Chapter 1: Truth

Authors note: Well I haven't updated any of my other stories lately but I am going to update them soon. I took some of the past ideas from Kagnomehater4ever's story Unbreakable love. I hope you like this story because this idea seems a good one. It starts off with Juliet's point of view but later on we hear Lady Blueberry and Lord Redbrick's point of view. Enjoy!

Why? Why Gnomeo? How could this have happened?

These were the questions that ran through my head as I was escorted back to the red garden after Gnomeo was… well… smashed in front of my eyes. I was crying terribly as I saw my one true love smash before my eyes. This was just like what happened to my mother, but I was too young to understand back then. Now I am older, it is harder to see a loved one die right there and then, especially the one who you was closest to.

My father was hardly a help to me. After Gnomeo was revealed to be in… pieces he offered me no comfort and was oblivious to the pain I was suffering. He just shouted arrogantly "There's been enough smashing for one day," he was obviously referring to the incident with my stupid cousin Tybalt, who hardly mattered to me at that moment in time. I continued to let my sadness out as he roared "Now get her on her pedestal and keep her there!" It saddened me even more to know that he didn't care for my emotions in any way, shape, or form. He just cared about me not getting smashed. Despite the sadness that overcame me I felt extremely angry with my father.

Two gnomes came and escorted me back to the garden. As soon as I managed to stop crying I sighed in a sad frustration and stormed off into the garden. Before I ran into our garden, I overheard my father and Gnomeo's mother, Lady Blueberry, argue behind me.

"Now look what you red's have done!" Lady Blueberry shouted through muffled tears of sadness and rage.

"Us red's? What about what you blues have done to Tybalt?" my father roared back through nothing but sheer anger.

"Well he wasn't your son was he? And that was obviously an accident. But you red's go back and smash my poor boy! Just like what happened to my… my… husband!" I heard Lady Blueberry start to cry louder than before. To be honest I felt sorry for her. She must have been a better parent to Gnomeo than my father had ever been to me.

"That was not of our concern," my father replied. At this point I turned around at the gate and saw Lady Blueberry stop dead in her tracks and give my father a cold, hard, deathly glare.

"Not of your concern? Why thank you Lord Redbrick for making my life a misery! I have lost my son because of you! You red's will pay for this!" Lady Blueberry followed by her other Blue companions walked back into the blue garden in silence. The only sound that could be heard was the sound of muffled tears.

I walked up to my pedestal and remained there for the rest of the day. My father had ordered me to stay there and made sure of that when several gnomes stuck my feet down with superglue, preventing me from even sitting down. I couldn't look at my father or any other red gnome in this entire garden after what had just happened. My best friend Nanette looked up at me with a sad smile which I didn't return. Instead I looked away. I couldn't bear to look at anyone.

"You gave me no choice Juliet," I turned to look down at my father who was now wearing a look of guilt on his face. "I lost your mother, I am not going to loose you." I looked away from my father who soon frowned and walked away. I looked into the direction of the greenhouse where me and Gnomeo first met, and where we were about to rebuild a garden together. Now our hopes and dreams were dashed, and it was all because of this STUPID feud.

I grabbed my rose and took a deep breath before returning to my original position as it began to rain. My mood had obviously affected the weather's mood too.

Although I was stood in my original position I could hear the muffled cries of Lady Blueberry. I then abandoned my original position and looked over the side of the fence into the blue garden. It seemed as if they were having a funeral for Gnomeo. I felt the urge of wanting to be there with them. I wanted to say my last goodbyes to my dear, one true love. But I couldn't because I was stuck on this stupid pedestal!

My eyes darted off the blue garden and I looked around the garden. My mother's beloved tulips still stood out the most in our garden. But my eyes were suddenly stopped when I saw my father peering through the hole in our fence. I couldn't help but notice the look of pain that was evident on his features. I wondered who or what he was looking at so my eyes darted back to the blue garden. None of them but one gnome noticed him peering through the fence. And that one gnome was Lady Blueberry. I looked at both of them and noticed the same look on their features. They were not arguing or glaring, they were just simply just staring sadly into one another's eyes.

I then notice my father begin to smile with a hint of sympathy on it. This was not like my father AT ALL. When something like this happened my father would either argue with Lady Blueberry or stay as far away from her as possible. Today they were staring into each other's eyes (from a distance of course) and had a certain look on their faces which I couldn't make out.

Suddenly reality must have hit them when they both suddenly looked away. Dad looked away in my direction but looked at the floor cursing at himself quietly. He sealed the hole in our fence and started to mutter to himself. "Goddamn you head! It's not like that! It once was, but not anymore!" he continued to say stuff to himself but I didn't get all of it. Instead I decided to speak up and ask him what was wrong.

"Dad?" I spoke immediately getting his attention.

"Yes Juliet?" he replied in his usual bossy voice. He acted as if nothing was wrong but it was evident in his face that he was only covering it up.

"Are you ok?"

"Yes of course! What wouldn't I be?"

"Well you seemed a little-"



"I don't know what you mean," dad said still covering up his emotions. He obviously took me for a fool; even I know when someone is hiding their emotions. But my dad has never been like this before so I intended to get to the bottom of it.

"Dad I caught you staring at Lady Blueberry, and then when you both realized what you were doing, you looked away faster than a frog could leap. Tell me what's wrong."

"I… There is nothing wrong Juliet! Mind your own business, before you get into even more trouble than your already in," my dad was begging to loose that 'holding it in' complexion. He seemed more tense and reacted quickly to everything I said about Lady Blueberry. I now had my suspicions, and if they were correct… well, that could change this feud around for the better.

"Dad? Are you in love with her?" I asked using my theory. Hearing these words my father chirped quicker than a cricket.

"I have never heard anything so preposterous in all my life!" He folded his arms and turned away. A few seconds later he turned back around to face me "Where did you get such a ridiculous notion?"

"Well judging by the looks you gave each other it was pretty obvious. Is this what this feud is all about? Do you two have a secret past or something? Is that why you then went on to mother? When did you two first start to love each other?" I couldn't help but babble on about this. After all this was my father. The gnome who was the leader of this garden and rivalled the blues. And besides while I was talking about this, at least I could get my mind off of Gnomeo.

"Juliet! Stop asking me absurd questions! If you really want to know what happened I suggest you be quiet and let me do the talking!" my father snapped. He climbed to pedestal and soon faced me.

"Ok. So what happened?" I asked eagerly.

"I didn't want to have to tell you this, but it seems as if I have no choice now. Yes I was once in love with Lady Blueberry, long before the feud. Long before I even met your mother in fact. Do you really want to know of all this?" dad asked me giving me the impression he did not want me to hear the story. But it all sounded to exiting for me to just want to ignore it.

"Yes dad, what happened between you and Lady Blueberry? Why didn't you end up marrying her instead of mum?" I asked curiously.

"Well the neighbours began to argue and so did the gnomes, I guess we just grew apart and began to fight like the rest. If you listen close I will tell you."

"Ok," I awaited dad's story of love and hate between red and blue gnomes. It got me wondering; would this be like mine and Gnomeo's love story or will it be different?

"It all started when…"

Authors note: Well that is chapter one. In the next chapter we go into the past before Gnomeo and Juliet were around. I hope you enjoyed this chapter. Please review!