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Dinner Table Romance

A Millennium Lint short episode

Simon put down his fork and sighed, heavily. All throughout dinner, Jace and Clary continued to get on each other's nerves. The only reason Clary hasn't killed him yet was because the law prevented her from doing so. This guy was annoying, completely harsh, and a shameless asshole. Clary threw a mango tart at him and it stuck to his hair. Clary laughed at him as he tried to scrape it off his locks.

"Yeah, real mature guys." Simon calmly took a bite out of his beef. "Can't you two try to get along? You were doing fine a while ago."

"Yeah, that was before you informed me I was to be sleeping on the couch because she's taking my room!" Jace said, indignantly.

"Simon, why can't I just sleep in the couch? Atleast it's cleaner than wherever he's sleeping! I don't know what kind of hygienic code you men live under!" Clary cried, throwing another tart at Jace, which he caught by mouth.

Simon rubbed his temples. It was like talking to a bunch of little children. "Clary, you're a girl, and you…well… do girl stuff that guys aren't supposed to see so I figured you need the privacy way more than Jace does. And Jace, if you didn't hate Clary so much, I'm sure you would've given any other lady your room to sleep in."

"Yeah, with me in it." Jace said, chewing the mango tart. "I don't hate her," he was referring to Clary, pointing the end of his spoon at her. "She's just demonic and a coning sort of woman, who throws tarts at people." On cue, Clary flung another piece, which landed on Jace's face before bouncing to the ground. "See what I mean?"

"Only because you deserve it, you asshole." Clary reached for another mango tart, when her fingers came up empty handed. She realized she'd thrown them all.

Jace smirked, devilishly. "Aw, ran out of ammo, Ms. Fray? Hey! Don't you dare throw that piece of beef at me!" Jace stood up, bracing himself.

"Uh, guys," Jordan, who had been busy chewing on his chicken the entire evening, called their attention. "Sorry to disturb your little lover's spat, but the neighbors are starting to ask questions, and I think it's fair to them if-"



Jace and Clary said in unison. Turning towards the guy, they flashed him a murderous look.

Jordan gulped. He raised his arms in mock surrender. "Shutting up now."

"Good," Clary said strictly.

Jace looked at her and a smirk crossed his face. "What's wrong, Fray? Afraid they'll get the wrong idea?"

"You're the wrong idea!" Clary scoffed, turning away from him.

"That," Jace said, almost amusedly. Grabbing an apple from the counter, he took a satisfied bite. "was your lowest comeback yet. I believe this determines I am the victor? Hey! Put that plate of beef down!"

"This is insane." Simon said mostly to himself, but Jordan gave a sympathetic nod in the background.

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