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Later Chance and Winston go back to the hotel Guerrero meets them there.

Chance: " so did you get anything?"

Guerrero: " not much he only said that someone paid him and the other guys to get Victoria and he doesn't know who the client is that paid him."

Winston : "great well Ames is keeping an eye out since this con can go on until 3am."

Chance: " well I took some pictures maybe they might tell us something." Chance hands Guerrero the camera then he finally notices that Guerrero is still in cosplay.

Guerrero: " what dude?"

Winston: " why are you still dress up?"

Guerrero just shrugs then looks at the photos since there are a lot of them.

Guerrero: " I guess when the girls get back I'll want to look and see what pictures they took."

Chance: " sounds like a plan."

So later around 2 am the girls come back to the hotel Chance asks for their Cameras so Guerrero can look at the photos.

Victoria: " ok make sure he doesn't delete any of them."

Chance smiles and says he wont.

Guerrero looking at some photos but doesn't notice anything then he stops on picture of the Izanagi cosplayer and just looks at it.

The next day Winton gives Victoria back her camera.

Winston: " so who are you dressed up as today?"

Victoria: " I am dressed up as Kagome Higurashi."

Chance: " ok well be down there in a while so Ames will hang out with you."

Ames: " alright Victoria lets go." Victoria smiles and they head to the con.

Ilsa gets up after a while then gets dressed and heads downstairs. She looks around the convention since she showed up a late yesterday.

There are lots of people around some are taking photos or just playing around. Ilsa looks behind her but doesn't see anyone following her.

A figure dressed in a black suit with a green scarf with a pattern on it black slick hair holding some kind of cane with a blue crystal in it watching her.