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This is set after the end of Season 2 and features eventual Kurtofsky as well as other relationships, including Brittana and Klaine (but only for a bit). Kurtofsky is the main one though.

Not His Type?

Chapter One

"Hi! You've reached Blaine's voicemail. I can't take your call right now, but leave a message and I'll get back to you as soon as possible."

Kurt sighed and hung up. He had asked Blaine to keep his phone free after the show so that he could call him and tell him how New Directions had done. Of course, if they had won then he wouldn't have minded so much. He'd be too busy celebrating to worry about his boyfriend and what he was up to. As it turned out, though, they had come second and right now, all Kurt wanted to do was have Blaine tell him it was all OK and that he was a star regardless. Blaine, however, either had his phone switched off or he was chatting to someone else.

"Never mind," Kurt mumbled. "I'll try again later."

Kurt wasn't too surprised that they hadn't won. While their act had been good, the lesbian kiss in the middle of it had been something of a scene-stealer. Kurt was positive the judges could remember little about their act after the point during Pretending when Santana burst into tears and kissed Brittany as if her life depended on it. Now, sitting in the dressing room, taking off their stage make up, Kurt smiled as he watched Santana gaze lovingly at the pretty blonde girl. He'd had suspicions ever since he'd heard Santana was "dating" Dave Karofsky. He knew Santana well enough to know she wouldn't act as someone's beard unless there was something in it for her. At first he thought it was just an attempt to become prom queen. But when the "couple" were still together after prom, he had begun to suspect that Santana wasn't the only beard in the relationship.

He sighed again, wondering if he would ever find love as passionate as that which Santana obviously felt for Brittany. He adored Blaine and they had so much fun together but Blaine didn't really do romance and everything with him was so meticulously planned that it was hard to feel anything so uncontrollable as passion. He watched Santana as she whispered something to Brit before kissing her lovingly on the forehead. "I just need to make a quick call," he heard her say as she pulled out her phone and walked out of the dressing room.

"'sup, Lopez?" Dave answered the phone to his so-called girlfriend. "How'd the competition go?"

"Oh, we lost," Santana replied bluntly. "But that's not why I'm calling. I'm breaking up with you."

Dave chuckled, "You don't beat around the bush, do you? Did you come out or something?"

"I kissed Brittany in front of the whole Glee club and a large number of New Yorkers so, yeah... I came out."

Dave was quiet. He was a bit jealous that Santana clearly had bigger balls than he did. He was still angry with himself for running out on Kurt at prom. More than jealousy though was fear. If Santana was out of the closet, how long before people guessed that he'd been in there with her?

Santana seemed to understand this. "I'm not going to tell anyone your secret, you know. I'm not a very nice person, but you never told anyone about me. And I know what you're going through. It's scary. I mean, I only came out because I was so caught up in the moment that it just felt right, you know? I still need to tell my parents. That terrifies me but I know I've got Brittany now, no matter what, and that makes it feel... better."

"So you won't tell anyone I'm...?"

"No. If anyone says anything I'll tell them I was just using you and that you didn't know. It's your secret to tell. Not mine."

"Thanks, Lopez." Relief surged through Dave. He needed to come to terms with himself before he could tell other people, that much he knew. That was why he had ran out on Kurt at prom. How could he tell others that he was... like that, when he couldn't even tell himself he was... like that?

"You never know, this could be a good thing," Santana mused. "I mean, you're single again. Could be a good time to tell young Master Hummel that you're head over heels in love with him..." Dave could sense her sly smile. She knew that he would be flushing a deep scarlet right about now. And he was.

"He's got a boyfriend," was all that Dave said.

"Maybe so... Anyway, I wanna gets back to my girl. See you round, Karofsky." Santana hung up.

Dave seriously regretted telling Santana about his feelings for Kurt. He gazed blankly at the phone in his hand as he remembered the conversation in which she had wheedled it out of him. He had tried to hide Kurt's identity as he'd told her about someone in school that he had liked since Freshman year, but subtlety wasn't one of Dave's strong points and Santana had guessed almost instantly.

"Doesn't matter anyway," Dave muttered to himself. "He's got a boyfriend and I'm not his type."

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