7 month waited update. Sorry for delay. Been hooked on other shows, and it's been taking me about almost a week just to watch a new episode of Regular Show because the new episodes are just not as interesting as they were in the first two seasons. As of that, I am going to revert back to the old episodes for inspiration.

Enjoy the update.

Flames will be used to roast hot dogs.


"Truth or Dare?"

The question came out of Mordecai's mouth as we layed in a circle, staring at the clouds. We were taking a break from work, which was mowing the grass. I had managed to get used to the mower, and my fear of it making that all-too-familiar pop noise had vanished. Normally, we would've gone inside and played some video games or do something active. Benson had been in such a bad mood lately though, that we have deemed doing anything away from our work area a death wish.

"Um..." I said, thinking for a bit. "Truth."

"What's the grossest thing you've ever seen?"

I went back to thinking. "Yeesh, that's kind of a toughy. I've seen a bunch of gross stuff. But out of them all, I guess I've got to say that Muscle Man and Starla making out is enough to make me puke."

"Count me in," Rigby gagged. "The noises they make don't help at all." Mordecai and I laughed. That was true. It was totally gross.

It had been months since my drinking accident at the christmas party, and when my appendix was taken out. Not much had changed, except that it was a new year.

Remember how I said I was never going to a party anymore because of my drinking incident? Well, I was forced to come. Benson said it was 'manditory for all employees' and if I didn't show up, he would fire me on the spot. So, of course, I had to go. Rigby refused to keep me out of his sight though, as if I would sneak off and find the guys who had brought beer at the last party. It was irritating as heck, and I practically wanted to yell at the guy to let me roam free. My irritation at him went away though when it was midnight, when all the couples had to kiss.

Rigby and I had talked about telling the others we were a couple, and what we would say. But the guy decides to go and kiss me at midnight, which told everyone we were a couple. It had to take me alot of patience to not smack Rigby on the head.

And to no surprise, the guys were pretty shocked about it.. Especially Skips. It wasn't really all about Rigby actually getting a girlfriend, or me getting a boyfriend. We ended up getting flooded with tons of 'how is it going to work!? You're from different dimensions!' ,'This is crazy and weird!', 'I'm worried this is gonna throw the world off balance!", and Muscle Man just had to chime in, "But I've never lost a bet before, bro!" Skips had a pretty unamused look on his face.

He never said anything to any of us, that I know of. He probably said something to Benson, but those two always have secrets between the two of them that they never tell anyone. But, it wasn't anything of my business, so I always keep my nose out of it. Even when it's tempting to ask.

"Ok. Mordecai," I said. "Truth or Dare?"

The bluejay was quiet for a moment before answering, "Dare. Give me your best one." I could practically hear the grin on his face.

I snickered. "Ok. Give me one second.." I began to think of a good dare. Nothing lame, like the 'lick your own/someone else's foot' dare. I thought I could hear the gears working in my brain as I continued to think.

'Make him do something scary!' I finally thought. "Like, sleep in the basement or something with no flashlight." I tried to think of something scary, finally. My brain seemed to not get any rest while I thought of this one dare.

A smirk appeared on my face. "Ok! I dare you to play Slender tonight. Lights off and everything." I sat up and looked at Mordecai.

"OOHHHHHHH!" Rigby said, quickly jumping up and pointing at Mordecai, a smirk on his face. "You gotta play Slender!"

Mordecai scoffed. Not the reaction I was hoping for,but oh well.

"I doubt it's scary," Mordecai said, the grin still on his face.

"Well, we'll find that out tonight," I laughed. "I hear it's the most terrifying game ever. Especially when you play it with the lights off. Which you'll have to do."

Mordecai rolled his eyes. "Whatever. It's still not going to be as scary as you say."

"Wanna bet?" I smirked again. "I bet you twenty bucks that Slender will scare you. Even if it makes you jump once."

Mordecai narrowed his eyes. "Alright. You're on." He laughed. "It won't be scary, like I said."

"Oh, we'll see," I thought. "We'll see."


"How long has he been playing it?!" Rigby whined as he paced up and down the hall.

"Yeesh, Rigby," I said, watching him. I was leaning against the wall, my arms crossed.. "Keep pacing and you'll wear a groove in the floor. And we know Benson won't like that."

"Eh, he won't notice," Rigby grumbled. "He doesn't live here anyway."

I shruggged. "Alright. But don't come whining to me when he yells at you."

The raccoon ignored me. "How long has Mordecai been playing that game!?" he growled. "And I haven't heard him scream yet!"

"Patience, young cricket," I said. "Patience."

Rigby rolled his eyes at me. "I'm going to watch him play." He walked over to the closed door, opened it, and stepped inside. The door closed behind him.

"Oy," I sighed. I hummed a bit as I waited. I almost jumped out of my skin, though, when I heard Rigby let out a high pitched scream. "Holy-!" I said, taking in deep breaths. "Gosh dog it!"

What a wimp. I should've known Rigby was bound to scream.

A few moments passed before the computer room door opened. Rigby ran out of there, his eyes wide. "Dude..that...was...AWESOME!" he cheered out, a big grin on his face. "I mean, that was creepy as heck!"

Mordecai exited out of the room next, no expression on his face. I blinked. "You ok, dude?" I asked.

Mordecai finally sighed and headed to his room. "Let me get my wallet.."

I pumped my fist in the air. "Oh, yeah! I win the bet!" I did a small victory dance.


My dance was cut short as Mordecai came back in the hallway. "I played it," he said. "Now, you have to!"

"What?!" I snapped. "No way man. That wasn't part of the deal."

"Well, I'm adding onto the deal," Mordecai said. "And my part says you have to play it and not be scared. Or else, you don't get the twenty dollars." He held up the green paper and waved it around. "Look. Don't you want it? Don't you want the big Two Zero?" The blue jay was now practically waving the money in front of my face. I swatted his hand away, angrily

"Shut it!" I snapped. "Fine. I'll play the stupid game." I shoved him aside playfully, and stormed to the computer room. I was quick to jump into the computer chair. The idiot had shut off the game, and the screen was on it's screensaver. I shook the mouse to take off the saver, and clicked the Slender icon on the desktop.

The boys were standing behind me, watching as I started the game.

I laughed at their nervous looks. "You guys are morons," I said. "This game isn't scary at all."

Yeah...I really need to keep my mouth shut.

The screen to the computer went pitch black suddenly. It was deadly quiet for a few seconds, before a bright light shot out of the screen and onto me. I felt myself suddenly lift from my chair, and right into the computer. I honestly wanted to scream, but my mouth felt clamped shut, so I just closed my eyes tightly.

I suddenly felt myself falling, and smack straight onto a surface. Hard. I could feel the grass pressing into my fur and touch my skin, and I could definitely smell it. My head was throbbing a bit, and I felt dizzy as heck. "Ow.." I groaned, rubbing my head as it continued to pound painfully against my palm. My vision was a bit blurry, but a moment passed, and it slowly began to focus. "Yeow..what the heck happened?" I slowly looked around, my neck feeling a bit cramped up from having smacked into the ground at such a force. I took the sides of my head into my hands, and popped my neck, relieving the cramped feeling.

It took me a second later to realize I was surrounded in darkness. I looked up, and could see a semi cloudy sky. The moon was shining darkly down onto the ground, allowing me limited light to see. 'What the bejeezus is going on here...?' I thought to myself as I slowly stood up. As I did, my foot came in contact with an object. "OW!" I hissed, clutching my foot that throbbed painfully now. "How many times am I going to get hurt in this place?!" I couldn't see the object, so I lowered back down to my knees and searched the ground for it with my hands. I finally came in contact with it, and examined it using my hands. 'A flashlight,' I finally realized, searching rapidly for the button to turn the light on.

The flashlight was long and skinny, but quite heavy. I kept a tough grip on it as I pressed down on the button. The light shown a bit brighter than what I expected. I had to narrow my eyes as it's bright ray showered the grass in front of me. "Where am I?" I mumbled to myself, shining the light everywhere I could point it. I appeared to be in a forest type environment. It was quiet, except for the occasional noises of crickets and bugs chirping into the night.

I nearly was scared out of my fur as a crackling noise was heard beside me. "Sara? Sara, can you hear me!?" came a familiar voice.

"GAH!" I screamed, shooting around to look beside me. My heart pounded furiously as I didnt' see anyone there. "Who was-?!"

"Sara! PLEASE pick up your walkie talkie! Are you ok?"

It was Rigby's voice. I fumbled my hand furiously into my jeans pocket, and yanked out the walkie talkie. I shakingly pressed my thumb into the button on the side, and lifted the thing to my ear. "Y-yeah, I can hear you!"

"Good! Hey listen. Mordecai just went to get Skips. Where are you!?"

I bit my lip, practically sinking my teeth into the skin of my lip. I flinched in disgust as I faintly tasted blood. "I'm in some sort of woods," I said as calmly as I could. It was hard to speak clearly. Fear and worry was building up inside me crazy.

"WOODS?! What woods?!"

"How the heck should I know?!" I snapped. "Do I look like some sort of map!?"

"Yeah, whatever. Anyway, just stay where you are. But if you hear something coming towards you or something, run!"

"Run!? What if I run into it!?" I argued.


"Eugh!" I growled. "This isn't helping!" I nervously turned to stare at the woods. I was sort of at the beginning of it, I then realized. Just a couple more steps, and I would be inside of it. It was quiet for a minute or two, before the walkie talkie crackled back to life.

"Ok! Skips and Mordecai are here!" Rigby said.

"Thank god!" I sighed. "'Bout time too!"

'What'd you guys do!?' came Skips' voice from the background.

"We were just playing a computer game! Then Sara got sucked into it!'

'What computer game was it?'


"You fools! Don't you know that game is cursed?!"

"CURSED?!" I yelled out. "WHAT DO YOU MEAN CURSED?!"

"Owwww!" came Rigby's whine. 'Don't yell in my ear!"

"What I mean is, the game is cursed because the ones who play it and don't think it's scary have to learn the hard way that it is. If someone were to say the game wasn't scary while playing it, they'll get sucked into it. Then the game becomes real. They've got to collect all the pages, and avoid Slenderman.'

"What happens if they don't collect all the pages and Slenderman gets them?" came Mordecai's voice.

I swallowed, pressing my ear further into the walkie talkie, as though wanting the thing to go into it so I would be able to hear everything.

'Then the game ends as always. The computer will bust though, seeing as it's a dimension teleporter now and the connection between our dimension and the games dimension will break. And the player will be stuck in the games dimension. Forever."