A/N: May be confusing at first. The intro is letters from Morgana, and those kind of set up the rest of the story. Here goes!

My dearest father—

I'm sorry I tried to rule Camelot. Honestly. I know I broke your heart.

And I don't care. You should have gone to hell, and I should have made sure of it myself.

I'll be back…

Without a hint of regret,


My dear brother—

When will you die?

I keep trying and trying, but it never works. But I know who your guardian angel is.

And they will be destroyed, I'll see to that.

Watch out for Merlin.



My most hated Merlin—

I'm sure you're enjoying invincibility.

Well, stop. Because it ends soon.

You won't be the light to my dark, you'll be the blackness to my dark.

Watch your step.


Darling Gwen—

Come with me. Renounce the men following you.

Kill them.

I can make you so much more than… this.

You can be my sister.

You can rule with me.

Awaiting your reply,


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