Juandissimo sat alone in the dark in his living room that night. How? How could this have happened? How could it have happened again? This plan was fool-proof! Those Arrows were the most powerful things in the universe. They should have ensured Wanda's complete and utter devotion to him and only him. Cosmo should have been left high and dry, yet she was back in that moron's arms again. She was probably there right now. He sighed.

"Maybe nothing really can penetrate their love," he spoke sadly to himself.

"That's pretty much what I've been trying to tell you all along."

Juandissimo jumped at the sound of a new voice. He quickly turned on the floor lamp to his left to find Cupid floating by the front door with his arms folded across his chest.

"How…how long have you been there?" blinked the Latino fairy.

"I slipped in while you were feeling sorry for yourself," the god shrugged his shoulders nonchalantly.

"How dare you sneak into my home!" Juandissimo roared.

"You did the same thing to me," snapped the god, causing Juandissimo to bow his head at the memory, but Cupid's harsh tone disappeared with his next sentence. "Besides, I have a reason for being here."

"Like what? That you are finally sending me to jail?" he glanced at the god.

"No," this swift answer caused the fairy to look at the god in surprise as the other male made his way toward the couch. "I thought about it, and I came to the conclusion that while what you did was unforgivable and that you nearly ruined everything for both Cosmo and Wanda, you also helped me immensely."

Juandissimo stared at the male questioningly.

He continued.

"Even though you stole my Forbidden Love Arrows and caused a lot of damage with them, everything is now back to normal. And although that isn't enough to excuse you from serious punishment, the fact that you used the last two Arrows is enough. I have none left. Therefore, I no longer need to worry about them," Cupid finished with a smile.

A moment of silence passed between the two as Juandissimo took in the diapered male's words.

"You truly feared them, didn't you?"

"I did," Cupid frowned, a hint of sadness showing in his blue eyes as he recalled their power. "They ruined countless lives back in the day. They were far too powerful for their own good. And they weren't even true love, as I told you before. They simulate the feeling of love, but it doesn't actually put one in love. It more or less makes one a slave to whoever the Arrow attracted them to," the male stopped, a smile suddenly coming to his face. "But Wanda was hardly a slave to you while under the spell, was she?"

"I never thought someone like Cosmo could steal anyone away from me. I loved her, and I just wanted what was best for her," the tan fairy cast his violet eyes away in sadness.

"And she has that," the god pointed out; the fairy looked back at him. "Juandissimo, if you truly loved her then you would see how happy she is with Cosmo. And you should be happy that she found someone who could do that for her, even if it isn't you."

"Yet I am only crushed," he spoke bitterly. "I wanted to spend the rest of my life with her."

Cupid sighed.

"Remember when I told you that Cosmo's and Wanda's love may have seemed odd on the surface but that it wasn't as odd as it seemed?"

Juandissimo nodded.

"What I said was true. They need each other, Juandissimo. Before they met one another, Cosmo had no self-esteem. He lived in constant fear because his low I.Q. always caused the other kids to make fun of him and bully him. Everyone just saw him as an outcast because he was so different. He had no friends. He didn't really have anyone except for his mother. But then Wanda came along. She offered Cosmo the friendship he so desperately wanted and needed. And suddenly he wasn't so alone. Wanda accepted Cosmo for who he was. She taught him to be himself no matter what. She gave him the courage and the strength to get through tough situations. She believed in him. With her by his side, Cosmo felt confident. He was finally happy. Finally there was someone in his life who accepted him despite his low I.Q. and the messes it caused.

"And let's not forget about Wanda. Before Cosmo, she usually just did what others expected of her despite whether or not she wanted to do it. Like staying with you for as long as she did," this statement cause a flash of pain to cross the fairy's face, but Cupid continued. "She only did so because her family – mainly her sister – and her friends pushed her to do so. She would complain about your womanizing behavior, but no one else seemed to care. They just told her to stick with you because you were so good-looking and because you could get her anything she desired. But those things didn't truly matter to her. When she met Cosmo, she found something worth fighting for. He helped her realize that she couldn't just let people walk all over her. She extended a kind hand to a nice guy and got to see a side of him that no one else had ever attempted to see, and she liked that side. He was sincere, and caring, and only had eyes for her. He made her truly happy, Juandissimo.

"And the same reigns true today. Cosmo is bright and bubbly because he knows Wanda is there supporting him. Wanda loves taking care of him and guiding him. And she knows that he needs her help. And she also knows that if she ever needs him, he'll be right there for her. They are two halves of each other. To feel complete, they need to be together. They're soul mates."

"Perhaps so. But what about my time with Wanda? She meant a great deal to me."

"Maybe she wasn't the twin you should have been focusing on," the pink-clad male arched his eyebrows.

"This again? Blonda can't be in love with me!" exclaimed Juandissimo. "I have been her friend for years! I would have noticed something."

"You have been her friend. Since high school," agreed the god as he nodded his head. "But you see, she figured you would soon forget about her sister, so she put up with your ranting; however, as time persisted she soon found that you weren't giving up on the notion of you and Wanda being together. She pretended it didn't bother her, and soon she tricked herself into thinking that she didn't care anymore. But that just wasn't true. That's how she could go along with you at first with this plan. As soon as the plan got serious, however, she soon found that she was crushed. If your plan succeeded, then she was going to watch you marry her sister."

The sexy male knitted his eyebrows in concentration. The more he thought about it, the more sense it made. Suddenly he recalled his and Blonda's last encounter. He hadn't seen her since that day. And the more he thought about it, the more he realized that she had been upset the entire time he was there, even before her outburst.

"Notice that out of all the friends she had while growing up, that you're the only one she still talks to since becoming a star," Cupid spoke. "She's fairly close with you. She shares everything with you, and if she's in any way distressed it's you she turns to for comfort."

A pained expression fell over the raven-haired fairy's face as he took in what the god was telling him.

"But…I never even noticed…"

"Because you've been too focused on obtaining Wanda."

The fairy bowed his head.

"The last thing Blonda and I did was fight. She doesn't want to see me again," Juandissimo furrowed his eyebrows in sadness.

"I know. I sensed your fight."

"How could you have possibly sensed that fight?" the fairy demanded while whipping his head up to stare at the god.

"Why do you think you had that fight? Because she loves you," the god spoke sternly while placing his hands on his hips. "You and I both know that she'd never admit it, but she wants nothing more than to see you again."

Juandissimo thought about it for a moment.

"But even if that is true, given how she is, she won't be too forthcoming toward me."

"She's a fairly difficult person," agreed Cupid, letting his hands drop to his sides.

"And…you would help me win her heart?" the buff male asked timidly.

"No," spoke Cupid sharply and suddenly, causing Juandissimo to jump. "No. You both stole from me, and you're very lucky that I'm letting you both off the hook for it. But even if I'm not throwing you in jail, you will still receive some punishment."

"Like what?" Juandissimo frowned with worry.

" One," Cupid held up his index finger, "I will never use a love arrow to help you or Blonda. You'll both be on your own when it comes to love."

"That seems rather harsh for the god of love," protested Juandissimo.

"Mess with me, and you will get burned. However, I'm not finished," he continued. Because you both stole from me, you both have lost the privilege of being allowed over to my home for any reason. This means no coming over to hang out, again you may not come to me to receive any help, and you're both off my guest lists for parties. Blonda has already voiced her distaste for that one."

"Yes," Juandissimo cast his eyes toward the floor while remembering his last encounter with Blonda, "she mentioned that. She told me that she was upset with me because I got her kicked out of your parties."

"I believe that while that is part of the problem, she was more upset that she was losing you," Cupid's tone softened a bit as he explained. "She always wanted you, Juandissimo, yet you were always more attracted to her sister. She thought that perhaps she could pretend, but her own feelings for you always resurfaced no matter what she did or what she told herself. She would put up with your rants about wanting to be with Wanda because deep down she knew you could never have her; however, once you shot her with the Forbidden Love Arrow, Blonda suddenly realized that she was going to lose you. It scared her. She lashed out at you. And I can tell you that right now she's very upset. She's in love with you, Juandissimo."

Juandissimo shook his head in confusion.

"But if you are not willing to help with my love life anymore – with either of our love lives – then why are you here telling me to go to her?"

Cupid smiled.

"It's your reward for ridding the universe of the Forbidden Love Arrows. This will be the last time I help you at all. I'm merely pointing you in the right direction."

"And she will want to be with me?"

"I'm sure she'll come around. She can't really resist your charm for too terribly long. But it's high time you realized that you and Wanda can never be."

Blonda sat at her vanity just staring at herself in the mirror. Normally, she would have been doing her nightly beauty treatments right about now, but for whatever reason she just didn't care. She hadn't cared for awhile now, which was odd for her. Her appearance was everything. But ever since Juandissimo shot her sister with that Arrow, and ever since they had that little fight, she felt as though nothing really mattered anymore. She sighed as she bowed her head while idly twirling one of her beauty creams around on the vanity. A few more somber moments passed by before she heard a poof behind her. Confused as to who could possibly be visiting her, she looked up at her mirror, and gasped when she saw the muscle-clad fairy's reflection.

"What are you doing here?" asked Blonda, suddenly becoming aggravated as she glared at the male's reflection. "Shouldn't you be planning your wedding or something?"

"There isn't going to be a wedding," Juandissimo spoke solemnly.

This caused Blonda to turn around and face the male directly, clearly confused, but still looking furious.

"Cosmo broke the spell," he explained, "so Wanda is back with him."

"So what now?" Blonda snapped bitterly. "Have you come here to complain about it? Are you going to ask me to help you plan something else to get her back?"

"No," the male shook his head calmly. "I came here just to see you."

"Just to see me?" she raised a skeptical eyebrow. "Why would you want to come here just to see me?"

"Because you are very beautiful, Blonda. Why wouldn't I want to come here to see you?" he smiled.

The female blinked a few times in surprise, clearly taken off-guard by the statement.

"You…you expect that to work?" she asked, still in shock. "You were just with my sister! And now that you've been dumped by her again you've decided that I'm the beautiful one? What? You can't have Wanda so you'll just settle for her twin?"

"No," Juandissimo shook his head.

"Then what?"

"I'm sorry, Blonda."

The actress blinked again.

"For everything," Juandissimo continued. "I…I did not realize that you had feelings for me."

"Who…who says I do?" Blonda glowered while regaining her composure.

"Cupid," he stated simply.

The actress halfway looked offended at his answer.

"And what gave him any right to say that?"

"Blonda, why does it matter? Did you not want me to know?" he raised an eyebrow.

"So what, do you just expect that you knowing now will make this all better? Do you just expect me to leap into your arms and let you have your way with me?"

"No. Of course not. I have been thinking, and the more I think about it, the more I realize that Cupid was, in fact, correct the entire time." Blonda eyed him. "I was not in love with Wanda. I was merely obsessing over the one girl to ever dump me, when I should have been obsessing over you when you have been right in front of me the entire time."

The female kept her gaze firmly locked on the male, but said nothing.

"No one knows me better than you do," he prodded, "and I'm fairly certain that I know you better than anyone else in the world. Most of your life is an open book to the public thanks to being a celebrity, but I have known you since high school, and I know many things about you that the rest of the world does not."

"Like what?" she challenged haughtily.

"Like how you weren't always a strict vegetarian."

"Oh, please," she rolled her pink eyes. "You're going to have to do better than that."

"All right," he arched his eyebrows. "How about how beneath your cool, calm, and collected exterior you are secretly afraid that stardom will slip through your fingers and you will just be a regular, everyday citizen of Fairy World?"

Blonda's heavily lidded eyes flitted downward for a moment as she thought about his words.

"What else you got?" she asked, some of her hostility gone.

"I know that every day that goes by, you secretly wish that your mother could be here to see you. And you hope that you are making her proud. And you also believe that if she was around, everything would be so much better and worth so much more. You miss her dearly, and you wish that you could see her one more time."

Blonda's tough expression faltered as she hugged her arms to her body and stared down at the floor. The mention of her late mother always managed to depress her, which was why she never tended to speak of her. Her fans, and even the media, had no information regarding her mother.

"What…what else?" she choked out, not daring to look up again.

"I know that you love your appearance. I know that you can spend hours in front of a mirror trying to perfect your look. Appearance means everything to you. You do all of your make-up and beauty treatments by hand rather than with magic because taking the time out to actually do it yourself gives you the chance to get every single detail right," he smiled, seeing that he was getting through to her.

"You…you were able to do it by magic," tears sprang to the female's eyes. "You got everything about me right with just a wave of your wand. I couldn't have done it better myself had I done it by hand."

Juandissimo's smile grew.

"I am your closest friend. I have memorized everything about your muy bonita appearance."

"You're…you're…I hate you so much sometimes, you know that?" the actress began to sob.

Juandissimo quickly moved closer to her, wrapping his strong arms around her. She gratefully accepted as she leaned into his warm embrace. She hated herself right now, actually. She didn't expect to be so overcome by what the male had said. She, naturally, wanted him; however, she wanted to make him work for it. Unfortunately her plans derailed at Juandissimo's words. He did know a lot about her. He probably knew more about her than her own family did. She was even beginning to wonder if he may know more about her than even she knew.

"You…you really want me?" she sniffed, still sounding slightly skeptical.

"Sí, Blonda," he rested his chin on top of her head.

"How will I know for certain that you'll think of me and not my sister?"

"Blonda, trust me," he tipped her chin up so he could look into her eyes. "The more I think about it, the more I see that you are the one I should be with. You and I are more alike than I ever could have dreamed of. That must be why you and I have been friends for so long."

"You're the only person I've kept contact with since high school," the blonde smiled.

"I know. I feel quite privileged by that fact," he hugged her tighter.

Blonda smiled warmly before suddenly shoving the hunky male back. He blinked as she put a stern expression on her face.

"I want you to understand something," she spoke. "You can't win me over so easily. And we're not together yet."

"Yet?" he smiled.

"Yes. You still have to prove yourself to me," she placed her hands on her hips. "I don't want to find out that you're only with me because I'm the closest you can get to having my frump of sister!"

"Blonda, por favor. That is not how I feel," he shook his head.

"Then prove it to me," she arched her eyebrows.

"How am I to do that?" he asked coyly.

"Think of something."

Juandissimo smiled again.

"I believe I have something in mind."

The male quickly reached out and pulled the actress back into his arms, but before she could complain, he brought his lips to hers. The female had initially been slightly agitated by the male's gesture; however, the passion she felt from his kiss soon overtook her entire body and melted any anger she had away. She had been wanting this for so long, and soon she found herself wrapping her arms around his neck and fervently returning his many kisses.

"How was that?" Juandissimo broke from the moment with a smile playing on his lips.

"I've never felt that kind of passion and energy from anyone before," she panted in both happiness and awe.

"Good. Then let me continue to prove myself to you."

The blonde smiled as they continued their make-out session, which grew more heated as time passed, and soon the two began making their way to the bed…

Cupid sensed the entire situation as he sat in his den. But while he shook his head at both the absurdity and predictability that Blonda was already going to sleep with him – she was certainly never known for her chastity – he managed a smiled. He may have been angry at the two of them, but he couldn't help but get excited whenever a new relationship formed. He closed his eyes as he leaned back. The two of them would be all right. Their similar personalities may cause a lot of friction between them; however, if they truly worked at it, they could have something special. And perhaps they could both finally have a meaningful relationship. The situation with Juandissimo was the worst love-related thing to happen in centuries; however, some good was able to come out of this Forbidden Love Fiasco, after all.

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