Hi everyone! So someone asked if I'm planning to do bloopers for the other two Bleach movies and yes I am! However, I'll do that as a treat for the winter holidays, probably Christmas, so until then, just be patient! Thanks so much for the lovely reviews! You guys brighten my day!



'Hollows consume human souls. And why is this necessary you ask? They do it to satisfy a hunger caused by the emptiness inside them,' the narrator says gravely as the camera pans out over the Hollows on the set.

'Wow, where did you come up with that idea?' a producer marvels.

'Be thankful you haven't had to take care of a pregnant woman yet,' Urahara mutters.

'And then, one of the Adjuchas wants to eat up Grimmjow as a-!' Urahara explains.

'Who wants to eat up Grimmjow?' Rukia asks in confusion.

'I do! I do!' Szayel says excitedly while waving his hand in the air.


'Whaat? I'll share!'

'So when do I get that restraining order again?' Grimmjow mutters.

'Oooo, Grimmjow, where'd you get that manicure!?' Rangiku gasps as she looks at his glowing claw tips.

'Huh? They're not a manicure! It's Desgarron! My ultimate deadly technique!'

'I'll say! Check out how pointed they are! Say, do you think I could get them in hot pink? What's the name of the Vietnamese girl who did yours?'


'CUT! Okay, we're going to take a break right now!' Urahara yells.

'Oh, boy! FOOOOD!' Edrad moans blissfully and attacks the refreshment table.

'Dude, Edrad, are you trying to become a Vasto Lorde or a Fatso Lorde?' Grimmjow jokes.


'My mama said it was all muscle, you big meanie!' Edrad cries out hysterically and goes running off set.

'…And he's supposed to be my Fraccion?' Grimmjow says sarcastically.

'And then Shaw Long asks Grimmjow to eat them up,' Urahara exclaims.

'Eat who up?' Ichigo asks.

Urahara's phone starts ringing. He picks it up. 'Hello?'

'Me! Me! Me!' Szayel pips gleefully on the other end.

'So much for that restraining order…'

'I came here to defeat you!' Ichigo yells as he cuts through Grimmjow's Desgarron. 'And Ulquiorra! And Aizen! I'm going to take back Rukia! And Chad! And Ury-wellll….'


'I just messed up my lines, Uryu! Everyone makes mistakes!'




'Seriously?' Grimmjow says in disbelief.

'What?' Urahara asks in confusion.

'That's it? I get stabbed once and I'm defeated? Where's the logic in that?!'


'Ichigo gets stabbed more times than the average guy and I throw in the towel after ONE STAB?! What the hell does that mean?'

'Premature ejaculation?' Ino says helpfully.


'Whaaat? It makes sense since Ichigo gets stabbed multiple times but doesn't get exhausted whereas you get stabbed once so then, the one stabbing you is the one with premature-!'

'LALALALA! I CAN'T HEAR YOU!' Ichigo yells out.

Ichigo stares at Grimmjow's unconscious body.

'…you know, he kinda looks cute like this,' he murmurs.



Ichigo holds out his hand to Orihime. She smiles and gently takes it as they gaze off into the distance again.

'Awww, that's so cute,' Urahara whispers. 'I wonder what they're thinking about right now. Probably something romantic.'

'Shiiiiiit, when does this scene end? I think Gin put itching powder in my underwear. AGAIN!' Ichigo screams inside his head.

'I wonder if tartar sauce would taste good on pineapples?' Orihime wonders.

BONUS: OPENING CREDITS- After Dark by Asian Kung-Fu Generation

A serene body of water.

Orihime dogpaddles across the screen with a snorkel.

'CUTT! Orihime, you're supposed to fall! Not swim across!'

'Why would I do that if I know how to swim?'

'You know how to swim but your character doesn't!'

'But if I know how to swim, then doesn't my character automatically know how to as well?'

'That's not how it-oh just forget it!'

The camera zooms out showing all the Espada sitting at the table. And Gin playing paddleball.


'But I'm beating my record!'

'Do that somewhere else!'

'Fiiine.' Gin calmly walks up and stands in front of Urahara. Then he starts paddling the ball right into the director's face.

'98, 99, 100, 101, 102…' Gin says cheerfully.

'Do I have to run this much in this episode?' Ichigo wheezes after a scene.

'Of course! It's just part of this season's opening!' Urahara insists. 'Now, um, Ichigo, could you be a dear and stand on this weighing scale?'

'Sure, why-wait a minute…am I running a lot because you think I'm FAT?!'

'No, I don't think that at all!' Pause. 'The fans do.'


The wall breaks and Ichigo comes flying out.

'YARRGGHH-wait, I can't control my harness! You guys, I'm going to-!'


Aizen tilts his head back into place after Ichigo sails by. He takes a sip of his tea. 'Ugh, can someone make me another cup? This one has gone cold.'

I do believe the next set of episodes is going to be fillers! Guess that means doing a couple of episodes all in one night. Joy…XD