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Searing hot pain rushed through the teenage blonde's right arm. The air was knocked out of her chest; she couldn't bring herself to scream. She was temporarily paralyzed. She couldn't move. Oh God... The pain! It hurt so bad! She felt as though her arm had just been shattered to a million pieces! And her chest felt wet... Was that blood? She was bleeding! But where-

She began to push herself up, only to send more shock waves of pain skyrocketing through her right side. This time, she did scream, the sound resonating piercingly through the misty air as she clutched her right forearm, or rather, the pearly white bone glistening in crimson blood. Tears of fear and pain rolled down her flushed cheeks, mixing with sweat and dirt. She reared backwards, her back slamming into the semi-soft ground, rolling slightly to either side as though that could alleviate the pain if only a bit.

"Lizzy? Lizzy!?"A panicked voice called out, and there was a series of grunts and clanging of metal hitting a hard surface,"Where... Where are you?!"

She arched her back slightly, grimacing and whimpering in pain, then tried to calm her breathing, forcing herself up to her knees,"H... Here... Over here!"

"Ah. Elizabetha."A sickeningly smooth voice was before her, and a pair of nicely polished shoes came into her view,"It seems you have been injured."

The teenager screamed fearfully as she felt a hand clamp around her neck, dragging her to her feet forcibly...

Murky green eyes snapped open, searching their surroundings in a short panic. Elizabeth was in a car, or rather, the front seat of a limo. In a panic, she lurched forward, her eyes searching for her father as she watched the pavement with a rising dread. The road was passing by too fast. The car was going too fast. She needed to stop it before something bad happened. She needed to stop that from happening! The car needed to slow down! It needed to slow down!

A blood-curdling scream escaped her throat, and her hands reached forward looking for something – anything! - that would stop the car. She couldn't go through that again! She just couldn't!

"Your Highness! Stop! What are you doing?!" A voice cried out, and an arm pushed her back, making her panic rise even more. The car jolted to the right sharply, and she slammed against the door, but she was instantly reaching for something again.

"Walter! What the Hell is going on up there?!"

"She's having a panic attack, Sir!"

A set of arms reached over the seat, locking around her torso, effectively pinning her arms. It was him! He was coming! They didn't understand! Nobody ever understands! He's the one who- She couldn't bear to force herself to think of such monstrosities, and thrashed against the arms holding her. Her body was being dragged back, over the seat, where she landed forcibly on somebody and she struggled, kicking and squealing. She needed to stop this car now!

"Walter! Pull over and help me restrain her!"

A white hot pain emerged in Elizabeth's right arm as memories bombarded her mind, the painful ache reminding her just how close to- No! No thoughts like that! She needed to focus! Just focus! She could do it- Oh, God... He's coming!

"The tranquilizer, sir!"

"Elizabetha... I shall find you... We shall meet again... In your nightmares."

The world around her suddenly halted, the fear that had her spiraling into madness silenced by the sharp stinging in her neck. She could feel that the car that she was in had pulled over to the side of the road, and she was blinking lethargicly as her mind registered what had happened. Somebody had stuck her with a needle full of some sort of tranquilizer to end her sudden panic attack. What had triggered it this time? She remembered falling asleep and- oh. She was dreaming about Him.

"Ten... Nine... Eight... Seven..." The Princess began slowly, pressing the palms of her hands to her eyes, but a sharp voice interrupted her counting.

"What the Hell was that about?!"

"It was just a dream..." She replied easily as her mind began to drift off.

It was nothing.

For Your Entertainment...

When Elizabeth awoke again, she found herself disoriented, lethargic and confused. What happened? Wasn't she in a car when she fell asleep? Not some lumpy bed in some horribly drab room- oh. She had a panic attack, and the throbbing in her temples alerted her to the all-too familiar after effects of tranquilizer. Was it really that bad? If it was, then that's embarrassing. She, a full grown woman, had to be knocked out because she was acting up a bit too much. It would have been better if she pissed off a gorilla and it punched her out! Once her mother caught wind of this, there would be Hell to pay; the lectures would be never ending!

A sudden weight on her head and a mouthful of fur alerted her that a very overweight cat had decided to suffocate her by sprawling over her face. She would have smiled if she wasn't more concerned about rolling the cat off of her without getting clawed in the process, so she began to slowly inch her fingers under the large belly. Feeling this, the cat began to stand, only to plop back down onto her hands and she flipped the animal onto her stomach so she could sit up. The blob of black on her lap looked up with drooping yellow eyes, meowing loudly before stiffly walking away from her, its tail sticking straight up in the air.

Casually, she observed her surroundings, lifting her brows when she saw that most of her belongings were already placed neatly in appropriate spots; the delivery truck must have arrived before her and somebody unpacked for her. The room itself was boring to her, being made up of simple grey bricks with wooden accents, like an antique dresser, bed, night table and vanity set. Several instrument cases sat on a table that resided in the center of the room, and the bed she was perched on was pushed to the corner farthest from the door. An animal carrier and a litter box sat on either side of the door, and two bowls of food and one bowl of water sat beside the dresser.

Everything was bland.

"Mrrreow!" A tri-colored blur of black, white and tan jumped onto the grey bedding, greeting her with a soft purr.

"Hey there Beelzebub! Have you been pestering the Don?" At the mention of its name, the black blob sneezed. "How do you like our new home? Creepy and dull, huh?"

"I'm sorry you think of it that way. I'll be sure that we acquire new furnishings to make you more comfortable, Your Highness."

Startled, she looked at the door, surprised to find an elderly man standing there with a small smile. He stood perfectly straight with his hands clasped behind his back, dressed in a neatly pressed uniform that labeled him as a butler. His graying black hair was pulled into a ponytail at the nape of his neck, and she could see humor in his pale blue eyes, and she recognized his as the man that had been driving the limo when Integra picked her up from the hospital. Guiltily, she scratched the back of her neck, feeling awkward for being caught grumbling about her room's appearance; she didn't really care what it looked like, as long as it had a bed and space for all of her crap.

"Just Elizabeth please. And don't worry about the room. It's fine like it is."

"I must address you properly, by orders of Her Majesty, the Queen. I am very sorry to inconvenience you."

"Then call me Miss Elizabeth."

"Er... Sir Hellsing requests your presence the moment you feel you are well enough to leave your room, madam!" The elderly butler quickly changed the subject, a nervous smile playing on his lips, "She wishes to discuss some very important matters to you."

The ball of fur in her lap leapt away from her and shot out the door before she could protest, so she simply settled for a sigh, "Well let's go; maybe we'll come across him while we're walking." She began to stand, but this was when the oversized cat, the 'Don', decided to return to her lap and dug his claws in her shirt. "Honestly, it's like taking care of kids sometimes..."

She slipped her hands underneath the cat and lifted him into her arms so that she cradled him like a baby, earning a purr so loud, it sounded like a lawn mower. The Princess grumbled to herself as she stood, feeling slightly off balance because of the fat cat, but she knew the second she put him down, he would start yowling as loud as he could while clawing all of the furniture in the process. Why she couldn't have a normal 'Pet me and I'll leave you alone for awhile' cat instead of the 'If you don't carry me right now, I'll mess your room up so bed you'll never recognize it' cat. Not that she minded that much, it was just... He's a very fat cat that happened to weigh as much as an average dog.

"Lead the way, Walter."

Stumbling slightly, Elizabeth waddled out of the room, allowing Walter to close the door behind him, "Do you wish for me to carry your cat for you, madam?"

"Miss Elizabeth. And no; Fat Louie doesn't let very many people handle him for more that two seconds before he uses them for a scratching post."

"Fat Louie is quite an interesting name. Might I ask the name of your other feline?"

"Beelzebub. He's a cute little sweetheart."

The tri-colored blur shot past them, making the elderly man step forward as if to pursue him, "A speedy little devil, isn't he?"

"Uhh, yeah. You might as well wait until he tires himself out, otherwise he'll just think that you're playing a game with him." She adjusted the large animal in her arms and continued to follow the butler, "I'll try to keep them in my room from now on" It was quiet for a mere moment before she wrinkled her nose, "So why does this place seem so... So..."

"Old fashioned? Ominous? Historical?" He offered cheerfully.

The hairs on the back of her neck stood on end as she was struck with the odd feeling of being watched, and she looked over her shoulder, only to have Fat Louie stick his paws in her eyes, "Damn it cat..." Coughing awkwardly, when she received a peculiar look, she continued her conversation, "Personally, I would describe it as downright creepy."

He laughed at this, "And rightfully so, Miss Elizabeth!" The blonde gave a sound of approval when he addressed her properly, "We're in the basement level of the Hellsing Manor."

"Why is my room in the basement?"

"This is the safest place on the estate. Should there ever be an incident that threatens your safety, you would be a short distance from our best agents."

"Why the basement though?"

"Our two best men are allergic to sunlight."

This almost made her drop the cat, "'Allergic to sunlight'?! How is that possible?!"

"It is a rare occurrence, but is a possible ailment. I am most sorry that you are uncomfortable down here-"

"It's not that-" The young woman whipped her head around, glaring down the length of the darkened hall, but was distracted – again – by her cat tangling his claws in her dirty-blonde hair. "Goddamn it Louie! I'm not uncomfortable, just a little- jesusarethoseeyes?!"

The slurred words were caused by what she could have sworn were an amused pair of glowing red eye peering at her through the darkness. Walter instantly turned around when noticing her panicked state at the same time her fat cat began to growl and spit in her arms. Her heart lumped in her throat as they seemed to get closer and closer, all while her mind began to race. The terror she felt brought the sensation of deathly cold hands wrapping around her neck and cutting of her breathing. Murky green eyes stared in wide astonishment and her body trembled at the non-existent touch, though she vaguely wondered how she hadn't dropped her pet yet.

"T... Ten, n-nine..." Elizabeth began to count, hoping the action would stifle her fear long enough to run away, "Eight... Seven, s-six..."

"Ah, Alucard. Sir Hellsing will be furious to know that you're frightening Her Majesty already."

"E-Elizabeth." She stammered fearfully. "F-f-five..."

There was a low chuckle that made her tense up, "Ah. Princess Elizabetha."

"Ah. Elizabetha."

Before she could completely process what she was doing, she was sprinting the opposite direction of the eyes as Louie snarled over her shoulder. Pure terror gripped her soul as unwanted memories beat against her skull, and the sensation of bloody red eyes staring her down had her turning random corners to shake the chilling feeling. Why were they red?! Shouldn't they be blue, or brown or green or something?! Not a glowing, sinister shade of red?! She paused briefly to adjust the cat in her arms and to quickly catch her breath before dashing further down the maze of hallways. She cursed her fear and she cursed God for always putting her in such horrible situation, wishing that for once, she could have-

She turned another corner, running into what felt like a brick wall and bounced backwards, falling solidly on her back. The cat had slipped from her grasp when she bumped into whatever-it-was and it landing heavily on her chest, making her groan loudly as all of the air was knocked completely out of her lungs. She made a groaning moan that sounded an awful lot like 'Goddamn it', but she heard a sudden gasp of surprise and the cat was quickly lifted off of her chest, followed by her being pulled to her feet. Blinking in slow confusion at the woman the had instantly began to blabber in front of her, she decided that she must be one of the agents with a sun allergy due to the pale skin that radiated in the poor lighting.

"I'm so sorry! I could smell- I mean heard! I heard you coming down the hall and you seemed frightened and I thought that that you needed help!" The woman rambled, her gloved fingers toying with her blonde, shoulder length hair and her large blue eyes looked at her with large, horrified blue eyes that were no doubt reflecting her own look of terror. "I really didn't mean to knock you to the ground- oh! I do hope you're not hurt!"

The busty blonde began to brush at Elizabeth's clothes, knocking away clumps of cat hair, "Um..."

She instantly withdrew her hands and grasped the ends of her uniform – or that was what the Princess was assuming the mustard yellow outfit that bore the Hellsing insignia actually was – and gave a crude curtsy, "I'm very sorry your, uh, Majesty."

Snorting at the woman's pointless antics, she ignored the visible flinch the action earned and swooped down to pick up her cat, "Call me Elizabeth, or whatever. Just keep the creeper from following me and we'll call it even." Without waiting for a response, she began to jog and called over her shoulder, "And tell Walter that I want that guy kept away from me, or I'll have his job!"

"Y-yes! Right away!"

Shaking her head, Elizabeth spotted a set of stairs and marched herself up them as fast as she could manage.

For Your Entertainment...

"I don't know what you're playing at, but I want this nonsense to stop right now!"

Integra did her best to remain as calm as possible as she watched the enraged Princess stand before her desk and rant. It had only been a few hours since they had arrived from the hospital and deposited the unconscious girl in her room, but judging from the girl's rage, she assumed that it was enough time for Alucard to begin his mind games. Apparently, Walter had been in the process of bringing Elizabeth to her office when they encountered 'some creepy ass eyes' in the hallway, and she had felt threatened enough to run away. While she was pleased that the younger girl seemed to have some sort of survival instinct, she was livid that her 'slave' had toyed with her despite her rank and had caused the girl to storm around the mansion until she found the Director so that she could 'give her a piece of her mind'.

"I am not going to stay in your basement with your so-called 'best agents'; especially if they have," She used her fingers to make air quotation marks, "'Sun allergies'. If you think I'm stupid, then you have another thing coming!"

A loud yowl at the girl's feet nearly had the Knight's eye twitching at the thought of the black blob that was apparently a cat siding with the girl, "I assure you that I do not think you are stupid. It's my agents that I find lacking in intelligence."

The Princess scoffed at this, "That's an understatement! I don't care what kind of twisted operation you have control of, and I don't give a shit if you employ some sick mother fuckers; just keep them away from me! I don't want to be babied, and I don't want twenty-four hour watch dogs breathing down my back!"

"Please refrain from using such language, Your Majesty."

"Don't call me that." She hissed through clenched teeth, "Or we're going to have serious problems."

"Then please settle down so that we may have a civil conversation, Elizabeth." With an angry huff, the younger blonde crossed her arms, lifting her brow as a signal for Integra to continued. "As an heir to the crown, I cannot afford to remove you from surveillance should an attempted assassination occur; especially since you have been attacked recently."

"So you put me in your basement? With a couple of nut jobs? I feel so much safer."

"I assure you that no harm shall come to you while under the care of my best men."

"Excuse me if I'm not leaping for joy; I just had to carry a fat-ass cat around your too-fucking-big mansion."

"I did not know it was customary for a Princess to speak such a vulgar language." A voice purred from behind her, the pleasantly warm breath against her ear making her stomach drop all the way back down to the basement. "Modern human customs are so peculiar."

Elizabeth shrieked, whirling around fast enough that her hair smacked itself across the face of the man that had just murmured in her ear, and her open hand followed close behind, striking a liquid-paper-white cheek. Red eyes blinked at her slowly, stunned by her sudden knee jerk reaction and then narrowed at her in a dangerously familiar fashion. Panic surged through her once more as the haunting feeling of cold, clammy hands gripped her biceps, but the man-in-red that now stood before her simply looked at her in confusion, his own hands limp at his sides. Frantically, she staggered back, wiping her arms as she tried to rid herself of the feelings, but it remained until it gripped her throat tightly to the point that she thought she couldn't breathe. She couldn't breathe! Oh God, HE was going to kill her! Her right forearm ached as she tried to claw at an invisible assailant, and she could feel unwanted memories beginning to creep back to the front of her mind.

As the Princess collapsed to the ground writhing as though she had been set on fire, Integra shot out of her seat, "What did you do, Alucard!?"

The named registered in the young woman's mind as the set of eyes that Walter had been addressing down in the basement, but she couldn't bring herself to scream curses at him as she tried to fight off a full-blown panic attack while he spoke in a taunting tenor, "I believe that she has herself to blame for her current predicament, my Master."

"FuckingVampire!" Elizabeth's voice cut through the air like a knife as she swung blindly at a foe only she could see, her eyes wide with fear and tears, "Just leave me alone! Dad! Daddy! Please help!"

Instantly realizing that this was another panic attack, Integra began to issue commands as she reached for her phone to call Walter in with another tranquilizer, "Alucard, subdue her!"

Rolling his eyes, he began to reach for the girl when she suddenly sat upright with a glare, clutching her right forearm as though it pained her. They stared at one another for several long moments, and he could see that her eyes were actually staring through him as though he wasn't really there. He had seen such things before in his lifetime, when soldiers were so traumatized that their minds would suddenly transport them back into the 'horrible memories of war' as some of them put it. It was unusual to see someone that had never seen a battlefield act as such, but he brushed it off as another human quirk that he didn't really care to ponder about. The girl would snap out of it after a slap or two, and once she did, he could get lectured by Integra for bothering the Princess before he finally just went back to his coffin for the rest of the day.

"Don't touch me."

Shock entered his system as he heard the distinctly male voice escape her throat in a rough gurgle and she collapsed in an exhausted heap on the ground. He glanced up at his Master, who glanced blankly at the girl as the phone echoed Walter's voice, asking what was needed of him, then looked back at the girl who was now breathing as though she had decided to run a marathon at a high altitude. The blob of a cat was pressed against her side, glaring at him as though everything that just occurred was entirely his fault, and from the way Integra shifted her eyes to stare him down, she probably thought the same. The panic attack was to be expected since it was obvious that the girl had anxiety issues, but an unusual voice erupting from her throat? That was something he could have easily done; if he had been in the pranking mood.

"I swear, if it's not one thing, it's another..." His master ground out before taking a calming breath, "Get her back to her room. I'll talk to Walter about pulling up her complete psychological history."

"Oh? What makes you think the girl has a psychological history?" He grinned, knowing that the girl had to be a few screws loose to be having panic attacks left and right. "What could a sheltered little girl encounter to become..." He paused for effect, waving his hand as he 'tried' to think of the word to taunt the Hellsing, "Mad. Even the Police Girl didn't panic after encountering a Vampire for the first time."

"Alucard. You know as well as I do that a recent encounter with a Vampire could be the cause of her panic attacks.

"I was under the impression that we were not to speak of the incident in the presence of Her Majesty."

"You're asking to be punished. Get Elizabeth back to her room. Now."

He chuckled, but stooped over to retrieve the now unconscious girl, "As you command, my Master."

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