A/N: It's kinda… been awhile. I have decided to abandon most plot in this story for crack. There is still a plot, yes, but it's not gonna be quite as epic as I was originally planning. Allow me to shut up now.

It turns out all the things Morgana thought she vaporized ended up in Camelot.

So now there were a couple tigers, and an entire hoard of crazed fangirls.

Worst of all, Uther had found the karaoke machine. Do you know what a bad torture that was?

And, naturally, Merlin was still screwed, but now in different ways. One, Gwen was still evil. Two, Uther was singing. Karaoke. Three, he had fangirls stalking him.

That Kitty O chick? She was relentless.

Anyways, Arthur was also very screwed. He had the Uther singing, and the fangirls. So not as bad as Merlin, but definitely not preferable.

Arthur's fangirls were, for some reason, chanting: "Abs of Glory! Abs of Glory!"

This freaked Arthur out.

So this went like a normal episode, yes?

You know, like: Arthur's an idiot. Gwen's evil. There're a bunch of insane fangirls and tigers and a karaoke machine, oh my. Merlin has to eradicate them. He goes to The Slash Dragon. The Slash Dragon tells him to do something. Merlin does that. The fangirls are gone. Everyone's happy.

Except Morgana, who was slowly turning Goth.

And Morgause, who was having eyeliner problems.

She would put a bit on, yes. Then Morgana would tell her something like "NO! You need to be more *insert famous Goth here*"

So Morgause would put more on. Then it got in her eye and without being able to see, she would randomly light things on fire, because she was exceptionally mad.

This happened every day.

Meanwhile, in dead/unused villain world, everyone was bored. They always were.

Vivian would content herself by sighing, "Arthur…" every once in a while, and Nimueh would content herself by smacking Vivian.

No one wanted to go near the troll.

Sometimes Nimueh and the Sidhe would talk about how annoying it was to be blown up by a young boy.

Gilli was just bored.

So, to recap, Merlin got rid of 2/3ds of his screwedness, Morgana's a Goth, Morgause lights things on fire, and in dead/unused villain world, everyone's bored.

Fun, right?

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