Spontaneous drabble. First time writing either fandom. Though there isn't too much in the way of specific details to butcher, let me know if you see something...off. Or if you see a spelling mistake.

Rated K, spoilers for Death Note (around book seven, I believe...)

It was always strange, living the same time over again. Going the slow way. Waiting for the inevitable to happen. Waiting, always waiting. He's gotten good at waiting.

He's sick of waiting.

He was just glad the regeneration hadn't occurred until he was back in Roger's hands, born back so young. A child, sent back to be immediately accepted as one of L's possible successors, his real successor. His only real successor. His hair, his skin, all white. Washed out by the struggle he fought, trying to dodge the clawing hands of death as the shinigami tried to steal his soul. But no matter, it was meant to be this way.

He was meant to be here, to take the slow way. Here to watch as see the mistakes as they occur, to witness his former self's descent into arrogance, to watch the people die when they should have needed to die.

No regrets.

They were meant to die, he tells himself. I was meant to die. Some sacrifices must be made. Can't be avoided. They had to die for Kira to be stopped. Always, always, always. There was no saving them. It was written in history. He had always watched, emotionless – screaming inside – as his predecessor taunted Kira, drew him out, made him desperate. He had always been there, a ghost, goading Mello without trying into actions so reckless, so necessary. He had always been a hundred steps ahead in this game of life, always having to wait for the world around him to catch up.

He's sick of waiting.

Near watched the screen, listening to Light Yagami, Kira, proclaim himself the new L.

The world had caught up at last. There would be no one waiting.

"Welcome to Round Two, Kira."

Well, this wasn't meant to happen.

This was prompted by reading Mikami vs. The Cybermen A Tale Most Epic. The parting line mentioned L being a Time Lord and… well… you saw what happened.