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A/N: Get in Gear (GiG) is the sequal to Year of the Trio. It begins two months after the events of Year of the Trio. This story will contain a threesome, Scott/Summer/Flyn, which I call 'the Trio'. There will also be slash. There are also warnings for off-screen/past torture and abuse, on and off screen character death and a few other things I can't think of right now, but will be warned of in the appropriate author notes. This story works with the events of the RPM season, but is to be considered an Alternate Universe.

It was Dr K who snapped first, "Ranger Red, you have a lesson with Major Bradley in half an hour, might I suggest you leave early? Ranger Blue, there is a shopping list in the kitchen, why don't you take that and see what you can find? Ranger Yellow, you have simulation training starting now."

The three Rangers stared at her screen for a long moment, blinking at the sudden interruption to their argument. After a moment, Scott nodded, "Of course, Doctor K, I hadn't realized the time." He pivoted and walked away, his back arrow straight. She winced at the way he peeled out.

Flynn grabbed the list and followed Scott while Summer headed upstairs to change. Dr K turned to look at the screen where Dr. Kendall was waiting, "You see," she asked rhetorically. "They haven't stopped fighting for the past two weeks, but I can't find a cause for it."

"I don't know either," Dr. Kendall replied, "I know Conner and everyone were pretty tense at times, usually when one of them was in trouble, but they knew when there was trouble. This, I don't know that I can explain."

"Then I'm expected to put up with this?" Dr K asked, "If this keeps up, I'm going to start shooting people."

"As amusing as that is," Dr Kendall replied, "you might want to wait a few days. Maybe something will happen to clear this up."

"Then something else will happen," Dr K muttered, "these three can't go a week without something happening to one of them."

Dr Kendall let out a burst of laughter, "I'm sorry," she said when she was calm. "It's just, welcome to mentoring the Power Rangers. It doesn't make sense, but it's a fun ride. Just be glad your group is science based and not magic based."

"I am," Dr K replied, thinking of some of the stories she'd heard. One of her consoles beeped and she turned to it. A subroutine alert from the control tower, someone was about to call her. She turned to Dr. Kendall, "I have to go. Colonel Truman's about to call me."

"All right," Dr. Kendall replied, "I hope everything works out."

Dr K managed a tight smile before the connection cleared. Then she checked the security feeds to find out the source of the alerts. A runner, a single vehicle with a driver crazy enough to run the barricade. She studied the biofields, and hit a button on her communications system. "Yes Doc," Scott said promptly.

"Civilians are attempting to breach the barricade in Zone Alpha, prepare to go to Gate 22 to cover for them," Dr K replied.

"On it," Scott replied.

Next button, "Aye Dr K?" Flynn asked, sounding frustrated.

"There are civilians attempting to breach the barricade in Zone Alpha, prepare to go to Gate 22 immediately." Dr K replied.

"Aye Doctor," Flynn replied, "I'll go shopping again later."

Finally, she activated the on base com, "Ranger Yellow," she said.

"Yes, Doctor?" Summer asked, her voice exhilarated and distracted.

"There are civilians in Zone Alpha," Dr K replied, "go to Gate 22 to provide support."

"Yes, Doctor," Summer replied smartly.

Dr K triggered her own camera system, watching as the black car roared through the gate. She reached for a box of marshmallows and waited. She did not watch her team, but the new comers. She dismissed the curly haired teen and focused on the older one. There was something in his expression that was familiar. She closed her eyes for a brief moment, struggling for the memory.

"You ok?" Scott asked, jolting her from the memory hung.

Summer's affirmative brought her back to the fight in time to make sure the downloads went smoothly. Of course, there was that small thrill she got by calling the invasion before Colonel Truman could point it out. For the duration of the fight, she focused on her Rangers and mostly ignoring the two survivors. Colonel Truman would handle them without her input.

After the fight was over, she observed her Rangers making contact with the pair. When the one was revealed to have Venjix technology, she quietly sighed. She still hadn't finished the scanners that would let her detect the Androids from a distance. To distract her Rangers, she contacted them, "Rangers," she said, "Please bring the remnants of the attack bot to the Garage for testing."

"Yes Doctor," Scott said.

Keeping the screens focused on the Rangers, Dr K contacted Dr Kendall, "I think I'm going to need some advice," she told her lab partner.

"What kind of advice?" Dr Kendall asked, clearly surprised.

"I'm not sure," Dr K said, "there's something about our newest refugees that makes me feel uneasy. Not to mention Scott was sounding weird when I contacted him a few minutes ago."

"How can I help?" Dr Kendall said, leaning forward.

"Make plans to come by the Garage sometime soon," Dr K replied.

"I'll clear a day," Dr Kendall promised.

Her comm went off, "I'll talk to you alter," Dr K said and shut down the link. Colonel Truman was waiting for her, "Can I help you Colonel?"

"I'm sending you some interesting information," Colonel Truman replied, "about our refugees. One of them is a citizen of Corinth, but it's the other one that I'm concerned about."

"The android," Dr K said.

"Actually, he's a cyborg," Colonel Truman said, "I think."

Dr K opened the information and scanned it, "I see," she mused. "Incredible, I wonder what Venjix thought he'd accomplish with this."

"I guess we'll never know," Colonel Truman replied, "I'm concerned that he's controlled by Venjix."

Dr K stared at the information, "I don't think he is, sir. Look at the cranial implants, they're focused on the audio/aural externals. It's entirely possible that there is no control component. You will let me know what he has to say."

"It doesn't sound promising," Colonel Truman replied, "he's claiming complete amnesia."

Dr K hummed for a moment, then glanced up, "I'm not a medical doctor, Colonel, to be able to say one way or another. If that's the sort of opinion you're looking for, I would recommend you speak with the medical personnel."

"I already have," Colonel Truman said, "They'll be over to give him a complete physical within the hour."

"Who did you ask? If it's Gehrig, the man is an imbecile," Dr K said.

"No," Truman replied, "Doctor Mitchell agreed to oversee the physical, with Charlie Thorne as her nurse."

"The ex-Rangers," Dr K said, "at least they won't be too surprised by everything."

"Indeed," Truman said dryly.

Dr K glanced up as the automatic door alert sounded, "The Rangers are back, Colonel, if you'll excuse me. I need to go over the attack with them, and examine the bot."

"Of course," Colonel Truman replied, "I'll keep you updated on the cyborg."

Dr K cut the transmission, "Rangers," she said, "I trust that you have solved your earlier conflict."

"Yes sir," Scott said, he was clearly embarrassed, "I'm not sure what set the whole thing off in the first place."

"Me either," Flynn said as he headed for the kitchen.

Summer shrugged, "Something's felt off lately," she said, "it's been making me more irritable, I think. Not to mention the nightmares."

Dr K refrained from commenting, she remembered all too well the night a week ago when she'd been up late programming and Summer had started screaming loud enough to be heard without the microphones. Comments from the other Rangers said that they had all had nightmares, this particular set had started three weeks ago. Flynn appeared from the kitchen with water bottles and a plate of grapes to pass around, "Aye," he said, "let's not mention the nightmares." He exchanged a wordless look with Scott as they claimed their seats.

"Just out of curiosity," Scott said as he and Summer took grapes from the plate, "do we know anything more about those two refugees?"

"One of them is from Corinth," Dr K said, "according to the records, he vanished about three weeks ago. No one knows how he got out of Corinth."

"And the other?" Flynn asked as he opened his water bottle.

"A cyborg," Dr K replied, "with amnesia, apparently. We'll know more when the tests are done. Now, about the attack 'bot," she called up an image for them, "I need to scan it before I know more."

Summer grabbed a scanner and began to pass it over the attack bot while Flynn held pieces up for Dr K to look at and scan with her other technology. It wasn't the first time she'd assigned them to help her in this manner, and the routine was well known.

The minor disagreement between Scott and Flynn about needing new operators was a new addition to the discussion, but Dr K let it slide. Instead, she turned her attention to analyzing the information from the attack 'bot. "Dr K," Summer said, "do you have a minute?"

Dr K glanced up and found Summer in the Ranger Room with the door shut, "What do you wish to know, Ranger Yellow?"

"The cyborg," she said, "I was wondering if we knew if it was a Venjix plant."

"So far, there is no evidence to suggest such a thing," Dr K replied.

"If he isn't," Summer said, "do you think he could be Series Black? I know that the Black has some very specific requirements."

Dr K blinked, wondering what had prompted her yellow ranger to make such a suggestion, "Perhaps," she said finally, "we would need to put him through the testing, of course."

Summer nodded, "Do you think, if I asked, would Colonel Truman permit me to talk to him; to see if he would be interested in joining the Ranger program?"

Dr K stared at her screen, studying Summer's sky blue eyes. There was nothing there beyond nervousness and concern, but Dr K couldn't help feeling that the Ranger had something on her mind. "I will contact Colonel Truman," she said finally, "to see if it is feasible."

Summer smiled, "Thank you, Dr K."

"As I said before," Dr K felt compelled to warn her, "he has to complete the tests before he can earn the Ranger Black morpher."

"Of course," Summer said. She hesitated for a moment, "Dr K, would you not tell Scott and Flynn about this? Flynn isn't going to trust anything that's part machine, and Scott gets jealous if I talk to a reporter. I want to make sure that we have a viable candidate before I present him to those to."

Again, Dr K stared at Summer's projected image, trying to see beyond the physical. She almost wished she had Dr Kendall's knack for looking at people and understanding their emotions. "I will tell no one," she told Summer, "I leave this in your hands for now."

Summer smiled, "Thanks, Dr K." She started to head for the door.

"Just a moment," Dr K said, calling up her personal link to the Colonel, "I'll ask Colonel Truman right now."

"All right," Summer said.

"Dr K," Colonel Truman said.

"Colonel Truman," Dr K replied, "I have a request concerning the cyborg."

"What would you like to know?" Colonel Truman asked.

"Ranger Yellow has made an interesting proposal," Dr K said, "if the cyborg is proven to be who he says he is, it is possible, given the enhancements from Venjix, that he will be an ideal Ranger Black."

"What?" Truman said.

"I am not convinced," Dr K continued, "but I believe the idea has merit. Ranger Yellow would like to speak to the cyborg today."

"We don't know if he's safe," Truman began.

"Ranger Yellow is a competent fighter, Colonel Truman," Dr K snapped, "and can handle anything she comes up again. This is not an idle request, this is a serious concern."

Truman sighed, "All right," he said, "I'll let Ms. Lansdown speak with the cyborg. That doesn't mean I'll release him into Ranger custody immediately."

"Thank you," Dr K said dryly and killed the connection. "Colonel Truman has agreed to permit the meeting, Ranger Yellow. However, he wishes it to be understood that this does not mean he would release the cyborg to Project Ranger."

"I understand," Summer replied. "I'm going to go shower and change."

Dr K watched Summer bolt for her room, and wondered how the new comers would fit into their lives. It certainly promised to be interesting.