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"Now I lay me down to sleep..."


"I pray the Lord, my soul to keep..."

"You! Get back! You don't belong here!"

"May angels watch me through the night..."

"You can't have her! So leave!"

"And wake me in the morning light..."

"Foolish man. I will take what I wish."



A blood-curdling scream escaped the blonde's mouth as she jerked forward from her bed, her slender arms flailing in the darkness of her room. A lamp! Where was the lamp? Her moss green eyes searched vainly for the object that haunted her dream; the source of a chilling, and threatening voice. Her hand made contact with something solid, but her fearful imagination made it feel as though it was a cold and clammy hand, making her shriek again, quickly withdrawing. Blankets that wrapped around her legs made her lurch to the side, falling from the bed will an audible 'thump', dragging an object with her. She clutched the item to her chest, cool porcelain alerting her to what she held, and her free hand deftly found what she wanted; a switch.

Blinding, soft yellow light struck her eyes, but the room was illuminated, and her frantic heart began to settle, so she whispered faintly,"It was just a dream..."

Within her mind, the cold, clammy hands were still gripping her shoulders, making her shudder, but she forced herself in a sitting position, setting the lamp aside. Shakily, she raised her hands to her eyes, pressing the palms against them gently, and took a short breath, counting down from ten slowly. This was repeated several times as she tried to force the feeling away from her mind, and focused on the numbers. After several minutes, she removed her hands, and cautiously examined the room, her heart leaping to her throat at every shadow that could take the the form of her inner ghosts.

When she felt a smidgen calmer, she repeated herself,"It was just a dream..."

A 'thud' next to her made her gasp quietly, but when the blonde saw what it was, she breathed out a sigh of relief, and pulled the large, bundle of black fur onto her lap, which was quickly joined by a much smaller, multicolored bundle. Her dirt-blonde hair dangled over her shoulders, pooling onto the two cats as she leaned forward, stroking their fur with shaky hands. The action soothed her, and the presence of the trusted pets made her feel safer...

"It was just a dream."She said strongly, glaring around her room,"It was nothing."

Sitting there, though, made her feel restless. And looking outside, it was still dark outside, but it would be morning within a few hours. She had the perfect spot to help calm herself down completely. It was a good mile away, but she could jog over within thirty minutes, max. She just didn't want any images from her dream to follow the voices, so a gym would be perfect at this time.

Nothing could go wrong at a gym... Right?

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