Hello, people! This here is my very first fanfiction. Inspired by JackmanB's Cave Story: A Novelization. Try checking that out too.

Anyways, on with the actual fanfic:

Even before I got the crap beaten out of me by a door, I was having a rotten day. I woke up in a place I didn't recognize. Slowly, I got up...and realized I had no idea who I was, what was going on, or...anything really.

Great, I thought. Amnesia. That is just what I need.

I looked around to get a grip on my surroundings, and noticed a pool of water below. I dropped down to get my reflection. I saw that I was wearing a red cap with a white slate on its' front, a black tank top, bright red pants, and a green scarf. Bits of unkempt black hair were sticking out of the bottom of my cap. Then I looked up and saw a platform above. I jumped up...way higher then I intended, slipping as I landed on the platform. Whoa, I thought. How high did I just jump? I saw another platform, this one with a door, and jumped up there and jiggled the handle. It didn't budge. Experimentally, I kicked at the door, and it immediately swung open. Confused, I walked out to find...more caves.

Great. I went down first passage I saw, jumping over abnormally sharp rocks - almost like spikes – and dodging bats that swooped down from the ceiling at me. I didn't get far before I spotted an object on the ground and walked over to it. It appeared to be a cylinder. I picked it up and cleaned some well-settled dirt and grime from it, and saw a red heart-shaped pill inside, and a label on the front of the cylinder:

Life capsule

Great, I thought, that explains a lot. I looked it over again, pondering over what to do.

Eh, what the heck.

I rotated the "life capsule" around until I found a handle. I pulled at it, and the cylinder slowly opened. I took out the heart-shaped pill. I hesitated a little, but finally popped it into my mouth and swallowed , bracing myself for the worst.

For a few seconds, nothing happened. But then suddenly, my arms and legs stopped aching, and I felt completely refreshed. The bad news? I had more questions then ever now. I was beginning to feel a little annoyed. I decided to just continue down the passage, dodging more bats and spikes. After a while, I came across a different creature, this one round and colored gray. Its' back was turned to me, and it seemed to be completely oblivious to my presence. Slowly, I tried to go past it, but apparently it noticed me. It made a high-pitched squeaking noise and leaped at me. Startled, I quickly kicked it out of the air, and it landed on the ground, probably out cold.

Oh well. I continued walking until I found a part of the rock carved into a lion, its' open mouth apparently a doorway to another room. There was no other way to go other then turning back, so I went in...and found a man asleep in a chair next to a table, snoring loudly. Maybe he could answer my questions! I jogged up to him and shook him slightly. He stirred a little in his sleep, but still didn't wake. I shook him more roughly, but he remained in his sound sleep. I yelled into his ear, shook him some more, and other things, but he just wouldn't wake up. I sighed in frustration, then noticed a chest in the back of the room. What the heck, I decided, walking over to it. I opened it...and found a gun.