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Author notes/Warning: I had to do a bit of research for this story. According to most websites, Rose Weasley was born circa 2006 (and she entered her first year of Hogwarts as an eleven-year-old in 2017). In this oneshot, Rose is seventeen. This means that Harry (born in 1980, twenty-six years before Rose) would be about forty-three. If you are not okay with the age difference, please refrain from reading this story. This story also contains references to incest. You have been warned. Thank you!

Slytherin beating Gryffindor in the last Quidditch match of the year had been a surprising defeat, which left the Gryffindors sulking with disappointment. All except Rose Weasley, who, though she had always shown great House pride, was secretly happily that the Slytherins won simply because her boyfriend was on that team.

Rose Weasley and Scorpius Malfoy had began dating late in their fifth year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. The announcement of their relationship had come as an unpleasant shock to the family and friends on both sides, though after some time they learned to accept it.

It was now near the end of their seventh and final year, meaning that their two-year anniversary was mere days away. Rose was walking through the corridors of Hogwarts. She had promised her Transfiguration teacher that she would help grade papers after the match. Behind her, she could hear some of her fellow Gryffindors complaining about the game.

"I swear, those Slytherins were cheating," a younger student said.

"It's those new brooms they've got!" another one said. "That seventh year Scorpius Malfoy has a really wealthy father, and he's always donating the best brooms to the Slytherin team."

Rose rolled her eyes and turned a corner into an empty hallway. As she walked swiftly, her mind drifted to her anniversary plans for her and her boyfriend. They would be going out for a romantic meal at Hogsmeade, followed by a gift exchange, and ended by a night of lovemaking. Her decision to lose her virginity to Scorpius had been a difficult thing to decide upon, but at the time she had known that she only wanted to experience physical intimacy with him, and only him.

As she passed a closed door, a faint noise interrupted her thoughts. She stopped before the door, her eyes narrowing in curiosity. The sound came again from behind the door. It was definitely a human noise, possibly a whimper or soft moan.

Her curiosity became overwhelming. She approached the door and slowly pushed it open, moving slowly so as not to make a noise. Behind the door was an empty classroom...or so she thought.

As Rose's eyes scanned the room, the noise came again, this time loud enough for her to find the source. Her eyes darted toward the teacher's desk.

She moved her hand to her mouth to silence a gasp. A blonde man, who was undoubtedly her boyfriend, was in a fierce embrace with Violet Parkinson, a Slytherin girl in her sixth year. Scorpius's hands roamed her clothed body as his lips passionately moved against hers. She whimpered into his mouth.

"Hm," Violet said, breaking the kiss. "Congrats on helping the Slytherin team win, Scorpius."

"Do I get a reward?" Scorpius asked seductively.

Rose only watched long enough to see Violet get on her knees before Scorpius and begin to unzip his jeans. She turned away, feeling the warm tears begin to blur her vision.

Her mind erupted with questions as she began running away from the ajar door, no longer caring about her promise to her Transfiguration professor. How could he?, she thought, After all we've been through, how could he? Did I do something wrong? No, I've been a great girlfriend! I gave him everything...

She hadn't the slightest idea where she was running to. All she knew was that she needed to get far away from what she had just witnessed. It wasn't until she had officially left Hogwarts grounds that she stopped to catch her breath. Her freckled face was read and tear stained. She ran a hand through her curly brownish-red locks whilst attempting to collect her thoughts.

She needed to talk to someone. She always felt better after she discussed her problems with someone. Rose had never been the type to keep her feeling concealed.

Her parents? No. Knowing her father, he would most likely march up to Hogwarts and strangle Scorpius gladly, while her mother would attempt to hold him back.

Finally, she decided to visit Uncle Harry. Without a moment of hesitation, the Gryffindor girl Disapparated.

Harry Potter had been divorced from Ginny Weasley for nearly a year now. He had known that he and his wife had been growing apart for some time. What he had not known was that she had actually began an incestuous sexual affair with her brother (and his best friend) Ronald Weasley. He had seen them doing the deed one day after he returned home from work and entered the bedroom. However, they had not noticed him, so Harry left the room and hadn't told a soul ever since. Soon after he suggested a divorce to Ginny, who more than happily accepted.

Harry had been fighting a viscous inner battle ever since. Every time he saw Hermione, he was tempted to tell her of her husband's affair with his sister. But something always held him back. Whenever he saw Ron and Ginny (which was not often these days), he wanted nothing more than to scream at them. To tell them how much pain and disgust they caused him, especially Ginny.

It was with great surprise that he heard a knock on the door to his small flat. At first he remained seated on the couch, thinking that it had come from the muggle television program he was watching. But when the knock came again, he turned off the television and heaved himself up from his comfortable couch and opened the door.

"Rose?" he said, blinking his eyes incredulously.

"Uncle Harry," she said, choking back a sob. "May I come in?"

"Of course," he said, opening the door wider to allow her entrance.

"Thank you," she hiccuped.

"To what do I owe the pleasure of your presence, Rose?" Harry asked. He watched her carefully as she sat on the couch, wiping away the fresh tears.

"Oh, Uncle Harry," she said, staring up at him. Despite the fact that he was no longer married to her Aunt Ginny, she still addressed him as Uncle Harry. "I wanted to talk to you."

Harry took a seat next to her. "Are you all right? Would you like some tea or anything?"

She shook her head. "I just need to talk to someone."

"Shouldn't you be at school, sweetie? Have you any idea how much trouble you can get in for leaving Hogwarts grounds without permission?"

"I know," she said through a sniffle. "It's about Scorpius."

"What did he do to you?" he said firmly. Like Rose's father, Harry wasn't exactly thrilled to find out that Rose was romantically involved with Draco Malfoy's son.

"I...I...He..." She was struggling to find the right words through her uncontrollable sobs.

"You're pregnant, aren't you? Oh, once your father finds out, he'll have Scorpius's head..."

"No, I'm not pregnant," Rose began. "I caught him...I saw him..." She didn't want to finish her sentence.

"Yes?" Harry urged her. "You saw him doing what?"

She stared straight into his emerald green eyes. "With another girl." She was barely able to choke out the words before bursting into more tears.

"Oh," Harry breathed. The older man wrapped his arms around her and brought her face to his shoulder, where her tears stained the material of his shirt. "I'm so sorry, Rose."

Rose gripped onto her uncle for dear life, crushing her body against his own. Harry began rubbing her back, hoping to comfort her in any way possible. He felt her pain, for her situation was so similar to the one he had once been in.

"I'm such a fool," she mumbled into his shoulder. "I always knew that Scorpius had been a playboy. But I thought that with me it would be different. I'm so, so, so stupid."

"You're not stupid, Rosie," Harry said, petting her tame curls. "Just like your mother, you are incredibly smart. If anyone's stupid, it's Scorpius. He's stupid for cheating on such a beautiful young woman such as yourself."

"I gave him everything," Rose continued, her tears beginning to dry up, "My time, my love, my heart, my virginity..." She couldn't believe she had just confessed to her uncle that she had engaged in sexual intercourse with Scorpius. Still, it felt good to let it all out.

"I'm so sorry," Harry repeated. He was at loss for words. What words could heal a heart this broken?

"It was almost our two-year anniversary," she breathed. Her crying finally came to a stop.

"Rose," Harry said, placing his hand under her chin so she would look directly at his face, "Scorpius doesn't deserve you. If he's willing to throw away your relationship for someone else, then he's obviously not worth your time. Forget about him. I know it's hard, but you must just let it go. Trust me...I know from experience."

Rose looked up at her uncle, letting his wise words sink in. His body was emitting a comforting warmth that caused her to hold on tighter to him, if that was even possible at that point.

"Oh, Uncle Harry," she said, a small smile spreading across her pretty face. "Thank you. I feel so much better."

"I'm glad," Harry replied.

"I love you," she said, snuggling against his firm chest.

"I love you too, Rosie. Between you and me, you were always my favorite niece."

She closed her eyes and breathed slowly against him, taking in his clean, crisp scent. She moaned softly at the feeling of his hands on her back and hair, applying the perfect amount of pressure.

"Maybe you should be getting back to school now, Rose. I would hate for you to get in trouble because of me."

"You're so warm," Rose said, completely ignoring his last statement.

"Er..." Harry began awkwardly. "Thank you...?"

"You know...I never enjoyed our sexual encounters."

"Rose, I'm not sure I'm the right person to be discussing your sex life with."

"You're not going to tell my parents, are you?"

"I should, but I won't if you don't want me to."

"He was so rough with me," Rose continued, having vague flashbacks of her sexual encounters with her boyfriend (soon to be her ex- boyfriend). "When it was our first time, he didn't even give me a chance to adjust before he started thrusting away."

"Um..." Out of all the trouble and adventure Harry went through in his life, nothing had prepared him for such an awkward discussion.

"His skin was so rough against me, too. He only made me cum a few times. All of the other times I faked it."

"That's quite unfortunate, Rose. That kind of intimacy with someone else should be pleasurable."

"He wasn't warm like you, either. His skin was always so cold against mine. It gave me the chills." As she spoke, her hand moved to rub his chest. She swiftly undid the first few buttons on his shirt, allowing her access to the skin of his chest. She brushed her lips across the pale flesh..

Harry shuddered and backed away from her, nearly falling off the couch in the process. He stood up.

"Rose," he said, "what the hell are you doing?"

"Oh," Rose said. She hadn't realized how her libido was causing her to behave, nor had she noticed the dampness forming between her legs. "I'm sorry."

"You should go, Rose."

"No," she said, standing up. "I'm sorry. I didn't realize what I was doing."

"Why did you do that?" Harry said, buttoning his shirt up. "What in hell possessed you to touch me like that?"

"I'm sorry," she repeated, feeling new tears sting her eyes. The young woman felt so confused, so saddened, and yet so aroused and suddenly desperate for her uncle's touch and warmth.

"Please, don't cry," Harry said, now feeling guilty for snapping at her. "But, Rose, you must not act that way with me anymore. It's wrong."

"How is it wrong?" Rose asked, taking a step closer to him.

"We're related."

"Not by blood."

"Doesn't matter. I'm still your uncle."

"I don't see how that's relevant."

"You're so young," Harry continued. "I could get in so much trouble."

"I'm of age."

"I don't mean in trouble with the law, I mean with your family. You're parents are my best friends. They would kill me if they were to ever find out I touched you."

"You haven't touched me yet." Rose said, still approaching him. "Are you saying that you want to?"

"No," the older man replied flatly.

"Please look at me, Harry." She dropped the 'Uncle' this time.

Harry reluctantly met her gaze. The trails of tears on her face were now dried and fading, but her face was still terribly red. Harry noticed the she much resembled a younger version of Hermione, with the exception of her red hair. She had inherited her father's tall, lanky frame. The muggle jeans and shirt she wore were a perfect fit against her thin body, but her curves and large breasts were still noticeable. Her eyes burned with passion and desire. Desire for him.

She was beautiful, Harry concluded.

She licked her already moist lips and gently took his hand. Harry didn't stop her. He sucked in a sharp breath as she brought his hand up to her face. She rubbed the skin of his palm against her cheek.

"You're skin is so soft," she whispered.

Harry closed his eyes and nodded briefly. He could feel Rose's cool, minty breath against his face. She was much closer to him. His head was screaming at him to back away, but every other part of his body was tingling with excitement.

It came as no shock when he felt her lips meet his own. Her lips were soft and moist as they moved against him. He responded by placing his hands around her waist, pulling her in a close, protective embrace. Rose moaned as he began to feel her up, starting with her perfectly round bum, then the small of her back.

She grazed her warm tongue along his bottom lip. Harry opened his mouth and allowed their tongues to mold together in an arousing dance. Rose groaned, sending vibrations through both of their wet mouths.

The dampness between Rose's legs had now grown to a soaking wetness. She had never yearned for a man's touch more than she did at this very moment. She had always loved her uncle for his wonderful friendship and warmth, but she never realized that she had been smothering a sexual attraction to the older man. But now, as she spilled all of her emotions into this osculation, she knew there was no more hiding.

They broke apart once air became necessary.

"Harry," Rose said breathlessly, running a finger along his stubble. "I need to know what a real man feels like."

"Yes," Harry replied before crashing his lips upon hers again. He placed his hands on her plump thighs and lifted her legs up, wrapping them around his waist. Rose placed her arms around his strong shoulders, still lost in their snogging.

Harry led them to his bedroom, where they kicked their shoes and socks off, then collapsed on the bed.

"Fuck," Rose cursed as she felt Harry's arousal pressing into her thigh.

"I...I'm not hurting you, am I?"

She shook her head and reached up to remove Harry's glasses. She placed them on the bedside table. "Undress me, Harry." She sat up on the bed and held her arms up.

Harry grabbed the material of her shirt and slowly lifted it from her torso. He threw it to the floor and stared in delight at the full, round orbs that were shielded from his eager eyes by a crimson bra.

Harry unclasped her bra and pushed the straps from her shoulders, allowing it to fall from her chest. His eyes immediately darted to her breasts: an ample pair of deliciously creamy orbs, peaked with rosy, erect nipples.

Harry lowered his head to her chest, where he took her left breast in his mouth. Rose groaned in delight and threw hear head back, sending her curls flying. Harry massaged the right breast as his mouth worked on her left. He swirled his tongue around the soft flesh, appreciating the floral scent of her skin. His teeth grazed along her nipple, and he tugged and her peak lightly. He skillfully repeated the same act on her right breast.

"Yes," Rose murmured, running a hand through Harry's short, ebony locks.

Rose unzipped her jeans and slid them from her slender legs, leaving her bare except for her panties. Harry cupped her womanhood, and immediately felt her arousal through the fabric of her panties. He gently pulled down her knickers, throwing them down to join the growing pile of clothes on the floor. Rose then proceeded to rip the clothing from Harry's body so swiftly it was as if she used magic.

She ran her hands along his now bare back, moaning at the feeling of his muscles against her palm and fingers. Harry grunted once her hands made contact with the firm cheeks of his arse, which she squeezed.

Harry rubbed the outside of her wet lips. Her womanhood was covered with a thin layer of wispy brownish-red hair. His forefinger bumped into her pink clitoris, which was swollen with arousal, sending a pleasurable tickling sensation through her body.

"Your pussy is so wet," Harry muttered into her ear.

She groaned, feeling his lips brush against her earlobe. "For you."

It had been months since Harry had known the pleasure of a woman's flesh, and it was like everything was new to him. The silkiness and scent of Rose's skin beneath him was intoxicating. Her ample breasts were pushed against his muscular chest. Her thin lips roamed and nipped at his face and neck lovingly. It was no longer about words, only the act of touching and caressing.

Harry pressed the tip of his erection against her lips. She gasped in pleasure, her juices already flowing onto his tip. He buried his face in her neck as he slowly eased between her inner walls and into her wonderfully tight, wet canal.

She moaned in ecstasy, wrapping her legs around Harry's waist and clawing at his back with her nails. Harry nipped at the skin of her neck as he began to thrust in and out of her, slowly creating a steady rhythm and a delicious friction.

It was like her first time all over again, minus the pain and discomfort. As Harry moved above her she passionately panted his name several times. His hands gingerly explored her body, stopping to caress her breasts, tickle her flat, freckled stomach, and pinch her creamy thighs.

"Talk to me, Rosie," he said into her now sweaty skin.

"You're making me feel so good," Rose gasped out as his shaft bumped into her aroused clitoris.

"You like me fucking you?" He kissed her collarbone, his thrusts increasing in speed.

"Yes!" Rose screamed in pleasure. She threw her head back wildly against one of the few pillows on Harry's bed.

Her whole body was on fire. A pleasurable warmth erupted in the pit of her stomach and quickly spread to her nether regions. Her clitoris tingled, causing Rose to bite her lip as she felt her climax approaching.

Their lips collided once more, their tongues immediately meeting in a vicious tango for dominance. Rose came with a cry of Harry's name, though it was muffled against his lips. Her womanhood burst into a delightful spasmodic sensation. Her pussy throbbed around Harry's shaft, coating him in a scrumptious layer of her cum.

With a final thrust, Harry exploded within her, draining his cock of his milky white seed.

"Rose," he whimpered in ecstasy.

Harry closed his eyes and rested his head in the valley of Rose's breasts, allowing the waves of his orgasm to come and go. She breathed erratically below him, her chest rising and falling as she attempted to catch her breath. She smiled and kissed Harry's forehead.

Once Harry had caught his breath, he slid out of her slick walls and rested next to her on the bed. He studied her expression with his narrowed emerald eyes. Her features were soft, her eyes were closed, and her body was limp on the bed.

She was blissful, satisfied, and most of all comforted, which had been her whole purpose for paying Harry a visit in the first place.

Harry was the first to speak. "I can't believe what we just did."

"I can," Rose said, reaching out to touch his face, "I want to be with you, Harry."

"I do too," Harry began, "but are you sure it's what you want? I'm an old man, but you...you're young and beautiful. You could have any guy you want. Why settle for me, an old celebrity?"

Rose released a light laugh. "A man in his early forties isn't old, Harry."

He raised an eyebrow. "I'm old compared to you."

"I don't care. That doesn't matter to me."

Harry gave a melancholy smile. "Unfortunately, it will matter to other people."

"They can sod off. I'm seventeen. I can make my own decisions."

"I like the sound of that," said Harry, smirking at his new girlfriend. "So who's going to be the first to know about...us?" It was almost difficult for him to say the last word.

She bit her lip. "My parents."

Harry winced, for the words brought back the terrible truth that he had just fucked and was now in a relationship with his best friends' daughter. The little girl that he had seen being born, had seen take her first steps, had seen grow up and go to her first year at Hogwarts...the little girl that Ron and Hermione had allowed him to hold protectively in his arms when she was just a baby...

He shook the memories from his head. He would have to put that behind him now. He would love her as much as he damn well pleased, no matter how old she was or what people would think.

"When do you want to tell them?" he said.

She shrugged. "Tomorrow?"

He grinned at her, revealing his perfectly white teeth. "Sounds good to me."

"And then we'll see where it goes from there," Rose said, moving closer to Harry on the bed. "All I know is that I don't want our relationship to be a secret, something that we're ashamed of."

"And it sure as hell won't be," Harry agreed. "I'll announce that I love you to the whole world if I must."

"Hmm," Rose said, placing her head on Harry's bare chest. He rested his arm on her exposed back, pulling her closer into his warm embrace. She planted a light kiss on his nipple. "I love you too."

The new couple fell asleep in that position: naked and entangled in each others arms. Neither of them knew what tomorrow would bring, but both were sure that everything would be fine as long as they were together. Rose had brought him happiness at last, and Harry had no intention of letting her go.