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Logan sat on the roof of the building, his swollen cock in his hand, not caring if anyone caught him, with only one thought in his mind, orgasm. He pumped his flushed member, completely oblivious to the presence of the sixth grader behind him. Dustin had seen Logan from behind and so was unaware of what he was doing, he decided to sneak up on him trying to scare him.

"Logan!" yelled Dustin jumping beside Logan's seat, his smile quickly fading when he saw his "victim's" engorged member sticking out between his legs.

"Dustin!" exclaimed Logan, caught by surprise and now trying to hide his exposed hard-on.

"What's that?" asked Dustin, curious about Logan's large appendage.

"What? This?" said Logan trying to play-off his blunder, "It's nothing!"

"Logan, come on, tell me!" pressed on Dustin, leaning in closer trying to get a good look through Logan's hands at his plaything. Seeing Dustin's curiosity as an opportunity, a plan quickly materialized using Dustin's ignorance as an advantage.

"I don't know, Zoey would flip out if she found out I told you about this," said Logan, setting his mischievous plan in motion.

"I promise I won't tell her anything," said Dustin wide-eyed.

"I'm not sure," said Logan feigning reluctance, "you're not old enough to know this anyways, if anyone found out I told you I could get in serious trouble. Sorry, no can do little dude."

"Please!" begged Dustin, anxious to be let in on Logan's secret, "I promise I won't say anything to anyone, not a single word!"

"You swear?" asked Logan with a serious face.

"I swear," said Dustin sincerely.

"Okay then," said Logan, feeling a rush of adrenaline as he continued his lies, getting closer to his expected outcome. "Well, every boy reaches an age when they have to prove themselves worthy of becoming men, so whenever they reach puberty someone older, a mentor, like me, will help his mentee become a man."

"Really?" asked Dustin in amazement, then doubt moved in, "Wait, every guy? Then why haven't I heard this from anyone else before?"

"Because," said Logan, quickly thinking on his feet, "once you do the rite of passage, you can't tell anyone about it except for you mentee."

"So does that mean that I'm your mentee? That you'll help me turn into a man?" asked Dustin excitedly.

"Well, I kind of have to now that I've told you,' said Logan, feeling his cock throb in expectancy.

"Cool," he said smiling and then asked, "So how are you going to turn me into a man?'

"You have to suck this," he said pointing at his dick, "my manhood, if you do it right then it will secrete a nectar that you get to swallow." He waited to see if Dustin fell for it, hoping against hope that he hadn't taken sex-ed yet.

"Does it hurt?" asked Dustin a little scared.

"Nope, it does not," he said smiling from relief that he'd pulled it off.

"I'll do it then," said Dustin confidently, smiling back at Logan.

"Awesome," said Logan, slipping off his shorts and jacking his dick a couple of times before giving Dustin the go ahead. Dustin hesitantly moved his hand to Logan's hard dick. He wrapped his hand around tightly around the base and licked his lips, moving the hot member to his mouth. He stuck out his tongue to test out how it tasted, licking off the precum oozing over the slit and liking the taste, he enveloped the entire head with his mouth. Logan breathed out heavily, grabbing on tight onto the armrests of the chair, Dustin's cheeks becoming hollowed from his powerful suction.

"Are you okay?" asked Dustin, looking up at him.

"Yeah," whimpered Logan, feeling his balls tightening when he saw Dustin's lips slip back on over his head.

"Oh," moaned Logan, feeling his orgasm beginning to rip through his body. At that moment Dustin looked up wondering why Logan was moaning. That was when he shot his load, the first two ropes hitting Dustin square in the face.

"Oh no!" he cried out before quickly plugging the pumping cock back into his mouth. Logan looked at Dustin in awe, mouth and eyes wide open as he feverishly sucked on his pulsating head, cum dripping from the sides of his lips. Even after missing the first couple of shots, the sheer amount of boy juice Logan was discharging was too overwhelming for poor Dustin who choked on the surplus cum in his mouth and coughed it up. By the time Logan had finished cumming, Dustin had managed to cover his entire chin and it's surrounding areas with Logan's milky, white cream.

"Did I make it?" asked Dustin with a hopeful look in his eyes, licking his cum covered lips.

"Oh Dustin," said Logan faking disappointment in his voice, 'maybe next time."

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