I don't human target or the characters. Enjoy.

Some one comes up behind Victoria she feels something near her side.

Guy: " ok don't try anything we're going to take a walk."

She looks over her shoulder notices two others near plus that Izanagi cosplayer near the back of the group.

They head for the roof of the building when Chance notices them so he follows the group.

Chance: " Winston where are you?"

Winston: " checking the outside near the exits."

Chance: " well I'm following Victoria and it looks like she picked up some suspicious company." Guerrero is checking the cameras on his laptop.

Guerrero: " looks like their headed for the roof."

Chance: " well that's nice of them less people around."

Chance follows them to the roof while Winston heads to another door that leads to the roof.

Guy: " hey is anyone following us?"

Izanagi looks back then shakes his head.

The group continues on to the roof while Chance follows a bit behind them.

They get to the roof then one of the guys gets a gun out.

Guy: " nothing personal kid." Victoria is about to shut her eyes when some grabs the guy who's holding the gun by the back of the neck and throws him into the wall.

The 2nd guy gets his gun out but then gets hit with a sword in the face.

Victoria notice Izanagi who signals her to go she gets to the door just as Chance gets there.

Chance: " hey."

Victoria: " hi seems like a disagreement going on." Chance goes out and notices that Izanagi has taking out 2 of the guys.

He's got one guy near the roof ledge looking like he's about to jump

Guy: " I am not going to jail again." The guy jumps but doesn't get to far cause Izanagi tied some cored to the guy ankle when they were fighting earlier which cause the guy to near break his ankle on the way down.

Chance checks to see that the guy isn't that far from the ground and asks Winston to get him down.

Chance: " thanks for the help."

He turns but Izanagi is already gone.