Disclaimer: This is based off Mary Magdenline's relationship with JC in JCSS. I do not own either character nor do I own the show

I had failed so many times and so many times he has lifted me back up. Things are different now, aren't they? I stand before this man who was my best friend. He looks at me with love in His eyes. He doesn't bother to open the book before him. He just smiles and welcomes me with a loving embrace.

"I do not know what this book says," he told me, "and I do not NEED TO KNOW what this book says in regards to you. It does not matter. I love you. That's all I know. That's all I need to know"

I grinned. I was afraid things would be different but nothing has change. Many things have changed but one thing remains. He loves me. I love him and that's all I know"