Hey it's Valkyrie4Ever, obviously. This was written because it was bored and quite frankly I'm out of ideas for Skulduggery Pleasant, for now, so I wrote this a while back while getting them all together. This one comes from the 'Immortal Series' by Alyson Noel but it's changed slightly. First of all they're not in California. In fact they're not in America at all. Ever and Damen have moved to England in a small town of Farnborough, which happens to be my home town, and they both attend my school, Fernhill School and Language College. Although things aren't at all simple. Damen's left Ever for the school 'bitch' and Ever's having the 'fitting in' problem again while carrying a secret round that will affect them both if she does nothing about it. Oh and if anyone's read night star, you will know that Haven's dead (if you haven't I've just spoilt it for you and I'm sorry) in this fanfic, she's alive, well and immortal. That's all I'm saying. I'll stop typing and let you read



My life wasn't always like this. I had a family, a mum, a dad and a little sister. I even had a dog, Buttercup, to keep me company. But soon everything changed. The accident happened and then I met him. Damen. My one true love and my soul mate. Or so I was told. Lately Damen's been acting a bit... weird around me. Like he's not in love with me anymore. Maybe he isn't, but I still love him. He's all I've had since I moved out from home. We've always stuck together, even when we couldn't touch. But ever since we moved to England, Farnborough to be precise, he's been a little off.

My story is not a happy one. My story is not a sad one. My story is not a romantic one. My story is actually about my life in school while Damen was messing around with the bitch while I carry something far greater than that.

My name is Ever Bloom. I look 16 years old. But I am far more than that...

What do you think? Interesting beginning. It was actually just Ever introducing some troubles in her life.

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