Chapter 13: Awake

*Jack's Point of View*

I fainted after talking to dad and seeing my own view of myself in the hospital room with Gabe and Fiona on my side. It was a hard fall. My head hurt. I felt dizzy and all the sudden I woke up and saw my sister and my girlfriend by my side.

I stared at the ceiling for about a long period of time. They were too busy to realize I was awake. I couldn't speak, not yet. I was still recovering.

Suddenly Gabe put her head up. I could tell she was crying hysterical. She didn't want anyone to see her tears. Her eyes faced mine. She was in shock. "Jack?" She asked. I saw her wake up my sister who fell asleep on the c hair.

"Fiona...Fi!" She cried. "Wake up!" Gabe demanded with excitement. I paid attention to my sister who suddenly woke up form her nap.

I could see her heart beating. I could tell she was close to tears. "Jack?"

Gabe and Fiona glance at each other. They both share a hug. "I-I can't believe it! Jack!" Fi threw one arm around me since she had the other arm broken.

Fi took her time to share this moment with me. I saw Gabe leaving the room. I guess she was so happy that I was finally awake and ran to tell the others.

The others...I thought. I haven't thought of any of them. Man, I missed these people.

Fi was now crying. I could see her facial expressions. "You're-you're really here?"

I didn't nod. I just stared at her. "Jack? Please, please say something to me! Say something to me so I know your alright."

But I still couldn't move. I just let her hug and cry on me. Gabe came back along with Mom.

Mom was highly emotional than Fi was. She was shaking. "My baby! I'm so glad you're awake! I love you so much." She hugs me tightly.

Just like Fiona, Mom took her time to share this moment with me. I could tell Irene, Ned, Clu, and Carey were watching from outside the window, in tears.

"Mommy! Jack's okay. Jack's awake...he can come home again." Mom finally let go of me. She wraps her arms around Fi. I see Gabe walking back my way. She asked them if it was okay to have her special moment with me.

They nodded and left the room. "This is a miracle. I just arrived yesterday finally come out of your coma. I knew we could beat this." Gabe held my hand.

"I-" I began to speak but stopped to clear my throat. "I'm sorry...I'm sorry I scared everyone. I'm sorry for what I put you threw."

Gabe shook her head. "Don't be sorry. This isn't your fault. The guy who was drinking and driving that night put you and your family threw this. You don't need to worry about him...he died instantly. The only thing that matters is your awake now."

"I had help from him." I decided I was going to tell Gabe about seeing my dad.

"Him? Him, who?" Gabe asked curiously.

"I had a long talk with him. It felt wonderful to see him again."

"Jack? Could you please tell me who 'him' is?" Gabe was now serious.

I was probably scaring her.

Should I tell her? Nah...she probably wouldn't believe me anyways. I need to tell someone who will believe me.

Why haven't I thought of this when I saw her? I need to talk to my baby sister. She would never think I'm crazy. "I need my sister."

Gabe nodded. She hasn't taken her eyes off of me until she finally left the room. It took her a while to come back with Fi. I cleared my throat when they walked into the room.

"What's wrong, Jack? Is everything okay?" She walks towards me and the same exact chair she fell asleep on. Gabe excused her and left the room.

"Dad said he promised you he wouldn't let anything bad happen to me. I didn't want to leave where I was because I finally saw him. I finally got to speak to him, after so many years." I didn't wait for her response. "He said I need to get out of that place because pretty soon you'll have your heart broken. Fi? He told me to tell you and Mom how much he loves and misses you two. I thought you were the right person to tell this too because Mom would never believe-never believe me."

I stared at her. She was still crying, shaking her head. "I don't know what to say, Jack."

"Just say you believe me!" I fought with her. All her life she wanted me to believe her .All her life and I never did. But this time is different. I believe her now. I need her trust in me. "What could I do to change your mind, sis? I finally believe you now-after all these years!"

"Jack..." WAs she happy that I believed her? Was she annoyed? Maybe I should of believed her when she was into the paranormal. "Dad kissed me on my forehead and cheeks, Fi! Just believe me!"

"I-I-" I saw her lips move. "I...can't! I can't believe you!" She covered her mouth with her hands.

"And why not?"

"Because I gave everything up for good! To save our family! It's good you finally believe're too late. Your too late, Jack." With that I watch my sister leave the room.

This doesn't make any sense. I know I saw our father! Why is she doing this now-when I need someone to believe me?