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A/N: Yeah, it changed POV, and centers around the episode Rain, although I did try not to copy too much dialogue.

The Princess and her red sidekick were back, he thought with amusement. For a moment, as the door to his cell was unlocked and the guard handed him his clothes, he was tempted to bolt. He had only hung around the prison out of a strange sense of duty to the crazy kid, who had gotten him to Corinth. Now, when he had his clothes he was fairly certain he'd find his car with a little effort and he could be gone again before any of them could really react or anticipate what he was going to do.

As if the guard had read his mind, he tensed, so Dillon simply took the clothes and began to unzip his jumper. "Wait!" Summer yelped, a touch of panic in her voice.

"We're going to show you where the changing rooms are." Scott added dryly.

Dillon smirked as he pulled up his zipper, "Afraid you'll see something you might like," he asked them.

"Nope," Summer said, linking her arm with the sidekick. "I just don't want you to traumatize half the population in here."

His smirk slipped into a full grin for a moment, because he really, really liked her. The sidekick looked like he'd sat on a pin cushion. "Then show me where the changing room is," he said, "or you're going to get a real show."

"This way," Summer replied, tugging lightly on the sidekick's arm. He followed, mostly because they were his ticket to an easy ride out, not because he was going to take orders from a princess like her.

Changed, he rejoined the two Rangers. "Aren't you missing an appendage or two?" He asked, straightening his collar.

"Flynn had some training to do," Scott replied, radiating dislike.

"You know," Dillon said, studying the sidekick for a long moment, "there are surgeries for that."

"For what?" Scott replied.

"To remove that pine cone," Dillon said with another of his smirks, "it must be pretty painful to have it shoved up your ass like that."

"Can you two please wait until we get out of here before you start playing 'alpha male'?" Summer asked from where she was standing at the security door.

Scott shook his head and followed her, and Dillon followed him, stopping to look at the guard at the door. "Ziggy Grover," he said, in his most menacing tone, "had better be alive when I come back for him. If he isn't, whatever it was Truman promised to do around here, I'll do. The difference being, I won't worry about any people who get in my way."

"Dillon," Summer called sharply.

"Remember," Dillon said, "I never forget a face, and if something happens to Ziggy, I'm taking it out on you." He turned away and strolled casually after the other two Rangers. When Scott gave him a long look, he frowned back at him. "What?"

The things I do for Summer, Scott thought as he followed Summer and Dillon through the park. He caught Flynn glancing at him and altered his steps to bump Flynn's shoulder, "Bored," he breathed at the same time.

"Exceptionally," Flynn replied, "why are we doing this again?"

"Because Dillon can't leave base without all three of us going with him right now," Scott said. He noticed Dillon and Summer coming a stop and followed suite, making sure that they were out of Summer's casual listening range.

"So," Flynn said, "why are we doing this again?" He stopped beside Scott, hands in his pockets. He looked a little too innocent for that statement.

Scott snorted softly, "I hope we'll get out of this soon." He was beginning to think that Flynn's developing friendships with the past Rangers was going to be a bad thing. Flynn certainly hadn't been as sarcastic before the time travel incident.

"Why?" Flynn asked, "I mean, besides the obvious." He shot a dark look at Dillon; one Scott had to force himself not to echo.

"They're generating a 'gentle rain' today over this park," Scott replied, ignoring the fact that he and Flynn were probably jealous of all the attention Summer was giving Dillon, "and you know how Summer feels about being wet."

"I don't have a clue what you're talking about," Flynn said innocently. They shared a conspiratorial grin.

"What?" Summer asked as she walked over to them. She looked at them both for a long moment, "There better not be any thing in my bed tonight, Truman."

"We're just talking about the rain shower that's going to happen," Scott said as the rain began to fall.

Summer sighed, clearly willing to let the subject change, "I know," she said and brushed some damp strands out of her face, "I forgot to check the forecast."

"How's Dillon?" Scott asked, glancing over at the cyborg who was staring at some kids under an umbrella.

"He's thinking," Summer replied, "but I think he's going to say yes."

Flynn nodded slightly, "Here he comes," he said softly.

Summer turned, and they all watched as Dillon walked over to them with a slight smile on his face. "So, you'll do it?"

"I'll do it," Dillon replied, "on one condition."

"Oh, you have conditions now," Scott said lightly.

"Just one," Dillon said.

"Let's hear it," Flynn said.

"I want Ziggy Grover out of that prison," Dillon replied.

"You'll have to talk to Dr K and Colonel Truman," Summer said before Scott could. "You'll have to convince them."

"You seemed to get me out easy enough," Dillon replied.

"You weren't a cartel member and proven career criminal," Scott said, "and we wanted you for Project Ranger."

"Scott," Summer said, "back off." She tugged at her shirt, "Let's go back to the garage. Dillon can talk with Dr K about Ziggy," she glanced at the cyborg as she said it, "and we can all get out of these wet clothes before there's another rain shower."

"All right," Scott said, and walked away.

He decided to pretend he didn't hear Dillon mutter "Sidekick," under his breath. Their Ranger Black was going to have to learn a few things about the team and fast.

Flynn watched the conversation between Dillon, Dr K and Colonel Truman with interest as he made dinner. Scott and Summer were perched at the bar and were also watching in between sampling the fruit and vegetables he'd put out to keep them from bothering him. "Scott," Truman said, "do you have anything to say about this?"

Scott looked up, surprised, "Honestly, I don't know why Dillon's so intent on getting the kid out of prison. I don't know the kid, and from what little I've seen of him I don't think that he's a candidate for Project Ranger. However, I am backing Dillon on this because he says it's important; same as I supported Summer and would support Flynn in a similar situation."

Flynn looked at him, as did Summer and Dillon, "What?" Scott asked. He stood up and walked around the bar to face Dillon, "We've asked you to become a Ranger, Dillon, and you've accepted. I can't say I know you well enough to say that I like you, but you're team now. You get the same trust and support that I give Flynn, Summer and Dr K."

"Scott, you're saying you support letting a criminal walk free," Colonel Truman said.

"As far as I've heard, Ziggy Grover doesn't have a record," Summer said.

"At least," Scott added, "no one has shown me evidence of one. All we have is that Ziggy came to Corinth with a Cartel and possibly worked for them. He's never been arrested in conjunction with what he's done for the Cartels, and even so, I know there were cases Before where a person proved to have been coerced into what happened. For all we know, that's what happened to Ziggy and by bringing him to the Base we can give him a start at a better life."

"Or we could be handing the Cartels access to our most valuable equipment," Colonel Truman retorted. He glanced at Flynn, who held up the wooden spoon he was using to stir with and shook his head. If pushed, he'd do like Scott and throw his opinion in with Dillon, but as long as he could keep silent, he would have time to form his own opinion of things.

"Which is why I said I would watch him," Dillon spoke up. "I'm confined to base and can't leave without those three. Ziggy can't leave without me."

"I agree with the Rangers," Dr K said. "Although I cannot fathom a use for him, if he can prove himself to not be a criminal he may stay on base."

Colonel Truman stared at them, "Fine," he said. "But one hint that Ziggy Grover isn't on the straight and narrow and I'll throw him back in prison so fast everyone will have whiplash."

Flynn shook his head slightly and went back to cooking. Maybe Ziggy could cook; it would be nice to have someone take over that chore once in a while.

Ziggy rubbed his left side, wondering what had happened to Dillon. After their rather disastrous integration with general population, Dillon had been hauled off by the guards and Ziggy had been left behind. As Hector's second, Luca, stalked over, Ziggy dropped his hand. "Hey Luca," he began nervously.

"It's about time you came back," Luca said, rubbing his hands together, "I was starting to miss my little buddy."

Ziggy winced at the reminder of how Luca had taken him under his wing and protected him before Scorpion Bob had noticed him. "Luca," Ziggy began.

"Ziggy Grover," One of the guards called, "time to go."

"See you," Ziggy said, he dodged around Luca and walked for the door. He knew better than to run from predators. "Hey guys," Ziggy said, "if this is about the backed up toilet, I had nothing to do with that."

"You've got a visitor," the guard said, snapping handcuffs on him.

Ziggy winced as the guard grabbed his arm and hauled him down the corridor, "Could you maybe not hold on so tight," he asked, "I bruise easily."

The guard glared at him as they reached the interview cells and all but threw him into one. "That's enough," Dillon said, stepping out of the shadows. "Leave us alone."

"Dillon?" Ziggy said softly, and then grinned, "Dillon! You're ok; I thought they were going to toss you out of the city or something."

"Not exactly," Dillon said, "you're coming with me."

"Where are we going?" Ziggy asked.

"Ranger base," Dillon said, he looked away for a moment, "I've been asked to join them and you're coming with me. The guards should have your clothes, go get dressed."

Ziggy stared at him, but he knew better than to jump at the opportunity to get out of there. "Thanks," he yelped, grabbed the clothes a second guard was carrying and all but ran for the changing rooms before anyone could change their minds or tell him it was a dream.

As he climbed into Flynn's car, Ziggy reflected that it probably wasn't the best idea to have taunted the others. For a group so uneducated, they had surprisingly long memories and a lot of creativity in getting revenge. Dillon's elbow connected with his right side and Ziggy couldn't suppress the gasp as pain flared. He gripped his side and hunched over, that's probably cracked, he thought, gasping.

"Are you ok?" Summer asked, turning from her spot in the front seat.

"My side," Ziggy said, "it's just a bruise."

Dillon pressed his hand against Ziggy's and Ziggy yelped, "I don't think so," he said.

"And we're going by the hospital," Flynn said. "Tell Scott and Dr K."

"On it," Summer said.

Ziggy rested half against Dillon, "I'm fine," he said, "you just hit a bruise, Dillon."

"We're still going to get you checked out," Flynn replied.

Ziggy straightened, "I'm fine," he said, "see, I'm sitting up. I'm fine."

"You're still going," Summer said, "Scott, it's Summer. Ziggy is hurt, we're going to go by the hospital and get him checked out, ok?"

Ziggy closed his eyes, leaning back and trying to breathe shallowly, his ribs were hurting him. Dillon leaned against him lightly, a solid warmth that seemed to ease the pain.

Summer closed her eyes as Ziggy was brought back out to the reception area, Dillon walking beside him. "Well?" Scott demanded. Summer opened her eyes to watch as Ziggy tried to stand up, but Dillon stopped before he got too far.

"Cracked ribs," Dillon said, "numerous other bruises on his torso." He glanced down at the younger man, "Someone was using him as a punching bag."

"I fell," Ziggy retorted.

"Someone helped you fall," Dillon retorted, then looked up, "and he won't say who."

"Look, the doctors say I can go," Ziggy said, "and I really want to."

"He's got prescriptions," Dillon added, holding up two pieces of paper, "and they want him to come back if the pain gets worse."

"I'll get those filled," Scott said holding out his hand. "Dr K and Colonel Truman want Ziggy to talk to them about what happened in the morning."