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Po and Lang didn't speak to each other for a good rest of the day with the two and the Furious Five packed to begin the start of their journey to the bottom of the Thread of Hope. Tigress had wanted to talk to Lang alone, but with what had happened she began to think that it wouldn't be the best idea to talk to him at that moment in time. Within a couple hours, the group was ready to begin their journey and was waiting for the granted leave from Master Shifu who was standing in the court yard ready to send them off.

"I wish you all good luck on your journey and Po," Master Shifu paused and caught Po's eye. "Forgive Lang. He hasn't had contact with anyone other than his masters." Po blinked for a moment before he nodded and quickly looked at Lang for a second then returning his gaze to Master Shifu. "Listen to your masters Lang and they will lead you down the right path." Master Shifu bowed to his students allowing them all to leave and fulfill their mission.

It took a while for them all to get to the Thread of Hope and when they all finally got there, it was well past midnight and they were all tired. Monkey and Mantis went off to get some fire wood while the others settled down beside underneath the Thread of Hope's building attached to the new Thread of Hope Bridge. Po and Lang sat around the newly built fire, courtesy of Monkey and Mantis, and tried as hard as they could to avoid any eye contact possible, but they weren't that successful.

Po and Lang's eyes locked with each other's causing Lang to blush and look away from him as fast as possible. Tigress looked at the two brothers and sighed loudly. "You know you two are really getting on my nerves. Can you please just make up and act like brothers are supposed to be?" The two looked at Tigress for a moment before they looked at each other and stared into each other's eyes before at the same time they both said, "I'm sorry!" Blushing, the two looked away from each other and created another awkward silence around the fire.

"So…" Po started trying to make conversation with Lang, but miserably failing. He sighed and stared into the fire along with most of the others. Lang had been staring over the Thread of Hope Bridge while all the others finally began a conversation, but Lang had been knocked out of his gaze due to a voice in his head.

"Lang, the fire." Lee Tang's voice said and Lang quickly turned to the fire just in time to see Lou Fan emerge from it causing everyone to react in fear, but Lang walked to him waiting for him to begin talking.

"Koichi Uri, I have something to tell you and your companions." Lang nodded and listened carefully to the phoenix's message. "Ai Lee has gone missing and we think it's from the darkness coming. We have to take you back through the portal to keep you from being captured too." Lou Fan began to close his flaming wings around Lang, but Lang had told him that they needed the Dragon Warrior's help to defeat the darkness. Reluctantly, Lou Fan agreed and brought them all through the portal showing them to their places that they were going to be staying until the time came to defeat the darkness.

"Ai Lee is gone? But how? She's one of the mystical beings. She needs to help us defeat the darkness. How can we do it without her?" Lang asked Lou Fan who had gathered the other mystical beings into a circle around the Furious Five, Dragon Warrior, and Lang. Everyone, with the exception of Lang, had begun freaking out because of all of the beings around them and they all quickly decided to have their discussion the following morning after everyone was rested and actually had half a mind.

"We'll talk about this in the morning, but for right now we must all rest. " Lee Tang said as she picked up everyone on a cloud and began to walk toward a place with softer than cotton beds made for everyone on the cloud. "I wish you all a good night and I promise we will explain everything when you all wake up." She smiled and the space around them turned dark with a slight glow as if Lee Tang had turned off the lights and left a single candle glowing beneath them all.

Po and the others stared at Lang intensely while he gave them all a small smile before he lied down on the bed and the others followed. Lang smiled to himself as well as he slowly drifted into sleep along with everyone else. "Good night everyone." He thought to himself and closed his eyes surrendering to the imagination of his own mind.

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