The wind was ice cold tonight.

She could feel it in her spine. It penetrated every nerve cell she possessed. Her black hair was covered with a shawl to protect her ears from the cold. The only other adornment was a yellow flower her daughter had placed behind her left ear.

Why had she ventured out? It was autumnal weather and the cold grass crackled beneath her bare feet. The woman had purpose though: true, genuine and lovely purpose. Her reminder of this purpose, the heavy blue dress she wore.

The dress had belonged to her grandmother, a dancer, and when the wind grew strong that was what this woman longed to do. Run outside and dance. Dance so that the cold, cold wind shuddered through her body like glass. Dance so that her breath was caught in complete contrast to the weather. Dance like the world was ending and that there was nothing an individual could do except pirouette, leap and twirl.

Then the woman would stand in the wind and lean back, ever so slightly, so that the wind caught her shawl and created new dimensions for her spell casting. The rose colouring her cheekbones would add to the intensity and adrenalin rush of the moment.

In a moment of frenzied passion, of delicious, exuberant joy; was there anything better than spell casting?

Not just ordinary spell casting but spells that had never been cast before. When the stunning beauty of nature swept you away and one's emotions were a tumble whirl of confusion, was there anything better?


The woman raised her head to drink in the moon in its full beauty, the sphere that was the namesake of her little girl.

Maybe there was something better? Something more than grandmother's dress and the adrenalin of invention…

A little girl perched on a windowsill luring every manner of creature towards her.

A little girl singing to the sun, the rain, the moon, the trees, the plants, the insects, the garden gnomes…

A little girl's head on her mother's stomach uttering magical, nonsensical words.

A little girl.

AN: This little one-shot was a response to my own challenge "Inspired by a Painting", the painting that the random integer generator gave me was Boreas by J. W. Waterhouse. It's very beautiful and easily found by google search.

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