"It's going to be a long 3hours" I just tweeted after getting into the car on my way to sunset hotel.

I waited for months for this trip and now it's finally here. I'm so excited going to be a great holiday.

After we arrived at the hotel our luggage was been taking to our suite. I couldn't wait to go and relax at the swimming pool.

Manager: (opening the door)" Here we are."

Mom (teresa): "wow its beautiful."

Manager:" I am glad you like it. I should get going. (walks out of the door)

Mom: (to me and sister) what do you guys think?

Me (caitlin): It's it's amazing...mom do you know where my bikini is?

Mom: It's in that bag (pointing at a bag)

Me: Thanks mom.

I quickly get into my bikini and walks out the door on my way to the pool.

While walking I quickly tweet: "On my way to the pool...going to be the best vacation ever."

Still on my phone I accidently bump into someone who was also on their phone and both our white blackberry's fall.

I immediatley went to pick up my phone and saying:

Me: Oh my gosh i'm so sorry. I wasn't watching where I was going and i...(looking up into his gorguess eyes, standing there speechless)

He: (still unnamed) No, it's not your fault I wasn't watching where I was going either. It's my fault.

Me: Okay let's just make this even...it's both our faults. Happy?

He: Ha ha fine!

Me: I should go.

He: Yeah me too.

Just on my way to turn around he says

He: Sorry. uhm...

Me: Yeah...

He: My phone?

I looked down and notice I was holding his phone. I quickly apologized and he gave me my phone and i gave him his. Then we had that one last look into each others eyes and I turned around and walked away.

While swimming I was thinking about "that guy". I didn't even get his name. Well there's nothing I can do about it.

Next day:

Me: Good morning.

Everyone: Good morning.

Mom: You should get ready. Your cousins Kimi and Jason are coming you should meet them at the door 9 o'clock and take them to the water park. Is that fine?

Me: Yes of course. Why didn't you tell me they were coming?

Mom: I wanted to surprise you!

Me: Thanks mom you're the best!

I quickly go and get ready and went downstairs to meet my cousins.

Me: Hey you guys i've missed you so much. (giving them both a hug)

Kimi: I've missed you too.

Jason: I've missed you three. Haha no! Just kidding.

Me: Aah Jason that's so old! Anyway we are going to the water park.

We walk thru all the people having breakfast and while we walk in the hallway I hear someone screaming...

Someone: Hey white-blackberry-girl wait up?

My cousins and I turn around and saw "that guy" walking towards me.

When he reached us my cousin said...

Kimi: OMG it's Justin Bieber.

Justin: Hey.

Me: umh. Hi.

Kimi was staring at Justin and kind of in my face. Then he said...

Justin: I was wondering if I can talk to you for a second.

Kimi: Sure.

Justin: umh Sorry i wasn't talking to you. I was talking to blackberry-girl.

Me: I got a name you know?

Justin: yeah which you never told me.

Me: My names Caitlin.

Justin: Wow that's a beautiful name.

Me: Thanks.

Justin: So can I talk to you in private please.

Me: sure. I'll be right back guys.

Kimi: Okay. Take your time!

Justin: So I was wondering... do you mind if I take you to dinner tonight?

What did I say? Find out in the next chapter. But please leave your comments and tell me if I should stop telling my story or should I keep going? Thanks btw I'm 15 and Kimi is also 15 and Jason is 13.