A Private Novella

Chapter 1: New Start

As my dad pulled up at the gates of Easton Academy, I looked at the buildings surrounding the car. They were intimidating and looked older than Shakespeare, so I knew that it was going to be different than my boring life at P.A.

My dad turned off the ignition and turned to face me, "You ready for this, kiddo?" he asked, looking around, noticing the buildings.

"Yeah dad," I answered. "I'm sure."

We climbed out of the car, and my dad unlocked the trunk and started unloading the bags.

"Are you sure you don't want help carrying your bags?" my dad asked me, putting my suitcase on the pavement.

"Honestly dad, it's fine!" I answered, getting impatient.

"Okay Reed, I guess this is it," my dad said hugging me.

"Yeah, ok dad, Bye." I said.

My dad got into the car, gave me one last wave and drove off.

I walked through the gates with my bags, walking into a new start. Walking into my future.

Walking into the Unknown.

(Okay, this is my first private fanfic - even thought I love the private books – and it's a version of private with a few twists. If you think I should continue please review and I'll try to update as soon as I can!)