Now I Believe: All he wanted to do was spend quality bonding time with his baby sister before he headed off for college in the Fall. But how can one summer change all this?

Chapter 1: Fiona's Journal

July 10th, 2001

I still don't understand how I'm here. I still don't understand how I'm perfectly fine. All I got off from that horrible accident was one broken arm. It isn't fair. The first night I came back home from Seattle, I remember my big brother telling me over, and over that he'd spend quality time with me the whole summer, before he leaves for college. I was grateful for that. I missed him so much the whole time I was gone. I missed mom, Carey, Clu, Irene, and Ned. I was looking forward for this summer to be amazing-spending quality time with my family.

My brother was very proud of me when I told him and my family about how much I improved my grades. I had mostly A's and B's and a few C's. He wasn't the only one who was proud of me. Ned who was my teacher whenever we were on the road was extremly proud of fme. He knew I can do it. He knew I was smart. I had faith in myself. Giving up investigating the paranormal has changed me alot. I'm glad it did. The first few nights I was home, my brother and I had not have one fight. It wasn't like before I left for Seattle, we used to fight constantly. It was because of me, pushing him to believe in the unexplained things that I've seen, and Jack just didn't want to hear it.

But those days are over. As I'm writing this, I can't help but shed tears. Jack treated me out for dinner a week ago. It was a special brother/sister bonding time. Of course, I couldn't say no. We went out to this great Italian resturant. Jack was telling me his plans for the future. How he was excited about starting college so soon. He wanted to major in photography. He also told me, he'd visit Gabe sometime this month. I was very happy my brother had his future planned already.

He wanted me to talk to him about more of my life in Seattle. He sensed I was 'hiding' something from him and everyone else. I told him that I had a boyfriend but it didn't last too long. I was in a relationship for only three months. Josh Morris and I broke it off after I saw him cheating on me with the most popular girl in school-the head cheerleader. Jack told me if he was there to protect me, he'd do some serious big brother stuff. I smiled. He was very supported.

We had dessert. I had a red velvet cake while Jack had a chocolate cheesecake. It was delicious. We asked someone to take our picture Jack wanted some new recent family photos so he can have them framed and have it in his dorm.

That picture never got to be framed..

Once we headed out, it was pouring rain. You couldn't see the road. When Jack started to drive we were hit by a car. Our car hit a tree and it fell over the guy who hit us. Jack and I were hurt. I remember being awake. I kept staring at my brother. His eyes weren't opened. I kept holding his hand until ambulances came for us.

When mom came, we were told the driver was instantly killed. He was drunk. They've immediately rushed Jack and I to the hospital.

I didn't want to be separated from my brother that night.

I couldn't feel anything. I couldn't feel my right arm.

The next morning I remember waking up, seeing my mother crying hysterically. She had her hands buried on her face.

Irene hugs me as she sheds tears as well. "Wha-" I couldn't speak. I let her cry on me.

I felt someone holding my hand. It was Ned. "Hey, honey."

Irene finally let go. "What happened?" I finally had the courage to speak.

Irene and Ned wrapped their arms around each other. Carey came in. He was comforting my mom. "Fiona? You and Jack were in a terrible car accident..." Ned began. I tried sitting up but sat back down.

Even that hurt so much. "Where's Jack? Where is my brother?"

That was when Mom came running to my side. All she could do was hug me. I was covered in her tears. I looked around and Clu was finally there.

Maybe he could tell me where my brother is. I thought to myself. "Fi? Jack's fell into a coma..." And he did.

I froze when I heard those words Jack and coma together in one sentence. I don't know why I didn't feel any tears shred that time. I felt horrible for not crying.

And that was the night that changed my life forever. I wish I could go back in time and change everything. My brother doesn't deserve a summer like this before starting his future.

Life isn't fair.