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Not His Type?

Chapter Eleven




It had been the weirdest, best half-decade of Dave's life, but it had all started on that awful October night in Lima, Ohio.

At the abandoned football game that Dave now referred to as 'the outing' Azimio had stared aghast for a moment as the truth of his best friend's situation sunk in.

'You ever check me out in the showers?'

Dave had clenched his fists at his sides and stared fixedly ahead. 'Don't get me wrong, Z, but you're not exactly my type.'

'Fair enough.' With that, Azimio had joined Finn, Puck, Evans, Chang and Artie in pummelling the Dalton team while Coach Beiste attempted to break it up and Coach Sylvester led Dave safely back to the locker rooms where his parents were waiting alongside a stunned Burt Hummel and a pale, shocked Kurt.

While Paul and Martha had fussed over their son, Dave had murmured to his boyfriend, 'Was that you I heard shouting?'

'I broke his nose.' Kurt said weakly, tears brimming in his eyes. Dave looked at him questioningly.

'He means Blaine's.' Mr Hummel had piped up. 'The little shit was holding one of those banners so Kurt ran over to him and punched him square in the face. Blood everywhere.' Dave hadn't been sure, but he thought Mr Hummel looked strangely proud.

'We should get David home.' That was his dad, clearly not sure whether to be more worried about what had just happened or what might happen if they stayed in the same room as Kurt's father for much longer. 'We'll be keeping him off school tomorrow so you can come see him after, Kurt.'

Kurt had nodded, reaching out to touch David's arm and smiling weakly when Mr Hummel spoke again. 'I wonder if you wouldn't mind me coming to speak to you tomorrow morning, David?'

Dave had blanched. This surely had to be worse than being outed in front of practically the whole town. But instead he said, 'No, sir, I wouldn't mind at all.'

The next morning Dave had sat alone in his house, his parents both at work. He was exhausted. He'd practically had no sleep as his phone had buzzed incessantly through the night. After a lengthy conversation with Kurt, he'd received text after text after text. Most, thankfully, were messages of support from the Glee club and some of his other friends. Some were hurtful, spiteful messages from people he'd never really liked anyway but, oddly, he found they didn't bother him. What could they say that he hadn't already thought about himself? He was over that and he was with Kurt and he was happy. He didn't have to sneak around anymore either and while he'd have never wanted to come out in the way that he did in a million years, it was done now. He had no secrets from anyone.

The doorbell rang, rousing him from his contemplation. He knew it'd be Mr Hummel and he was scared witless. But best to get it over with. Dave answered the door.

'David.' The mechanic nodded in greeting, extending his hand to the jock.

'Mr Hummel.' Dave took the hand in a firm grip and shook it, maintaining eye contact. He was going to impress this man if it was the last thing he did. He let Kurt's dad in.

They had talked for ages. Mr Hummel wanted to know why Dave had bullied Kurt and Dave had answered truthfully. He wanted to know if Dave was now comfortable with his sexuality and Dave again answered truthfully, stressing how much Kurt had helped him. Lastly, Mr Hummel had wanted to know what Dave's intentions were with his son. Again, Dave answered truthfully.

'I want to make him happy, sir.'

And Mr Hummel had smiled and nodded and had told Dave he would be expected at the Hummel-Hudson residence for dinner on Sunday and that his name was Burt, not 'sir'.

Better yet had been that afternoon at twelve-thirty when Dave had got up to answer the door again and Kurt had pushed him back into the hall, lips pushed up against his own in a hot, passionate kiss. Dave had fallen back onto the floor with a crash, Kurt on top of him, straddling him. Dave had just about enough awareness to kick the front door shut and hear Kurt murmur something about cutting class before sensation overwhelmed him.

Kurt's lips were moving hungrily over his own as their tongues battled for dominance, his hands were running over Dave's chest, applying pressure in just the right places over his nipples, causing him to moan loudly and buck his hips upwards, brushing his startlingly hard arousal against Kurt's own. He heard Kurt let out a long, low groan before climbing off Dave and making his way up the stairs, merely saying, 'Bedroom. Now.'

Dave had practically ran after Kurt, who was sitting on Dave's bed looking more alluring than should be legal. 'Kurt, are you sure?'

'I wouldn't be here if I wasn't. I love you. I want you. I want every part of you. The way you've dealt with what happened last night… You're amazing, David. And I can say it until I'm blue in the face but I want to express it. Physically. I want you to make love to me.'

Dave didn't need telling twice. He straddled Kurt, pushing the smaller boy back until he was lying down, and just looked at him. Kurt was beautiful normally but, right now, he was clearly aroused, dishevelled and positively wanton… And he was the sexiest thing Dave had ever laid eyes on.

'I love you too, Fancy.'

And then he had kissed Kurt, slowly and sensually and deeply, probing his mouth with his tongue and running his hands along the slender boy's toned torso, pinching his nipples gently through his thin sweater. Kurt moaned softly beneath him, his own hands rising to divest Dave of his t-shirt, before going to explore the jock's solid chest, hands roaming down over his stomach, following the treasure trail of hair to the elastic waist of his sweats. Dave, meanwhile, was engaged in trying to remove Kurt's high-fashion but very tight attire. Eventually succeeding with the top he fumbled over the fly of Kurt's skin-tight jeans. Kurt just smirked and slowly teasingly removed them himself along with his underwear before returning his hands to the waist of Dave's sweats. 'Too many clothes,' he smiled. Dave let Kurt slide down his sweats and boxers, freeing his erection and the two teens spent a moment just taking in the sight of each other.

Dave knew he had an impressive manhood. It was long and thick and was well in proportion with the rest of him. Right now it stood to attention, red and leaking precum. Kurt, Dave was pleased to note, licked his lips unconsciously as he looked at it. Kurt, meanwhile was not as thick but was still long, perfectly in proportion with his lean, muscular frame. 'You're gorgeous, Kurt.' Dave breathed.

'You're not too bad yourself, Karofsky…' Kurt gazed wantonly.

Dave leaned down and kissed Kurt again, this time with more urgency as they rolled their hips into each other, enjoying that delicious friction that they had been refusing themselves. Dave let himself slide down Kurt's body, kissing his jawline, his neck, his collarbone, his nipples, his belly button, before slipping down to his thighs, gently kissing the sensitive skin there, probing it with his tongue, delighting in the sight of Kurt bucking his hips into the air in a vain attempt to achieve more friction. Dave teased him for a little longer before tongue and licking Kurt from the base of his cock to its beautiful leaking head, revelling in the sound of Kurt moaning his name. He took Kurt's cock into his mouth and began bobbing his head like he's seen done online, sucking gently, taking Kurt in as deeply as he could, memorising the taste, the smell, the noises Kurt made, everything until after hours, or maybe just minutes he felt Kurt tugging at his hair, pulling him away.

'I want to last…' was all Kurt said before pushing Dave onto his back and eyeing the jock's dick like it was a lollipop. As Kurt went down on him, Dave groaned a string of profanities. If there was any doubt left in his mind, then this cleared it up. He was definitely gay. This was so much better than anything he had ever felt. The hot, wet sensation of Kurt's mouth on his cock was all-consuming it was so erotic and, oh God, Kurt was looking up at him, staring straight in his eyes and, yes, Kurt was palming his own cock while he sucked Dave off. 'Oh, God, Kurt, you have to stop.'

Kurt pulled away with a lewd pop and licked his lips seductively. 'I want you to make love to me, David. I want you inside me.'

'You have to stop saying things like that, Kurt, or I won't last.' Dave moaned. Christ, whoever said Kurt wasn't sexy needed their head checking. He opened his bedside draw where he kept a small bottle of lube. 'I don't have any condoms.'

'We're both virgins. Neither of us can get pregnant. I think we'll be fine.' Kurt lay back on the bed, spread his legs and lazily stroked his own cock. Dave had been wrong. This was the sexiest thing he'd ever seen.

'God, I love you.' Dave groaned as he slicked up his fingers with lube. He'd watched enough porn to know what to do and he silently thanked the internet as he pressed a slick finger against Kurt's entrance and pushed in letting his lover adjust before he began moving in and out, crooking his finger to find that spot that would make Kurt see stars and when Kurt arched his back and screamed Dave's name, he knew he'd found it. Gently, not wanting to hurt Kurt, he pushed in a second finger, scissoring to stretch Kurt, preparing him. Beneath him, Kurt writhed, panting and moaning, raking his perfectly manicured fingernails down up and down Dave's forearm. A third finger went in, filling Kurt and causing him to cry expletives that Dave didn't realise he knew.

After a couple of minutes, Kurt breathed, 'I'm ready,' and Dave slowly withdrew his fingers, and spread more lube on his throbbing cock, before pulling Kurt's legs over his shoulders and lining himself up.

'Let me know if it's too much. I don't want to hurt you.'

'I don't think you ever could.'

Dave pushed in, moaning loudly as the hot tightness, enveloped his erection. Kurt, meanwhile, looked torn between pleasure and pain and Dave stilled, waiting for the boy to adjust, to give him permission. After what seemed at once to be forever and no time at all, Kurt looked Dave right in the eye.


That was all the permission Dave needed, he slowly began to move, thrusting in and out deeply and thoroughly. He was in no rush, he wanted to make love to Kurt, not fuck him. He angled himself so that he hit Kurt's prostate with each thrust, making his lover arch his back and moan loudly. 'Faster. Please, David.' Dave began to pick up speed, thrusting faster and more forcefully, enjoying the sound of skin slapping against skin mixed with moans and breathless panting. He knew he'd come soon if he kept this up so he wrapped a hand around Kurt's length and began pumping him to the rhythm of his thrusts.

'David! I'm gonna… Oh…' Kurt came all over Dave's hand and his own stomach, moaning the jock's name. Dave wasn't far behind. The sight of Kurt thoroughly undone was about all he could take. He came with Kurt's name on his lips before collapsing on top of him, kissing him leisurely, professing his love and hearing it returned.

That, of course, had been five years ago and the two had made love so many times since. They knew everything about each other in every sense. They complemented each other perfectly, both emotionally and physically, and Dave couldn't imagine himself with anyone else ever. Which was why, one chilly October evening as the two lay entwined on the sofa of their pokey New York apartment after making love in celebration of Kurt getting his first ever Broadway role and Dave getting a job in a posh, uptown cake shop while he completed his catering qualifications, Dave pulled a small box from his discarded jeans pocket, and presented Kurt with a simple yet elegant gold band which Kurt gleefully accepted.

And as they made love for a second time that evening, Dave wondered, not for the first time, what he had done to deserve to become this amazing man's type.

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