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The New Directions were sprawled about the dark Hummel-Hudson living room, arguing over which movie to watch first, when something slammed against the front door, causing the sensor light to flick on.

"Kurt," a deep moan drifted into the room, startling everyone out of his or her temporary pauses.

Finn's eyes opened comically wide. As far as he knew, Kurt didn't have a boyfriend. He hadn't mentioned anyone to Finn, in fact, he hadn't talked about Dalton a lot at all. He looked at Mercedes with questioning eyes. Did she know about this? About who Kurt was with at this very moment. Surely Kurt had told her.

But Mercedes was simply staring at him, confusion flowing through her deep, chocolate brown eyes.

They heard Kurt huff, saying back breathlessly, "I can't concentrate when you're doing that to my neck, Blaine."

Blaine? Who the hell was Blaine?

Finn gestured for everyone to lean in close. "What should we do?" He hissed at his friends, making sure his voice was inaudible to anyone but them, "Has Kurt told any of you about a Blaine?"

They shook their heads in response, the sound of Kurt's keys rattling in the front door cutting Quinn off as she opened her mouth to answer Finn's initial question.

"Are you sure no one's home?" Blaine asked into Kurt's neck, his warm breath sending shivers down Kurt's spine, distracting him enough that he can't even tell his house key from his car key.

"Dad and Carol are out for the weekend, and Finn's at Rachel's," came the hushed reply.

Blaine's smile grew at this. Sure, they weren't going to have sex, but there were other things they were ready for, and Blaine was more than excited to start knocking firsts off his list with Kurt.

"Why haven't we told anybody yet?" Blaine questioned as the door swung open, and Kurt ushered Blaine inside, out of the cold Ohio weather.

"We will soon, I promise. But even though they know that, in theory, I'm gay, having a boyfriend makes it real. Being gay isn't just something I am anymore, it's something I do, and I'm scared of their reactions," was Kurt's reply as he hurried Blaine through the door, kicking it shut and slamming Blaine against it.

Blaine just hummed in response, unable to form coherent thoughts with Kurt's tongue assaulting his earlobe.

Blaine flipped them around, pushing up against his boyfriend as he sucked Kurt's pulse point, Kurt making delicious, needy sounds at the back of his throat.

The room was filled with an awkward tension as the New Directions listened to their close friend and former teammate make out with a stranger.

"Wanky," Santana muttered as they heard a thud against a wall, the wet sound of two mouths sliding together accompanying it.

"We need to make our presence known," Rachel announced quietly, something that Santana hadn't thought possible.

"Yeah, and how exactly do you propose we do that, Berry?" Puck questioned.

"I don't know, Noah! Make some noise or something!" came her hushed reply.

Puckerman narrowed his eyes at her, not liking the attitude coming from his hot, Jewish friend, but nodded in agreement. He elbowed Finn. "Say something."

Finn leant away, aghast. Rubbing a hand over his ribs delicately, he exclaimed, "What? Why me? That my brother out there! I don't want to be the one to interrupt!"

"Dude, just do-" Puck started to whisper, before another thud interrupted him, and the lights flicked on.

"Couch," Kurt demanded, pulling away from Blaine temporarily.

Kurt's hoarse voice sent the blood straight to Blaine's crotch. His pupils dilated with lust as Kurt grabbed him by the tie and lead him through the dark, towards what he could only assume was the living room.

Kurt pushed him against the wall again; lips connected to Blaine's, tongue exploring the familiar mouth of the other. Blaine's elbow hit a light switch, but both boys had their eyes closed, and failed to hear the collective intake of breath, as their tongues battled for dominance.

Only when Kurt pulled away and resumed his assault on his boyfriend's neck did Blaine open his eyes, to see the twelve faces staring at them.

Blaine's eyes widened in shock, "Kurt!" he squeaked, as he pushed his boyfriend away gently.

Kurt whined into Blaine's neck, annoyed by the interruption. He pulled back to see what was wrong, only to find Blaine staring over his shoulder, looking like he'd seen a ghost.

Kurt turned slowly, following his gaze, and came face to face with his former glee club. His ears turned red, and the room was filled with and awkward silence.

After a few moments Blaine mustered up some courage, took a deep, calming breath, and stepped forward, intertwining his hand with Kurt's, "Hi, I'm Blaine."

Finn narrowed his eyes and stood up slowly.

"Kurt, may I speak with you in private?" he gestured with his head for the kitchen.

"Sure. I'll be right back," he squeezed Blaine's hand reassuringly when he saw his eyes open in panic.

"But what if they kill me?" he whispered desperately into Kurt's ear, watching the boy with the mowhawk crack his knuckles.

Kurt just squeezed his hand again, letting out a short laugh, before turning on his heel and leading Finn from the room.

Blaine watched him go with sad eyes, before slowly turning back towards the group of teens, who were huddled together on the living room floor.

They were all staring at him, eyes slightly narrowed as they took in his flushed appearance. Blaine rubbed the back of his neck awkwardly, words had escaped him, and the boy who was always so put together could think of nothing to say that would break the tension.

"So, are you gay or bisexual?" Santana questioned, grinning suggestively.

Blaine shifted his weight awkwardly, "Gay, and I have a boyfriend."

At that moment Kurt re-enter the room, followed by his oaf of a brother, who returned to the group sitting on the floor.

He pranced happily back to Blaine's side, linking their hands together once again.

"Guys, this is Blaine, my boyfriend," Kurt said, smiling proudly. Blaine smiled back, and the two stared at each other for a sickeningly long amount of time, with the inhabitants of the room observing.

Finn was happy for his brother, and could tell from the way that Kurt and Blaine were looking at each other that both boys had mutual feelings of complete and utter adoration, and dare he say, love, for the other. As long as Kurt was happy with Blaine, Finn would be happy for them, and have faith in his brother's judge of character.

He turned towards the group, and nodded at them, smiling. They instantly relaxed, accepting Finns approval of the short, curly haired Blaine, also understanding that they would have time to interrogate Kurt, and threaten Blaine later.

"Kurt, Blaine," Finn said, shooting a small smile at the later boy, who returned it timidly, "We were about to watch a movie, care to join us?"

Kurt wanted to, he did, and he'd missed his friends more than they could ever imagine, but tonight he wanted to spend time with Blaine. His parents were out, and he knew he had enough dirt on Finn, as well as the rest of New Directions, to ensure that not a word would be spoken of the events of the night.

"No thanks Finn, it was nice seeing you all again," Kurt began, "but we're gonna go up to my room now, and um-"

"-Study," Blaine finished.

"Study. Yeah."

"Really?" Santana drawled, eyebrow raised indelicately, "What subject?"

"Biology, we have a test on the human anatomy this Tuesday," Blaine answered.

"You don't have any books with you," Sam pointed out.

Kurt was lost for words, unfortunately, Blaine seemed to have regained full use of the English language, and he grinned at Kurt. Kurt knew that smile. It was Blaine's I'm-about-to-embarrass-you-but-you'll-love-me-anyway smile. Kurt turned, hurrying to get Blaine away from the group, and away from any chance of possible embarrassment.

"It's a practical exam," Blaine said suggestively as Kurt tugged him towards the stairs.

Finn's mouth dropped open, "Keep the door open! Use protection!" he yelled as the boys scuttled away.

"What's this about protection?" came Burt's voice from the hallway.