A Fighter's Spirit

By Dark Moon

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Author's note: Here is another part, I hope you guys like it. Sorry for taking so long, but I was inspired by a fic for another ML I'm on and was distracted by that. Hopefully it won't take up too much of my time once I've stopped spouting ideas for the thing.

Part 10

Yue watched as the last of the students left the dojo, a large grin on his face. They had practiced defense one on one fighting today and he got to hold Sakura as they demonstrated the ways to take down your opponent.

'She's softer than I had ever imagined. Cherry petals have nothing against the smooth alabaster of her skin.' Yue thought, glancing to the side to see Sakura talking to a few that had stayed behind.

Once all the students had finally left, Yue walked up to Sakura and boldly asked her if she'd like to go for a walk to cool down.

"W-w-would you l-like to g-go wa-walking, S-sakura?" Yue then mentally cursed himself at his high pitched stuttering voice.

Sakura hid a smile and nodded, "I'd love to go. Thank you."


Tomoyo and Daniel ran away from the door of the dojo giggling as they did so. After going into their rooms to hid did the two start grinning evilly at one another.

"They do make a cute couple." Daniel agreed.

"Yup, we gotta get them to be boyfriend and girlfriend." Tomoyo said.

"What are you two up to?" Toya asked, leaning against the doorway of their room.

"We wanna put Yue and Sakura together." Daniel replied.

"Really? I thought you both were busy with putting Ayeka and Mike together." Toya asked.

"Me and Danny saw 'em kissing in the laundry room. So know it's Sakura and Yue's turn!" Tomoyo squealed.

"Well I dunno if I should allow you both to mess with other's lives like that." Toya said with a mock stern expression.

"We won't tell Yuki about the picture of him you have under your pillow." Daniel blackmailed.

"You little sneaks, what where you doing in my room?"

"Lookin' for candy. You said we could a long time ago. Come on Tomo-chan we got a job to do." Daniel grabbed Tomoyo by the hand and lead her out of the room to go spy on Sakura and Yue walking out in the garden.


The air was cool against their skin as the two walked along a path Sakura hadn't been able to see yet during her stay.

"It feels great out here Yue, thanks for inviting me." Sakura said, closing her eyes as a breeze blew gently in her face.

Yue wanted to say something but thought his voice would stutter again and decided to take his fill of looking at Sakura in such an unguarded moment. Her face was relaxed and didn't have the haunted look she sometimes wore when she thought no one was looking.

'I wonder why those shadow's torment her? What did Fa do to her that would cause such innocent eyes to be so old?'

They walked in companionable silence, neither wanting to break the friendly atmosphere that surrounded them. They stopped at a tree that had a swing dangling from it, Sakura stared at it curiously.

"Yue? What is that?" Sakura pointed to the swing.

"It's a swing. You've never ridden on one?" At Sakura's negative shake, Yue smiled and grabbed her hand dragging her to the swing and turning her to sit on it.

"Now you hold on to the sides like so." Yue took her hands in his and guided them to the rope on each side. "Then when I push you swing your legs back and forth, making you go higher."

Yue stood behind her and with a blushing face took the sides of the swing close to her hips and pulled, stepping back as he did so. Getting far enough away he let go and moved out of the way as Sakura swung her legs forward then back as the swing moved.

"You're doing good. When you go forward though swing your legs forward, when you go back push backwards," he shouted up to her.

Sakura did as she was told, soon getting the hang of using the swing. She laughed as everytime she got higher the altitude tickled her sides. Yue smiled at Sakura, realizing that even though she was withheld a childhood Sakura still managed to maintain her innocence and purity.

When Sakura jumped off, she landed in Yue's arms laughing.

"That was fun!" she exclaimed, hugging Yue around the neck.

"How about a game of tag?" he suggested, figuring now was a good a time as any to let Sakura have a taste of what her childhood should have been.

"What's that?"

"Well when I touch you like this," Yue tapped her on the shoulder, "your it and you have to tap me back."

"Really? But where's the fun in that?" Sakura asked, raising her hand to tap him.

Yue ran until he was a couple feet away. "You have to catch me first!"

"Why you!" Sakura started running after Yue, both of them enjoying the game.

Two hidden figures smiled at the happy couple, figuring that they were not needed to match these two up for it was happening all its own. They snuck away and gave each other a thumbs up.

"Who should we try to match up now?" Daniel asked.

"There's always Yuki and Toya. They are both so stupid not to see that the other likes them." Tomoyo replied.

"Cool. I say we start with Yuki."

"Nah, Toya."


The children argued as they walked off leaving Sakura and Yue to their fun.


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