derek's clothes off and Spencer thrown onto his mattress in thirty and Spencer's nearly shredded jeans and boxer briefs were joining his an excruciating two minutes and thirteen seconds after that. (The things worked like a goddamn Chinese finger trap.)

As promised, his friend took his time massaging, kissing, licking and nipping the blood flow right back to where it desperately needed to be, which Derek soon tested by hungrily sucking one very engorged member into his hot mouth. Judging by the response his actions received, he was happy to find everything in proper working order.

Spencer was pleased that this was obviously not an uncomfortable scenario for Derek like he would have imagined. After all, kissing was one thing, but being fully intimate with another man, especially in this position, could have proven problematic for the older agent. He wondered how much experience he'd had with men outside of his abuse as a child. Judging by his curling toes, more than a little.

When Spencer felt himself getting close, he pushed Derek away and flipped them so the darker man was on his back. After working the muscled torso over in a similar fashion, the beautiful genius ran the tip of Morgan's cock sensually around his bee-sting lips, spreading the pre-cum over them before diving down the shaft until his lips hit the base. His tongue and constricting muscles of his throat were doing insanely wonderful things as one slender hand rolled and tugged his balls in time with the bobbing motions. The enthusiasm alone was a huge turn on. It was the messiest, wettest, most mind blowing blow job Derek had ever received. He'd never lost his load in under ten minutes before, but this enigma of a man between his legs had him howling out in release in less than three.

His head lulled with a groan as the aftershocks sent tingling sensations through his entire body. He lay there momentarily at the foot of the bed as the amazing young man reached into his bedside drawer and pulled out condoms, lubrication and…what the hell was that?

"What the hell is that?"

Spencer smiled at him as he settled at the head of the bed on his knees. He poured lube on the weird device, then dribbled some onto his own erection and started to stroke himself. Derek watched in awe as his Pretty Boy worked his dick in long, slow strokes, looking over at him hungrily until need overtook him and he began thrusting into his fist, long tendrils of silky, brown hair falling across his sharp shoulder blades as his head fell back and unbelievably sexy sounds began emanating from his slack mouth.

The older agent couldn't move. Just when he'd decided he was witnessing the hottest fucking thing he'd ever seen, Spencer grabbed the curved, tapered, lube-coated toy. Leaning forward slightly, he began easing it into his puckered hole. It was then that Derek could hear the vibrating as the vision of pure sexual desire began moving it in and out of that perfectly sculpted ass, stroking his slick cock in time with every thrust. He stood corrected. THAT was the hottest fucking thing he had ever seen.

When he re-angled and twisted the hand the strange toy was in, his wiry frame bucked and Derek's heart rate quadrupled as he watched his partner cry out a few minutes later, his face the very epitome of ecstasy as he moaned and shot copious amounts of cum all over the comforter. Okay. So, Morgan was giving up. He supposed as long as he and Spencer Reid were involved in any kind of sexual activity, the guy would constantly one up the hottest visual quotient.

He was brought back to reality when the object of his every desire pulled the slender, ribbed, vibrating mechanism from his rectum and turned so both of his hands were braced on the head board, long legs spread, with his sweet bum sticking out. He looked wantonly over his shoulder at Derek.

"I'm ready for you."

*Holy FUCKING shit*

Realizing that he was rock hard again after Spencer's performance, he wasted no time springing up, rolling the condom on and coating himself before he was kissing those pouty lips and nudging the opening of their gorgeous owner's sphincter. The toy hadn't been nearly as large as Derek was but the genius gets what the genius wants.

He pushed slowly into the tight heat and the sensations that coursed through him combined with the low, guttural moan coming from his new lover made him sob unabashedly with overwhelming joy. He stilled for a few moments, kissing the soft flesh of one bony shoulder, before beginning a steady rocking motion. As their breathing picked up and the friction increased, Derek caressed what skin he could reach until it became too much and he grabbed the narrow hips before him, pounding into the younger man with fierce, brutal strokes.

"Ah! Derek! Mmmmmmmah! YES!"

"Christ…so…perfect…so fucking good…"

*Eat your heart out Handcock!*

In all the time he'd known the shy young doctor, he never would have imagined he'd feel this incredible, sound this amazing or be this provocative, intoxicating, addicting. He didn't want it to end but the heat in his belly was rising so when Spencer whimpered for more, Derek knocked his knobby knees further apart, scooted him back and plunged in at a lower angle, assaulting the sensitive prostate with the head of his dick.

Spencer screamed, bucking wildly. Derek wrapped one arm around the tiny waist, his other hand roughly pulling that head back by its soft hair. He bit the slender neck at its racing jugular causing Spencer's back to bow as he came all over himself, the bed spread and head board while his untouched cock bobbed to and fro with the frantic copulating. His inner walls strangled Derek, who shuddered and bellowed his own release as he was milked of every last drop.

When they could actually breathe again, and their quivering muscles stilled, they kissed each other tenderly just reveling in the closeness. Of course, that's when they heard their phones buzz.

"What the hell?" Morgan grumbled.

They fumbled around until they had their phones in hand. The mutual text was in fact from the tech whiz. Two simple words:

(You're welcome :) )

The two men looked at one another confused. Another text buzzed through.

(BTW that sounded SO HOT congrats!)

The temperature in the room plummeted as they searched for evidence they'd been spied on, finding none.

"Wait a minute, Spencer…were those clothes yours or did Garcia actually give them to you?"

"She brought them to me…wh…OH MY GOD!"


Garcia smiled and closed her laptop, disengaging her earpiece.

"Another strawberry please."

"Why are you getting the royal treatment when I'm the one that risked my hide?"

"Because Kevin, sweetums, I'm the Master Mind here. And I should get an Oscar for my waterworks Monday. I must say, your angels talents are being wasted on the small stage. Besides, I intend on thanking you in other ways."

"You mean?"


"Oh sweet, merciful Zeus…"

"I'll grab the clamps baby. By the way, remind me to send Tiff a basket for her wonderful performance in the bar last Saturday."

"Yeah, next time could we not use my half-sister? Even implying that was so creepy."

"Of course shnookums. And anyway, you'll be serving an entirely different purpose in my plans for Emily and the boss man."

"What! No way Penny! Morgan's already going to pummel me when he finds out this whole thing was a set up. You'll be receiving your favorite part of me in a decorative cookie tin, the rest of me never to be found if we mess with Hotchner!"

"Hush now. We both know in about three minutes you'll be saying yes to everything my pretty little heart desires."

"You wicked, wicked temptress…you know, you should quit while you're ahead. That Morgan-Rossi fight was…"

"All part of the plan angelfish."

"Wait, what?"

"Okay, not originally, but after Rossi had a little run in with them today by the men's room he finally approached me about their behavior. We had a little chat and he decided the boys could use an extra push. I agreed. Why do you think I left them alone all day? Besides, Dave's ego is strong enough to withstand nuclear fallout, so it's all good."

"Is it wrong that I'm extremely frightened and yet simultaneously turned on by you right now?"

"No. It's just conformation that the universe is as it should be. Now hold on babe. This might sting a bit…"



He made his way through the basement archives to retrieve some files on cases his supervisor needed as teaching aids. He'd happily volunteered for the task because he also happened to know that one hot, little BAU genius tended to frequent the quiet isles. When he turned down the third isle in search of the latter, he found himself face to face with one Supervisory Special Agent Derek Morgan.

"Uh, Morgan…didn't see you come down here. Doesn't Spencer usually…"

"That's DOCTOR REID to you Handcock." Derek corrected, pushing off the wall and right into Paul's personal bubble.

"While we're on the topic, I heard Handcock is more than just a name. Care to fill me in on just what that 'more' would entail?"

"Um, I…I didn't…"

"Oh yes you did Pauley. And if you do it again, in fact, if I so much as see you looking in Dr. Reid's general vicinity, you'll be demonstrating your Handcock etymology in a federal prison with a very eager audience. Do I make myself perfectly clear?"


"Yes what?"

"Yes Agent Morgan. I understand. I'll apologize to Doc…"

"See now, I thought you had it, I really did, but apparently I failed to make you understand the gravity of the situation because I could have sworn I said you weren't even to look at him again. I would think for an agent of the FBI those would be very simple instructions. Oh, that's right. You prefer the hands on approach to learning. Let's try this one more time… "


"What do you mean the cameras are down!"

"Just what I said Dalton, the system is under maintenance until seventeen-hundred hours."

"So I have an agent who mysteriously returns from archives looking like he just pissed himself, turns in his credentials and hightails it out of here without so much as a letter of resignation or clue as to why and it just so happens that the cameras are down at that exact time interval?"

"Sorry. Looks that way sir." Penelope shrugged.

*Wait…Didn't that creep Handcock just go to archives?* Spencer scowled and looked up when Derek approached with a smug smile. Spencer narrowed his eyes at his boyfriend.

"Morgan? Where were you just now?"

"Stretching my legs."


"Around the 'Plausible Deniability' isle in the 'Better Off Not Knowing' section of the building."

Spencer sat back and glowered at him a moment before giving a heart-stopping grin.

"I love you too."

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