by Dark Moon
Disclaimers: I asked the people nicely but they wouldn't give me Cardcaptors so unfortunately the show and it's characters are not mine.
Warnings: Alternate Universe, violence, pain, really mean person ahead
Author's Note: Sorry Sakura fans but I got this idea while making tea and I had to write it down. It's only a teaser for right now. This is one of those fics that I'll wait for inspiration to hit before continuing it. So if you want to review go ahead but what your about to read might be a little...unlike what I've written so far.

*smack* *thud*
"What have I taught you? Keep moving and never lose eye contact. I am not going to raise a lazy child."
"I'm sorry." sniffled a small voice.
*smack* droplets of blood arched in the air landing on worn wood.
"No daughter of mine is going to cry. Now get up and do it again and you might get dinner if you do it correctly."
"Yes father."
Using all her strength, a little girl about five years old with short auburn brown hair got up and wiped away any tears that might fall. With her father looking on ready to criticize any mistakes, she griped her staff and waited for his first move. He stepped forward and aimed his staff at her head and she blocked, he then quickly swiped for her legs but she jumped and flipped backwards to get more room. Charging towards her, he delivered a series of blows with his staff that the little girl vainly kept from hitting her but still weak from practicing early that morning and no food she could not see every move he made and was knocked to the ground and had the wind taken from her.
"Weak." her father spat, looking down at his adopted daughter with disgust. "You are to spend another week training in the mountain with water, bread and rats for company." he walked away, not even bothering to see if she was alright.
Taking small breaths so that her stomach wouldn't cause so much pain, she got up, legs almost giving out but knowing it would only lead to more beatings and headed for the dark mountain hoping to get fresh bread but doubting it.
"And Sakura?" her father called after her. She stopped but did not turn around.
"Make sure you come out better than you are now or you will receive a worse punishment than sleeping in a dark mountain." with that said, he went inside the house.

Twelve years later.......

"Block, kick, dodge, punch, block." the words went on in a chant, as a girl about seventeen years old trained in the dark.
'Never give in. Fight until every limb in your body is numb, then fight beyond that.' came her fathers voice in her head.
As the hours passed, she continued fighting an imaginary enemy. Sweat poured down her face and dampened her long blue t-shirt and leggings. It wasn't until early that morning that she was called out of the mountain and to the dojo her father owned.
"You called father?" Sakura asked, sitting outside of the doors.
"I have someone coming this afternoon who wishes to fight the daughter of Shin Fa. You will defeat him." he ordered.
"Yes father." she bowed her head.
"Good. Now go wash up and change, I can smell you from here."
Sakura bowed again and left to take a long bath and change into different clothes. She sighed in relief as the hot water washed away two weeks worth of dirt, mud, and certain things she did not want to think about. Watching the steam curl in the air, Sakura wondered who would want to fight her. Barely anyone knew she lived there, what with being home schooled, 'I'll not have a stupid child in this house', and hiding out when the students arrived for their lessons, 'These children will make you weak, stay away from them.'
"I'll find out when they get here." Sakura concluded, getting her towel and soap washing off the dirt that the water could not.
As her pale skin showed through so did the scars from whip marks or falling inside the mountain on jagged rock and unable to see enough to tend the wounds. Rubbing at a new one, Sakura thought nothing about how bad she was being treated nor that the man she lived with might not be her real father. Drying off, Sakura pulled on blue jean cut-offs and a black tanktop before taking a nap.

That afternoon......

"Ah Clow-san, it has been awhile." Shin Fa greeted his friend.
"Yes Fa, it has. Have you meet my guardian, Yue?" Clow stepped aside revealing a tall man with long silver white hair pulled back in a low ponytail and silver eyes, wearing tight white pants and a blue tanktop revealing muscular arms.
"I haven't had the pleasure. Greetings, Yue-san." Shin Fa said, bowing.
Yue bowed, his eyes never breaking eye contact. Shin had to turn his gaze away and saw Sakura making her way towards them.
"Have you met my daughter, Sakura?" he introduced, narrowing his eyes at her for being late.
Sakura saw the look and knew there would be a punishment later on, but it was worth it to finally sleep on a soft mattress after two weeks of hard rock for a bed, she bowed to Clow and Yue eyes focused and unwavering like Shin had taught her.
"My name is Clow and this is my guardian Yue." Clow said, impressed.
"It is an honor."
"Shall we get down to business then Clow. I'm sure you want to see the outcome of this fight just as bad as I do." Shin lead the way to the dojo with Sakura by his side.
"Considering what's at stake, yes." he whispered, taking note the scars on Sakura's legs and arms.
Inside, Clow and Shin Fa sat on cushioned mats while Yue and Sakura stood in the middle of the room, facing each other.
Silver stared into emerald green, body tense as he tried to stare her down with his most coldest of glares. Sakura saw that Yue was trying to intimidate her and found that it was nothing to what her father would do if she lost. The tension in the room heightened as the two fighters assessed one another. In less than an instant, Yue and Sakura moved with lightening speed and were engaged in a battle of fists, feet, legs, and agility.
Sakura brought her fist up and slammed it into Yue's jaw, before he fell, Yue kicked out his legs sending both to the ground with a thud. Quickly they got up, Yue wiped his mouth with the back of his hand and saw blood. He smirked.
"No ones ever been able to draw blood from me."
Sakura nodded, taking the compliment and kicked him in the stomach. Yue saw the move and grabbed her ankle slamming Sakura into the ground and twisting her leg. Pain shot through her but she did not cry out, she looked up at him and smiled. With a twist if her tiny waist, Sakura turned a full circle and hit Yue in the neck with her heel, getting up as soon as he let her go. Both were soon panting in exhaustion as time passed, each receiving and giving as good as the other. But the battle could not last forever. Sakura was weakened by the little food and less sleep, so Yue saw his chance when she faltered and punched her in the ribs. Doubling over, Sakura saw his fist coming straight at her face and knew he had won.
'I am sorry father.' was her last thought before the darkness took her.
Clow watched as Yue delivered the final blow, rendering Sakura unconscious. Yue bowed to the still form then turned, bowing to Clow and Shin. He heard a sigh beside him as Shin accepted his daughters defeat.
"Well old friend, looks as if I lost." Shin said, trying to smile.
"It was a good fight. I am sure if Sakura had been at full strength this would have been just beginning." Clow told him. Yue heard the comment and was puzzled by it but knew that his questions could wait until later.
"As promised, I hand my daughter over to you. I will pack her things and she'll be ready within the hour." Shin stood and walked over to Sakura's prone form. He stared down at her, disappointment clearly evident in his hazel eyes.
"I thought I taught you better than that." he murmured, before leaving her there on the floor to get her things.
Once Shin had gone, Yue approached his master and sat next to him, all pretense of being the cold person in the beginning gone.
"What did you mean by 'had she been at full strength'?" Yue asked him.
Clow sighed and looked at the unconscious girl in the middle of the room, "Shin Fa is a cruel and demanding person. I have been here a few times during the year and although he hid it, I knew that Shin was taking extreme lengths to make sure he won this fight. If he had only let up on the poor girl I would be the one leaving you here."
"Why is she coming with us? I thought we were going home after this." Yue asked.
"I will explain all when we get there. Come, we must leave now if we want to get home before dark."
"What about Sakura?"
"Carry her into the cart and make sure not to jostle her too much." Clow advised, getting up.
Yue did as he was told and gently picked Sakura up. "She weighs no more than a feather." he said in awe, carrying her to their wagon in front of the dojo and cleaning up the blood and sweat from her face. Shin came out with a large bag stuffed with clothing and other items.
"She'll be out until morning, I suspect." Clow told him, taking the bag with a nod.
"Not my problem anymore." Shin said angrily, stomping back into his house slamming the door.

"What was his problem?" Yue asked as they were leaving the Shin Dojo and heading home.
"Many years ago when I was still young, Shin and I met at a Martial Arts tournament. Bitter enemies and rivals we fought at the second round and he lost. A couple of my friends and I got drunk that night and saw Shin sulking at the end of the bar, it's a little fuzzy after that but to make a long story short we ended up betting that our children or a child we raised could beat the other's child. The loser got to keep the child that lost."
"Oh so he's mad that he had to give up Sakura." Yue concluded.
"No he's mad that he lost. Shin doesn't care a thing about Sakura." Clow growled.
It was silent the rest of the ride home. Yue was deep in thought as the moon rose in the sky and a large towering Mansion loomed in the distance. Vines crawled up the sides of alabaster walls barely touching a stormy grey roof. Clow stopped the horses at the front door where servants came out to help tend the horses.
"Toya!" Clow shouted, a man with shaggy black hair came running out.
"You called Master Clow?"
"There is a young lady that needs attending too in the wagon. Please make her comfortable."
Toya went to the back and saw the frail girl lying on top of a stuffy blanket. Shocked, he hurriedly ushered Yue over and asked him to take the girl up to the guest room. Clow watched them leave, knowing that Toya would watch over her before helping the others take in his, Yue, and Sakura's things.