A/N: Originally written for LJ's kh drabble community's challenge [262] Guilty Pleasures. Enjoy.

There was a reason why Terra always offered to do the laundry, even though he was often too tired to walk because of the fierce training of that day.

It wasn't because he got a kick from Ven's smelly socks (why Aqua's were never smelly would remain a mystery for him). No, it was the final result that counted. That made it all worth to endure the misery he encountered before that final result was achieved.

At first, Terra, Aqua and Ven had done it alternately. However, when Terra happened to discover how immensely good washed clothes truly smelled, he decided to do the laundry every time from that moment on. Soon enough, it became one of his guilty pleasures. He would always smell every clean garment he got out of the washing machine, before taking it with him outside to hang it on the clothesline.

The others didn't question him why he was so desperate to do the laundry, save for Ven, of course.

"Because I don't trust you enough to do the laundry. You might just ruin my favorite shirt," Terra had replied, half-jokingly.

This was half true, so it didn't count as a lie, right?

"What about Aqua? Don't you trust her, either?" Ven had asked, his cerulean eyes shimmering brightly, as it always did when he was inquisitive.

Terra's gaze had shifted to the blue-haired young woman. Fortunately for him, she hadn't heard the question.

"Of course I do! I just think it's wrong to let a lady do all the work, you know? That's why I help her by doing the laundry."

"Then why don't you help her with everything else, too?" Ven had asked, annoyingly curious.

Terra had sighed and ruffled his spiky hair to get rid of him. Thank heavens it had worked.

Terra knew very well that what he was doing wasn't exactly considered…well, healthy, but he couldn't help it. This amazing smell reminded him so much of home, something he missed. He liked to think back to the time when he was a little kid and his mom would hang the clean, wet clothes outside to let them dry in the sun. He would always help her, because it had been fun. Besides, nobody had ever found out, so why would he stop?


The voice was soft (and flabbergasted. That wasn't good, was it?), but it still managed to make him jump at the unexpected sound.

"What are you doing?"

He was busted, by Aqua of all people. The little bit of dignity that he still had had was now gone, too. Someone up there really had to hate his guts for doing this to him.

To add insult to injury, it was then that he realized he was holding one of Aqua's stockings in his hands.

Wait…hadn't he been holding his own shirt? When had that thing changed into a stocking? This was awkward. Definitely.

"I uhm… I was just…"

What should he say? That he was smelling some random piece of cloth, simply because he was addicted to the smell of their detergent? As if she would buy that.

"I thought I saw a hole in it, but I guess I was wrong," Terra replied after a while.

Aqua arched a brow in disbelief.

"Oh. I just wanted to say that dinner's ready," she muttered, before leaving.

"Oh, okay. I'll…see you in the kitchen, I guess."

Although he wasn't really hungry anymore.

Some day, these guilty pleasures would be the death of him.

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