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Chapter 23

(Epilogue, sort of)

The Doctor and Rose were in the console room, and the Doctor was dancing around the controls, hitting buttons and twirling dials as usual. Rose was smiling gently at him as she felt the TARDIS's amused tolerance for him.

She knew he was excited about something; he had woken her relatively early, pounding on her door and announcing he had a surprise for her and that she should dress for warm weather.

Amy and Rory had left the TARDIS the day before, having requested some 'alone time' back at home, Rose had gotten the distinct impression that the actual reason was that they were trying to provide said 'alone time' for herself and the Doctor instead. It was very sweet of them and she was disinclined to complain.

She watched the Doctor's manic movements around the console and took a drink of her tea, she pulled one of her legs up underneath her and leaned back in the jumpseat, grasping the armrest as they landed without the use of the boringers. As they jostled to a stop the Doctor turned to her and grinned, "Well Rose Tyler, are you ready?"

He bounded over to her and came to a stop in front of the seat she was on, taking the teacup from her hand and setting it down on the console. He tuned back to her and held out a hand, still grinning, Rose couldn't resist mailing right back at him as she reached up and took his hand, letting him pull her to her feet.

They stood like that for a moment, a step apart, facing each other with their hands linked. The moment stretched out around them and finally Rose broke it, clearing her throat softly before speaking, "As ready as I'm going to be I guess. Unless you want to give me a clue that is?"

He shook his head, causing his hair to flop back and forth a bit and Rose brought her free hand up to brush it back off of his forehead. He smiled down at her as he grabbed her hand, now clasping both of them against his chest. "Well then, shall we?"

He gave her hands a squeeze and dropped one of them as he swung around towards the doors. He walked briskly down the stairs tugging her along behind him and stooped briefly to pick up something with his free hand. Peeking around him, Rose saw that it looked like a basket of some sort and lifted an eyebrow as she wondered what he was up to.

They reached the doors he looked at her and grinned again, "Rose Tyler, would you do the honors?" She smiled and reached forward to open the doors, looking out and seeing a somewhat familiar sight. She stepped out ahead of him; their hands still linked and looked around, "Stonehenge?"

"Ah, but not -just- Stonehenge Rose, this is Stonehenge on a lovely spring day, before tourists and with the only alien activity in the area being… well, us." He gestured grandly and held out the basket as Rose stood there smiling at him. "You know what this means Rose?"

"That you brought me to temperate weather for a picnic that involves no running for our lives?" Rose took a step closer to him and asked in a conspiratorial whisper, "Doctor, where did you get such a radical idea?"

The Doctor looked at her almost suspiciously for a beat and then smiled somewhat sheepishly, "Well, Amy might have mentioned that you might like something like this sometime… As opposed to me showing you your planet being demolished. She also might have yelled at me, using very mean words when she found out that the first place I took you was to see that. I can be a bit daft, me…" The Doctor trailed off then held out the basket again, "So, good idea?"

Rose reached up and opened the basket, peeking inside and pulling a blanket from it, she looked back inside and whistled softly, "That's quite a lot of bananas… Of course, bananas are good." She looked up at him as she shook out the blanket and let it drift to the ground, "And so is this. Very brilliant, and sweet." She stood on tiptoe and kissed him lightly on the jaw before sitting down and patting the blanket next to her. "Do you own many things that -aren't- TARDIS blue?"

He sat down next to her and looked at the blue checks of the blanket, "Well, it is an excellent color." The Doctor smiled as she nodded in agreement and pulled out a banana for each of them, handing hers over and stretching his legs out in front of him, crossing them at the ankles.

He looked at Rose out of the corner of his eye, noting that in the sunlight her hair still seemed blonde in some areas. Acting on impulse he reached out a hand and held a lock of it between his fingers, noting the silky texture.

Rose had turned her head towards him and was smiling softly when she rather suddenly turned a bit serious and asked, "Doctor, when are we exactly?"

The Doctor frowned slightly, that wasn't what he had expected her to say, he let go of her hair and looked at her face, worried he had done something to make her nervous. "Well, we are well before this became a tourist attraction. Other than that, I left it up to the TARDIS. Why? Is everything all right?" As he tried to catch her eye he noticed that she was actually looking over his shoulder and that the look on her face was somewhat incredulous.

"This was a sacred religious site, yes?" At the Doctor's nod she continued, "And I'm guessing ancient druids wouldn't like casual picnickers hanging about their sacred religious areas."

The Doctor finally turned, half convinced she was having him on and saw what had caused the sudden shift in mood. He stood, carefully pulling his jacket straight and squinting his eyes to take in the advancing mob, considering how best to talk their way out of this situation. He noticed Rose moving around, picking up the basket and tugging on the blanket, making him step off of it as she gathered it up and tossing it over her shoulder.

That done she looked up at him and said, "Might I make a suggestion Doctor?"

Looking at the familiar smile on her face as it was turned up to him the Doctor smiled back at her and answered, "Run for our lives?"

Rose nodded and her smile widened, her tongue briefly catching between her teeth, "My thoughts exactly."

The Doctor felt his grin widen and reaching out he found her free hand with his and laughing the two of them turned and bolted for the TARDIS, they reached it just in time as an arrow whizzed by and embedded itself in the wooden door. The Doctor snapped his fingers, causing the doors to swing wide and the two of them ran inside without breaking stride, he snapped again and as the doors shut the two of them came to a stop, falling together to sit on the stairs to the console. Still laughing they looked at each other and laughed harder.

Finally the Doctor stood slowly and stepping up to the controls, sent them drifting in the vortex. When he turned back to Rose she was standing near him, her back to the railing, still smiling gently. He tilted his head to the side and looked at her for a moment before speaking, "Well, that didn't go exactly like I planned."

Rose shook her head and took a step forward, "Doctor, it went exactly as it should have." She reached up and put a hand on his shoulder and laughed again as 'In the Mood' started playing in the console room. She tilted her head and held out her other hand, "I think someone might be trying to tell us something. Still got the moves?"

The Doctor took her hand and spun her smoothly around smiling, "Well, I wouldn't want to boast."

Laughing Rose spun, following the Doctor's lead as they danced around the console, "No, of course you wouldn't."