Tim wasn't sure how he got from the back room, to standing at the end of the aisle, right by the pastor, but he guessed he had a little help from Tony.

It wasn't that he was nervous about marrying Abby; he knew, without one doubt, that that's what he wanted to do.

He guessed he was just nervous about making her as happy as possible. He was nervous that he would do something to mess it all up. He was nervous that he would go out in the field one day and never come back home. He was nervous that someone would come after Abby or AJ and try to hurt them because of his job. Most of all, he was nervous that he was actually in a coma and this was all a dream, one that he'd wake up from one day and everything would go back to the way it was before…

Abby stood in the back of the church, hidden from the room full of people, waiting for the music to begin and for everyone to start their journey's up the aisle- ending with hers.

She was taking deep breaths over and over again, trying to calm herself down. She kept glancing over at Tony, Sarah, and Ziva, and Tim's cousin, Danny, who were taking turns holding the baby.

"You about ready?" Gibbs asked, coming up beside her.

She nodded, a small smile appearing on her face. "Very."

"Good. The music's about to start."

A woman from Tim's family, whose name Abby couldn't remember right now to save her life, came out to tell them all to take their places, it was about to begin.

The music started only about a minute later.

One by one, or two by two really, everyone began their walks down the aisle.

"Gibbs," Abby said, waiting for their signal to start walking.

"Yeah, Abbs?"

"I- I couldn't ask for a better father than you."

Gibbs turned his head, leaning over and kissing her temple. "Love you."

"Love you too."

Just then they got their signal. Everyone stood and looked back at her and Gibbs as she began her walk.

Tim was pretty sure he had never seen someone so beautiful in his life. He decided right then that, if he was in a coma, and this was a dream, he never wanted to wake up.

Somehow, the walk down the aisle was both extremely slow and super fast to Abby. Soon enough she had been given away by her surrogate father and was standing beside her future husband.

Tim leaned over towards her as every got situated back in their seats.

"I love you so much. You're beautiful."

"I love you too," She whispered back with a smile. "And you're very, very handsome."

The ceremony went perfectly. AJ never made a sound, falling asleep within the first couple of minutes.

They didn't write their own vows, both agreeing that they loved the traditional ones.

When the pastor said "you may now kiss the bride", Tim and Abby both smiled as they leaned in to one another, kissing softly.

Tim was pretty sure he heard a "whoop whoop" come from Tony as everyone else cheered, but he chose to ignore it.

What neither Tim or Abby even realized was that, the second they had stood together at the aisle, all of their fears and worries were gone. They just… disappeared.

None of the "what if's" even mattered anymore.

Soon enough, the reception had begun.

After Tim, Abby and AJ McGee had been introduced, they made their way around, talking to everyone they could and sharing glances at one another every chance they got.

"Have I told you how much I love you lately?" Tim asked as they danced for the first time together as husband and wife.

Abby smiled. "I can never hear it enough."

"Well then, I love you, I love you, I love you."

Abby sighed in contentment, then rested her head on Tim's shoulder, bringing them closer together. "I love you too, Timmy."

Tim and Abby were sitting at their table, finally getting to enjoy some food, when Tony stood up and began tapping on his glass very, very loudly.

Everyone quieted down, but Tony kept tapping.

"Tony! Tony! We're listening," Tim said.

"Oh… right," Tony cleared his throat. "It's time for the best man speech."

Tim sunk a little in his chair. "Oh God."

Abby just laughed and held his hand.

"When I met Abby many years ago, she was… well, she was Abby. With her, what you see is what you get. She changes for no one.

"When I met Tim, well, that's a different story. My little McNewlywed here was a shy newbie with no self esteem whatsoever."

Tim sank even lower.

"He stuttered, was always afraid he was doing the wrong thing, and had a massive, massive crush on the forensic scientist."

Everyone laughed at the last part.

"Seriously, every time he saw her, it was like his eyes were going to pop out of his head and his heart would jump out of his throat." He paused. "I wonder what happened to her…"

Again, everyone laughed.

"Anyway, I've watched that scared, little Probie turn into a self-assured agent, an amazing father, a guy who would do anything for the woman he loves," Tony looked directly at Tim, "the best friend any guy could ask for, and now to add to that list, a husband.

"And, while it's true that, to me, Abby will always be Abby, she has also turned into a wonderful mother, and now, wife. Her energy and love for life matches no other, and I know, without one doubt, that you two will be together for the rest of your lives. You're a wonderful couple, and AJ makes you a beautiful family.

"And Tim, if what I'm about to say ever gets repeated outside of this room, I'll deny it forever, but I love you both."

Tony raised his glass, everyone else following suit.

"To Tim and Abby… and AJ," He added, finding it impossible to leave him out.

"Tim, Abby and AJ!" Everyone repeated happily.

As Tony danced around the floor with some young kids, teaching them the "mashed potato", Gibbs made his way over to Tim and Abby.

"Mind if I sit for a second?" He asked, pointing to the empty chair next to them.

"Of course not, Boss."

Gibbs smiled as he sat down. "Just Gibbs today, Tim."

"You okay, Gibbs?" Abby asked.

"Yeah, I'm fine… I just wanted to talk to you two for a second. I know I already had my individual talks with you two, and I should have had this one before the wedding, but I never had the chance."

He paused for a second. He thought about taking them somewhere private to talk, but this place was good right now. It was pretty quiet where they were, everyone else had gone to crowd around Tony and follow his dance moves. Even Tim's parents had joined in.

He took a deep breath before beginning. "Whatever happens in your life," He said, eyes moving back and forth so he was constantly looking one of them in the eyes, "remember this moment. Remember how you feel, remember how much you love each other. When you fight, when you feel like your at the end of your ropes, when you just want to storm out of the room and slam the door, remember this day. Remember the promises you made," He glanced down at their intertwined hands, "remember the little things that you love about each other. Remember that everyone has a rough patch, remember to not give up one another.

"Never go to bed angry, even if you have to stay awake for three straight days. Work out every problem, don't hold your feelings in for the sake of the other person.

"Always be honest, and take time for each other. Remember that your marriage comes first, especially before work.

"Never take one day for granted. Treat every day together like it may be your last day together.

"Don't let the small things turn into big things. Make each other laugh, hold each other when you cry, listen when the other is talking. Treat one another with respect.

"Talk about everything, and never feel like you have to go through something alone.

"But, most importantly, love each other. No matter what, never forget how much you love each other.

"And, if you ever need me, not as a boss, but just as someone to talk to… someone who's been there; I will always be here for both of you. Understand?"

Tim let go of Abby's hand, wrapping his arms around Gibbs and giving him a huge hug.

Tim loved his own dad, but he never would have said any of that stuff. He appreciated it more than he could ever express.

"Thank you, Gibbs. Thank you so much."

"You're welcome, Tim," He replied, hugging him back.

Abby got out of her chair and walked to Gibbs, hugging and thanking him next, tears rolling down her cheeks.

Abby was off dancing with Ziva and Sarah when a family friend of Tim's, video camera in hand, came up to Tim, who was holding AJ.

"So, newlywed, how would you describe these past ten months?"

Tim thought back for a second.

The past ten months had been filled with fear, pain, anger, and sadness. He and Abby had fought, they'd gone through countless mood swings, he had been shot, Abby had gone into labor early, they didn't know if AJ would make it, they had cried, yelled, screamed and everything in-between.

But, when Tim thought back, for some reason, he saw none of that.

He saw them laughing, he saw AJ taking his first breath on his own, and he saw today, all flash before his eyes.

There was only one word he could find that fit how he felt at that moment.

"Perfect," He said with a smile, looking down at AJ. "It was perfect."

The End!

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