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A New Beginning

By Monday Addams

"Since the San Francisco house was recently destroyed, London has stationed us in the Boston House. We were asked to record the events leading up to this moment.

It started when evil forces in the portal began to take over the house, attempting to release the demon from the sepulchers. They distracted Derek with the Testament of Golgotha, and sabotaged our entire network to keep us out of the way. After finishing the translation, Derek lured us out of the house so he could face the demons alone. Then, the explosion . . . 48 packs of C-4, strategically placed so that nothing could survive.

We watched by the griffin as our home became engulfed in flames. Our greatest concern was the man who sacrificed his life to save us and protect the world from darkness. Fighting evil was his lifelong conviction, one he and many others have died for. I only hope that I can have the same courage if faced with the same situation.

Now, at Derek's request the burden of being precept has fallen to me. London is sending two new members later today, so we can begin taking cases this week . . ."

Nick closed his journal and slid it into the top drawer of the desk. The new members wouldn't arrive for another few hours, so he decided to take a long run to clear his head.

Rachel walked into the control room where Alex sat, working on a computer. "Have you seen Nick?"

"Uh . . . " Alex paused, "No, I thought he was working in his office?"

"I just checked."

Alex shook her head and stood up from the desk. "I wish he wouldn't do this, especially now."

"Hey how's everything goin'?" Nick suddenly appeared at the opposite side of the room drenched in sweat.

"How's everything goin'? You'd know that if you were in your office." Rachel exclaimed, "We've been looking all over for you . . . you can't just run off whenever you want! You're the precept now . . ."

"Hey, I didn't ask for the 'promotion' . . . I never wanted to be the precept . . . In fact, I think it sucks! . . .it's not like I even want to be here!" Nick quickly ran back out the door.

"You probably shouldn't be that hard on him Rach, he's been through a lot. This foundation is the only thing he thinks he can rely on, and now everything's falling apart. We've moved across the country into a new house, Derek is dead, and now he's the precept."

"I know . . . but he needs to accept his new role here along with the responsibilities it carries." She glanced at the door and left the room.

"This is going to be an impossible week." Alex murmured, returning to her work.

Nick lay on his bed staring up at the ceiling. "Why did you have to go back in the house? . . . Why do I have to be precept? . . . Why did we all have to move to Boston? . . ." He turned on his side and opened the drawer of the side table and pulled out his 35 mm. He ran his hand along the cold metal. . . .

"Hey Nick . . . where are ya?"

He quickly concealed the weapon, he was tired of Rachel being on his case and if she found out he had his gun out with Kat around, she might decide to use it on him.

He heard a knock on his bedroom door, "Nick, are you in there?"

He opened the door, smiling for the first time that week. "Yeah I'm here."

"Good, wanna eat some ice-cream with me?"

"Yeah, sounds good." As they reached the kitchen and started to get out the bowls and ice cream, the phone started to ring. "Nick." Alex shouted.

"What's the problem?" Nick sat the bowls down and turned around. Before he could leave the room, Alex was standing in the doorway.

"That was the two new members. They said the airport is packed and it'd take them a while to get a cab."

"What a bummer." He replied sarcastically. Kat handed him the ice-cream scooper, as he turned back to the counter.

"Yeah, that's why I told them you'd be right over to pick them up."

Nick exhaled loudly as he handed Kat a bowl of ice cream. "Looks like I'll have to take a rain check kiddo."

"Nick didn't seem too happy when he left. I hope he's not sore about this morning anymore." Rachel said as she walked into the den and sat down next to Alex.

"He wasn't happy when I told him he needed to go pick up the new members. . .I mean, if his attitude toward new people isn't bad enough. . ." Alex was interrupted by the sound of footsteps approaching.

Nick remained in the doorway with his arms crossed over his chest as the new members entered the room. "Hi, my name is Rachel Corrigan and this is Alex Moreau." She stood up politely and offered the two new members a seat.

"I'm Ryan, good to meet you," the man responded. He was in his early 30s, with short blonde hair.

"And my name is Shelby," the young woman added. She was only in her early twenties, with long brown hair and hazel eyes. She was chosen to join the house because of her extensive training in archaeology and her father's ties to the precept of the Montreal House.

Nick stared spitefully at Rachel as she and Alex politely conversed with their new colleagues. After a few more minutes of their uninteresting chatter he excused himself and headed for his room.

In his bed, Nick restlessly shifted again, it was almost two in the morning, but sleep seemed impossible. Visions of his past overflowed his mind . . . Dad . . . Philip . . . Jimmy . . . Julia . . . Kristen . . . Derek . . . he willed them away but it was useless. He climbed out of bed, threw on his jeans and a sweater and trudged down to the garage where his precious mustang was parked. Luckily, fearing the worst on the night of the explosion, he had moved his car down by the ferry. He ran the tips of his fingers along the edge of the hood, the red paint glimmered in the pale light of the night. A drive would definitely get his mind off things.

He'd been driving for a couple of hours when his cell phone rang. "Perfect, just when I get my mind off things, Alex and Rachel have to check on me." He picked up the phone and raised it to his ear. "What? I'm really not in the mood . . . "

"Please listen to me carefully. This conversation must remain confidential; no one can know I have contacted you. Do you understand?" A man's voice demanded.

"Who are you?"

"I cannot reveal my name at this time, but I have very important information for you."

"Important information, about what?"

"It concerns The Legacy."

"WHAT W-what are you talking about?" The young man tensed up at the name of the secret organization, jerking the steering wheel and sending the car into a fish-tail, but he quickly composed himself. "What is The Legacy? What important information are you talking about?"

"I can't tell you, but I know more than you think. You are in danger Nick . . . For now, I must go. I will try to contact you later . . . "

"Hey, wait a minute, tell me something. Don't go yet." It was useless, the other man had already hung up. Nick closed the phone and threw it into the passenger seat. "You've gotta be kidding me," he mumbled to himself, "Who is this guy? Information about the legacy . . ." He glanced down at the clock, "Guess I'll figure it out later, right now I gotta get back before anyone wakes up."

It was around six when Nick returned to the mansion. He ascended the stairs to the second floor where the other members remained asleep. As he entered the room, he threw his sweater on the bed and went to the bathroom to take a shower.

The hot water eased his mind, forcing out every rancid thought. By the time the hot water ran out everyone else in the house was already up.

Voices filled the kitchen as the associates sat around the table for breakfast.

"Nick seemed, well . . . remote last night. Is he always like that?" Shelby asked.

"Nick just has a lot on his mind." Alex assured "Give him some space for a while."

"Really!" A male voice interrupted from the hall. "So you think you know what my problem is?" Nick stalked over to the counter and poured a cup of coffee. Then, he quickly turned to face Alex, "Hey, maybe you're right . . . but then maybe I'm actually going insane and you just don't know it."

Rachel stood up and slowly approached him "Nick . . . give it a rest. We're all grief-stricken from losing Derek, but you're way out of line . . ."

"I'm outta here." Nick attempted to leave the room but Rachel was blocking the doorway. "Come on Rachel."

"What's going on with you?"

"You're the shrink. You figure it out." Rachel stepped to the side and Nick charged through the door.

Nick sat in his office staring blankly at the wall in front of him. He sighed as he pulled out his journal laying it on the desk in front of him. As he opened to the page where he had previously left off he noticed a small slip of paper sticking out of the top so he pulled it out and unfolded it . . .

Stay strong Nick, being a precept

is hard but you must be their

leader. Everything will be okay.

His mind whirled, "Who wrote this . . . "The handwriting was vaguely familiar. "It can't be possible. That person who called last night . . . Who is he?" Nick sank back in his chair putting his face in his hands. "Philip . . . I need to talk to him. He'll understand. Maybe he can help me figure things out."

Philip stood by the altar when Nick entered the room. His footsteps echoed as he walked down the aisle toward the young priest. Philip turned around expecting to see a member of the congregation. "Nick. It's good to see you. I heard about everything. How are you holding up?"

"I don't know. Can we talk?"

"Sure, let's go outside." Nick nodded and followed the priest out the door into a beautiful garden. They strolled around the pathways for a few minutes before Philip asked what was going on. Nick explained everything starting with the move to Boston up to the strange phone call and the note.

"Have you told anybody else about all this?" Philip asked when Nick was done.

"No, the situation at the house has been . . . well, tense."

Philip nodded understandingly, even though he knew that Nick probably wasn't doing much to ease the tension back home.

"See, Philip, I was really hoping, that with everything that had happened recently . . ." He trailed off.

"That I'd change my mind about my calling and come back to the Legacy and help, right?"

"Well, yeah. I know we've had our disagreements, but . . ."

"Nick, I left the Legacy because this is what I believed in. I felt they needed me more here, in the church, than in the Legacy. And . . ."

"Yeah yeah, I get it." Nick started to walk away but Philip stopped him.

"You never let anyone finish do you? Some things will never change. But, as I was going to say, some things do." He sighed, and then smirked at the other young man's befuddled expression. "Well, I guess I'll see you tomorrow."

"What? You mean you're really coming back." Nick took a step back toward Philip who grinned and nodded. The two men embraced quickly before Nick returned to his car.

To Be Continued . . .

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