Onto Round 4! Wow, who'd have thought? This one is on the naughty side... because, look! It's horny Puck!

This one is for kittendragon! Hope you enjoy! :D

Flower – Liz Phair

Every time Puck saw Kurt, he would spring a rather impressive boner; one that he didn't really bother to hide.

He wanted nothing more than to pound into Kurt's willing ass from behind. He had not idea when the desire for Kurt had started, but it was now firmly planted in his skull and would not budge. And as he watched the slighter brunet dance with Sam, laughing at whatever dorky thing he'd said, he wanted to prove to both boys just who Kurt belonged to.

Actually he wanted to do everything Kurt had ever fantasized about.

Kurt flipped the hair that had fallen into his cerulean blue eyes and licked those cherry red lips, and Puck decided then and there he would be dragging the boy into a closet.

He was going to suck Kurt off, fingering him until he came. Tasting everything the other teen had to offer.

He wanted to bend Kurt over every available surface, starting with the piano in the choir room.

Or maybe the one that was on stage.

The only thing he had to do now was convince Kurt.

Judging by the quick, shy glances Kurt kept sending his way when Puck, and everyone else wasn't watching him, it wouldn't take much to convince Kurt.

Every time I see your face I think of things unpure unchaste

I want to fuck you like a dog

I'll take you home and make you like it.

Everything you ever wanted everything you ever thought of

Is everything I'll do to you

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