i don't own human target. this is just some story i had in my head.

Rachael is walking up to the building while looking at the card she found.

Rachael: " hope they can help." She rings the bell and the door opens then heads to the elevator.

Rachael gets out of the elevator and is greeted by a dog who sitting near the elevator.

Rachael: " hello." The rottwiller walks up to her and sniffs her she pets the dog. Rachael hears some one say can I help you?

Rachael sees a woman coming from an office.

Rachael: " yeah is Christopher chance here?"

Woman: " not right now but he should be back in bit."

Rachael says ok then introduces herself so does miss. Pucci

Pucci: " do you want anything to drink?"

Rachael: " nope but do you know where the kitchen is"

Pucci tells her where it is when the elevator opens and 3 guys come out.

Chance: " hey." Miss. Pucci tells them that they have a new client.

Rachael is in the kitchen looking for some food to eat she finds some left over pizza then goes back in the office and sits on the couch.

Chance is looking over the file that Rachael brought.

Chance: " so she been getting threats for a while but hasn't been anything serious till a week ago when she was nearly shot at while walking."

Chance heads into the room where Rachael is eating the pizza and Guerrero is eating some leftover Chinese food.

Rachael gives the crust to the rottwiller who is lying near her when she sees Chance walk in.

Rachael: " so you think you can help or should I just go to the cops?"

Chance: " well help out."

Rachael: "alright"

Chance explains what they are going to do.

Rachael: " so just act normal and see if anyone tries to kill me. Ok here my hours where I work." She hands Pucci a time sheet.

Rachael: " well I'm gonna head back to my place and just relax for a while."

Pucci: " do you want one of us to go with you?'

Rachael: " nope that's fine I'll call if see anyone odd."

She heads to the elevator then leaves.

Chance: " she seems nice." Guerrero messing around on his laptop.