Author's Note:

Hey guys, really sorry that this is not a chapter or anything. I don't know how many of you are reading this story, but I sort of have this idea for maybe continuing this and I wanted to know if any of you would be interested in reading it before I went ahead with the writing.

The idea I had for the story was to go on with a bit of the recovery from the miscarraige, but I don't really know how to write that, so I don't think I want to do much. The main thing I wanted to focus on was Bella and Edward finally getting to have a child.

So I would be writing about Bella going through the pregnancy and then the birth and maybe a bit of when the child is growing (maybe). Also, it may not be a continuous story, meaning it may turn out to be just a collection of oneshots following their progress.

I'm telling you these ideas so you can get a good idea of whether you would be interested in reading it. I would love to hear all of your views and any ideas you may have, so please review and let me know what you think of my idea. I need to know if it will be worth writing (especially since I already have one main story that I'm trying to concentrate on ;D).

And because I have that other story to focus on, there will probably not be very regular updates. It will sort of be an as and when I can write something until I have a full chapter to post. There may not be many chapters, either, depending how much I write and how long the chapters are. Longer chapters will take me longer to write as well, so bear that in mind and let me know what you prefer.

Thanks so much for reading! ;D


animal8 xx